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Updated on 26 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

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If you are looking at pursuing psychology courses abroad, you should know that it is one of the most coveted careers at present, offering ideal opportunities for those with curious minds and a thirst for learning. Of course, a passion for helping and motivating people is a must in this field. There are several universities for these courses abroad with their own set of varying psychology courses abroad requirements. One can pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in the field. 


Some of the psychology subjects or disciplines include clinical, counseling, developmental, experiment, child, applied, criminal, educational, abnormal, forensic, social, and sports psychology. 

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Top 5 Countries to Pursue the Course

You can pursue psychology courses abroad in leading countries like the USA, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

Top Psychology Courses Abroad Universities 

You should check the individual psychology courses abroad eligibility requirements for psychology courses abroad admissions into leading universities. Here’s taking a look at the same: 

University NameCountryQS World University Ranking- Psychology 2022CourseFees
Harvard UniversityUSA1Undergraduate/Graduate Program in Psychology$54,768 per year 
Stanford UniversityUSA2Undergraduate Psychology Major$57,693
University of OxfordUK3BA/M.Sc in Experimental PsychologyBetween £28,950 and £44,240
University of CambridgeUK4Ba (Hons) in Psychological and Behavioral Sciences£37,293
University of California BerkeleyUSA5Undergraduate Program in Psychology$24,204.50
University of California Los AngelesUSA6Undergraduate/Graduate Program in Psychology$68,474
UCLUK7B.Sc in Psychology and M.Sc programs in areas like Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy£31,200
Yale UniversityUSA8B.A./B.S. degree program in Psychology$62,250
University of AmsterdamNetherlands9Bachelor Psychology/Research Master’s Psychology€2,209 as statutory fees. Institutional fees hover around €8,300-11,000 and more
MITUSA10BA (Hons) Psychology$79,850

General Eligibility for the course/ Who can take up this course? 

The average psychology courses abroad eligibility requirements include the following (although specific countries and courses have varying requirements): 

  • Completing secondary education in the home country with minimum specified percentage (for undergraduate programs)
  • Completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field (for postgraduate programs)
  • A clear passion and interest in the field 
  • English language proficiency scores if required 
  • SOPs, LORS, and essays, if required 

General Course Structure

Most psychology courses fuse seminars, tutorials, and lectures. Some programs also come with hands-on work experience or placement for a year. The course structure and curriculum will vary as per the program level and country. In most cases, these are the aspects which are commonly covered: 

  • Foundations and four key areas of psychology
  • Research methods (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Historical and conceptual aspects, psychology theory, and its evolution
  • Individual differences, personalities, intelligence measurement, etc. 
  • Optional modules or specialization in neuropsychiatry, forensic psychology, addiction, and so on. 
  • Research project- Mostly required in the final assessment and could cover the final year of the program. 

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Job Prospects and Further Education Scope 

A degree in psychology opens up a lot of opportunities globally. Educationally speaking, bachelor’s graduates may go on to pursue master’s and doctoral programs in order to further advance their resumes and career prospects. There is always scope for taking up research and various projects in this discipline. 

Some of the career positions available include counseling, marketing, probation officers, advisors, human resources, and more. One can also specialize in child/educational psychology, forensic psychology, clinical psychology and so on, meaning employment opportunities at educational institutions, companies, hospitals, healthcare centres, police forces and law enforcement, and so on. 

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Expected remuneration/Salary 

Here are some of the top psychology job positions and their average salaries per year: 

  • Psychiatrist- $216,090 per year
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist- 105,310 per year
  • Neuropsychologist- $90,460 per year
  • Clinical Psychologist- $81,330 per year
  • Engineering Psychologist- $79,818 per year
  • Counseling Psychologist- $72,540 per year
  • Forensic Psychologist- $59,440 per year
  • School Psychologist- $58,360 per year 
  • Sports Psychologist- $55,000 per year

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Which is the best country to study psychology?

Some of the best countries for studying psychology include the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and France among others. You can also consider Austria and the Netherlands in this regard. 


Can I study abroad for psychology?

Yes, you can study abroad for psychology, with a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate courses available at leading institutions. You can check out eligibility requirements at leading universities for the subject and apply accordingly. 


Is psychology a good career in abroad?

Psychology is a great career option worldwide, particularly with increasing demand for trained professionals in a variety of fields. After completing your course, you can expect to find employment opportunities in clinical, forensic, educational/child, and sports psychology, along with guidance counseling and more fields. 


Who is the highest paid psychologist?

The highest-paid psychologists are psychiatrists as per several reports. PayScale reports indicate that their average salaries stand at $217,798, although one should fulfill licensing and other requirements. Psychiatrists can also prescribe medication for their patients. 





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