Which country is best for aerospace engineering? Here’s your guide

Aerospace engineering focuses on the design, research, development, and maintenance of airplanes while venturing into zones like aeronautical engineering, telecommunications, equipment for weather forecasting, and space flight as well. Aerospace engineering careers will involve working with advanced technologies and other equipment. Skilled graduates and engineers are hugely in demand at leading global companies. There are options to pursue both master’s and bachelor’s levels along with doctorate programs as well in this field. Let’s discuss which country is best for aerospace engineering in this article.

Course Brief

Most aerospace engineering programs will have modules that are optional. You may study for bachelor’s or master’s courses lasting for 3-5 and 1-2 years, respectively. PhDs may require up to four years for completion. Some of the modules include electrical circuits, engineering design, fluid mechanics, aeronautics and mechanics, thermodynamics, engineering mathematics, structures, mechanics and materials, and flight dynamics.

Best Universities

Tabulated below are the name of the countries along with the universities and fees:


Name of the Institution Course Fees Tenure
USA University of South Carolina B. Sc in Aerospace Engineering $33,928  (INR 25.45 lakh) 4 years
Auburn University BAE $32,220 (INR 24.17 lakh) 4 years
University of Kansas B. Sc $26,960 (INR 20.22 lakh) 4 years
University of Central Florida BSAE $22,478 (INR 16.86 lakh) 4 years
Arizona State University BEng $31,200 (INR 23.40 lakh) 4 years
University of Dayton M. Sc $14,325 (INR 10.74 lakh) 2 years
Arizona State University M. Sc- Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) $25,450 (INR 19.08 lakh) 2 years
California State University, Long Beach, USA M. Sc in Aerospace Engineering $14,604 (INR 10.95 lakh) 2 years
UK University of the West of England, Bristol BEng $18,661(INR 13.99 lakh) 4 years
Teesside University BEng with Honours $17,024 (INR 12.77 lakh) 4 years
Australia RMIT University BEng in Aerospace Engineering $28,034 (INR 21.02 lakh) 4 years
RMIT University MEng $27,316 (INR 20.49 lakh) 2 years
New Zealand University of Auckland MA in Aerospace Engineering $30,721 (INR 23.04 lakh) 18 months


Some of the specializations include aircraft and spacecraft control, guidance, aeronautics, navigation and satellites, spacecraft planning and design, aerodynamics, vehicle design, space flight optimal control, aerodynamic fluid flow, instrumentation and communication, structural design, propulsion and combustion, and robotics.

Levels of Education

Students may opt for a B. Sc or BEng at the undergraduate level while taking up MEng and other master’s programs at the postgraduate level. M.Sc degrees are widely offered by global universities.

Job Prospects

Aerospace engineering comes with excellent future prospects with graduates eventually finding work in the aerospace and aviation categories. Some common job positions include engineering consultant, aerospace engineer, computer-aided design or CAD technician, manufacturing engineer, automotive engineer, aeronautical designer, production manager, and data scientist. Aerospace engineers earn handsome salaries worldwide and are highly in demand across leading companies in several countries.

Expected Remuneration/Salary

Salaries usually approximate $109,808 for aerospace engineers, as per reports. This works out to a handsome INR 83 lakhs per year.

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