Cost of MBA in Ireland for Indian Students

Cost of MBA in Ireland for Indian Students

Ireland is one of the most impressive islands in the world. It is an English-speaking nation that has a deep-rooted history in the world of education. The management learning in Irish institutions is highly regarded globally. But how much does an MBA in Ireland cost?

We’ll get to the cost but let’s explore the reasons first. Ireland offers a diverse lifestyle and culture that welcomes students from all over the world. The island nation is not only beautiful but also safe.

Why study MBA in Ireland?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most prominent professional degree globally. It is designed to teach different aspects of business management. The course covers various aspects like accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, statistics, etc. With an MBA from Ireland, students can get employment opportunities in 27 other European countries. The cost of an MBA in Ireland for Indian students is also far more affordable compared to other countries. Hence, there is serious competition to get admission. MBA degrees from Irish institutions are valued by employers all across the world. Not only that, students with an Irish MBA degree get a significant hike in their annual salary.

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What does MBA in Ireland cost?

The tuition in Irish universities is almost free for the students of Ireland, and Europe. For availing of the benefit, scholars need to apply for government scholarships and fulfill the criteria of nationality, immigration status, course requirements, and so on. Scholars do need to pay an annual fee of 2,500 Euros for expenses like fees contributed for clubs, societies, sports, exams, etc.

While for international students who are not residents of Europe, the tuition fees may vary according to choice of program, the field of study, and the chosen university. On average, tuition fees may vary between 9,000–45,000 Euros per annum for undergraduate and 9,000–37,000 Euros per annum for postgraduate programs.

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The MBA cost in Ireland is more reasonable and affordable compared with other countries. It incurs an average cost of 8,000–30,000 Euros per annum. University accreditation also affects the course fees in different institutions.  Universities with multiple accreditations cost higher. There are mainly three bodies that decide the fees of international institutions:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS)
  • Association of MBAs (AMBA)

Like many global institutions, Irish universities also offer three types of MBA Programs – full-time MBA, part-time MBA, and executive MBA. These programs differ in duration, course content, costs, and student qualification. You can opt for any of these based on your requirements. Some of the colleges might only offer a particular program. Executive and part-time MBAs are best for professionals who already have some work experience and need to learn about specific areas of the industry or business. Full-time MBAs are best for students exploring career options. 

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Below are some universities with program type, duration, and approximate MBA cost in Ireland. This will help you understand the difference between the costs and duration.

University  Duration Total program fees in Indian rupees (Approx.)
Trinity College Dublin (TCD) 1 year 31,00,000
Dublin Business School 1 year 11,00,000
University College Cork (UCC) 2 year 23,00,000
Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin) 2 year 18,50,000
University College Dublin (UCD Smurfit School) 1 Year 30,00,000

Apart from these, Irish universities also offer scholarships to international students:

  • Achiever MBA Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to both Irish and international students by the UCD Michael Smurfit Business School. The merit-based scholarships cover the full tuition fees for both MBA and Executive MBA programs.
  • Séamus McDermott MBA Scholarship: offered by Trinity College Dublin, this scholarship helps with partial funding of tuition fees for students and citizens of Ireland. 
  • University of Limerick scholarships for Indian Students: These are based on merit and are a reduction in tuition fees. Once students apply for a program they are automatically considered for a scholarship. Students don’t need to apply separately.

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Daily expenses in Ireland:

The living expenses in Ireland vary across locations in the country. As an overseas student, you can expect to spend around 650–1000 Euros (RS 57,000 – 87,000) monthly on your living expenses.

Some Irish universities offer lodging facilities for a minimal monthly fee. Also, you can reduce the expenses by sharing your accommodation with other students. 

For more information regarding study abroad programs, or pathway programs, check out our other articles. You can also leave your queries in the comments section below.

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