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International Internships for Indian Students & How to Get One?

Updated on 20 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Getting exposure to the professional world while learning and simultaneously exploring a different country is an exhilarating experience in itself. Before we take you through the international internships that let you travel the world, let us first understand the perks of interning abroad. 

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Benefits of Interning Abroad

  • Travelling the world gives you exposure to a culturally immersive experience that would widen your horizon, challenge your preconceived notions and a chance to be more independent.
  • Combine the mesmerising travel experience with the benefits of the hands-on training experience of your workplace.
  • Interning abroad and gaining cross-cultural experience will develop your skills in a global environment and help create a well-stated resume. 
  • It can offer one a host of networking opportunities and help develop a multitude of connections, personal and professional, that will be helpful to you even after the internship is over.

Countries with Lucrative International Internships that let you Travel the World

Over the years, many countries abroad have been offering internships that attract international students to explore new cultures and gain hands-on experience. So, let us take you through the countries and organisations that offer international students an all-paid internship without much delay. 

Make a Career in Investment Banking in Australia.

Recent graduates or students pursuing their studies can opt for a career in the financial services industry. This would give them the experience of working closely with people at the top of their professional careers. The competitive international environment can help you polish your resume and equip you with the required skill sets.

  1. Organisation – Goldman Sachs in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, which offers 10 to 11 weeks of the summer internship. It will give you an idea of the job role as a Goldman Sachs analyst if you get shortlisted as a full-time employee. 
  2. Things to enjoy in Australia – Explore the sports and outdoor activities to enjoy the active lifestyle that would make you feel at home. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne are home to the fast-paced business world and provide many opportunities across public relations and marketing

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Become a Tech Visionary with an Organisation like Google

Google hires interns for their summer internship programs across its international offices in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France and South Korea. Getting an internship at Google is not easy. They look for candidates with strong technical and creative abilities in technology-related fields such as UX, software engineering, and Product Management

However, once you get an internship, you can learn many things, such as working with a team of engineers who would introduce you to Google’s products, starting from their conception to launch. As you work with prolific and creative engineers and design technologies, you also develop the skill set to bridge the gap between the business and technical world. 

Put your Skills of Working Across a Variety of Projects to Test

If you are looking out for international internships that let you travel the world, then L’Oreal is the place for you. They offer internship opportunities across locations and various profiles – operations in France, HR intern in Malaysia, marketing in Dubai or Brazil, research in Switzerland, retail in Italy or Sweden, or finance in Hungary. 

Their Global Opportunity Program extends support to recent graduates or students that helps them gain experience in line with their geographical interests and course. 

Get a Unique 9-month Paid Internship in Spain. 

Known for its best living standards, Spain makes for an ideal destination for international students to opt for an internship in the country. Being a Mediterranean gem on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain features many mountains, plains, deserts, and beaches, making it a favourable terrain for every person. Besides the benefit of an international internship, the opportunity to learn Spanish is an added advantage. 

Organisation – Premier TEFL: Students who wish to give direction to their career know that interning for a span of one to two months abroad is of no use. Therefore, Premier TEFL has come up with a fantastic internship opportunity, terming it for nine months to add some credit to their international resume. If you aim to work in the education sector or teach English as a second language (ESL) learners, then this internship opportunity is the right one for you.

Work as a Web Designer for Social Justice in Israel

Windows – Channels for Communication in Israel, run internship programs throughout the year for three to twelve months. They hire a web and design developer intern who possesses a fair knowledge of Hebrew and Arabic. The job description entails working with data nerds and fellow researchers to improve the organisation’s digital online presence and create awareness for social justice through educational programs. 

Companies like Tesla, Apple, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and Adobe Research hire interns in finance, banking, leadership development, sales, and business development in countries like the USA, Germany, China, the UK, etc.


How to get an Internship Abroad?

There are two options by which you can apply for international internships that let you travel the world. The first path is to contact a program provider who would assist you throughout the process. The other is to apply for the internship directly with international organisations. 

  • A program provider will place you in an organisation and hasten the application process to smooth the candidate’s experience. Otherwise, candidates have to do more research on the front-end, including the visa process, qualifications, housing and transportation, if they apply directly. 
  • Program providers might offer their internship programs or link the candidate and the host organisation. This help would not be available if you applied directly.
  • The expert knowledge that the program providers carry and the support extended by him before, during, and after the internship are advantageous for the candidates. However, candidates who apply on their own understand the country’s requirements in which they are applying.
  • The program providers’ guidance comes at a cost, whereas applying directly is more cost-effective.  

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upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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