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How to Find Paid Internships in the USA?

Updated on 12 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Due to great employment opportunities and world-class education, the USA is considered one of the dream destinations for students. Graduates with relevant internship experience are more likely to get a job offer than those who don’t have any internship experience. What could be better than starting your career with paid internships in the USA? Getting international students internship opportunities in the USA is not easy, as it requires a lot of paperwork and hard work. However, a paid internship can do wonders with exemplary wit and appropriate paperwork.


So, if you are also planning to search for your first paid internship in the USA, keep reading this blog to know more about it. 

Some of the top fields to pursue a paid internship in the USA for International students are: 

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Perks of Paid Internships in the USA

Opting for an internship while studying in the United States can enhance your professional and personal lives in several ways. Here is a list of reasons why one should pursue an internship in the USA:

  • Students can strengthen their English language abilities while interning in the United States. Companies respect employees who can communicate efficiently in English since it is a widely acknowledged language.
  • You can gain the work experience you need to meet future job requirements by participating in an internship in the US.
  • American internship programs give you exposure to a range of duties and obligations. Some businesses might put you in a specific function, while others might let you work in many areas. The knowledge and expertise you learn will also significantly improve your resume.
  • One significant advantage of interning in the United States is learning from more seasoned professionals.
  • Students would develop self-confidence by interning and living in the US.

Find a Paid Internship in the USA as an International Student

You can find a paid internship through college/university placement cells. Furthermore, you can directly apply for internships through external websites. Another way of getting paid internships in the USA is through networking.

Given below is the list of some websites that can be used to find internships in the USA are: 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Dream Careers 
  • Go Overseas 
  • Fulbright Program 
  • Indeed 

Tips and Tricks to apply for a Paid internship in the USA 

Given below are some tips and tricks to apply for a paid internship in the USA:

  • Look for genuine websites and organizations: It is vital to look for only authentic ones. International students must also opt for companies that follow the entire process of a US visa. 
  • Make your CV strong:  Students can get a paid internship in the USA with a strong CV. A paid internship in the USA is highly recommended, as it is secure and helpful for their future careers. 
  • Complete your visa application process on time: Even after getting hold of an internship, it is important to apply for your USA work visa on time, as applicants without a proper work visa can’t work in the USA. The entire US visa process is time-consuming and demands a lot of hustle in terms of documentation.
  • Networking is the key: Connecting and networking are the most vital ways to get hold of an internship program in the US. It is advised to stay in touch with your classmates, professors, and other working professionals while in the US. 

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5-step guide to finding paid internships in the USA 

To help you navigate through the process of how to get an internship, let’s understand the 5-step guide to finding paid internships in the USA:

Understand the Visa Requirements

Knowing whether your US Student visa allows you to work at paid internships in the USA is extremely important. Each student visa has its specific internship conditions. Before applying for internships, remember that some courses may require an internship as part of your program, known as Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

Start with a Career Action Plan

Before applying for internships, students must set their goals and identify their actions. Creating an action plan can help them to recognize their strengths and genuine interests. 

Create a ‘US’ resume

You must be wondering what a ‘US’ resume means. It is nothing but your career action plan that includes a list of your skills in your resume.

A career action plan helps you understand your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests. Many universities in the US offer resources and workshops to help you create a resume that differs from other countries. For example, it’s not advised to add your marital status or photo in a ‘US’ resume. Also, students must note that most US resumes are only 1 page. 

Create Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document submitted along with your resume, which includes an overview of your work history, talents, skills, and interests. Moreover, it should align with your qualifications and the job’s responsibility. While writing the cover letter, you should mention the following points:

  • Write a clear introduction
  • Mention your contact information and the employer’s details
  • Mention your skills and qualification
  • Add a conclusion

Find the Authentic Source 

Paid Internships have a high scope of work and help build a network of links in different fields. This is why you must opt for internships while in college/university to give your career a good start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an internship in the US?

Students can find internships in the US through various college universities that provide paid internships. Moreover, other external websites and organizations also offer paid opportunities for students.

Which visa is required for an internship in the USA?

A J-1 Exchange Visitor visa is needed if students plan a paid internship in the USA. It entitles its holder to participate in exchange programs in the country.

Can one start an internship in the US with a tourist visa?

Students must always apply for a J-1 Visa with a designated U.S. sponsor organization, even if their internship is unpaid and/or short-term.








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