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University of Calgary

The University of Calgary, Alberta is a prestigious public university located in Canada. Founded in 1944, as the Calgary branch of the University of Alberta, it has five campuses with more than 33,000 students. 

Since 2017, the university has come up with 360 inventions and research. It is one of the best universities in Canada for research and methodology-based programs, making it a preferred destination for STEM background students. It is composed of 14 faculties and over 85 research institutes and centers. The university is home to 170,000 alumni who reside in 152 countries.

The University of Calgary offers many scholarships, awards, and bursaries to students. The average cost of study at the university ranges between INR 8.5 lakh to 56 lakh annually. The career opportunities and promising placement records offer a good return on investment. A degree from the University of Calgary Alberta is recognized by employers, globally.

History of University of Calgary, Alberta

University of Calgary, Alberta is a public university founded in the year 1944, as a part of the University of Alberta, and gained full autonomy in the year 1966. The university was remodeled based on the American state university, with emphasis on research and development. The governance of the university was modeled on the University of Toronto which established an autonomous academic policy, bicameral system, and faculty.

In 1971, the University of Calgary, Alberta expanded with new campuses for engineering and science programs. Today, the university is home to 33,000 students and five full-fledged campuses for education and research.

About Education at University of Calgary, Alberta

The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs to international students. Students from STEM, humanities, and commerce backgrounds can opt for more than 250 courses and top-ranked programs.

The state-of-the-art academic excellence and research scope offers valuable degrees and programs to international students. Some of the most popular areas of study are medicine, science, social science, engineering, humanities, management, commerce, and law. 

USP of University of Calgary, Alberta

The University of Calgary Alberta is the only Canadian university that offers a degree in native studies through which international students can learn about culture, anthropology, language, and aboriginal experience.

Career Opportunities at University of Calgary, Alberta

Canada is one of the top developed countries with huge scope for STEM background, humanities, and commerce graduates. The average salary after completion of courses is around INR 56,78,333 – INR 116,78,237. Here are some of the lucrative career opportunities for students after graduating from the University of Calgary, Alberta:

  •       Security Consultant – 107,450 CAD/year (INR 6386899)
  •       Marketing Manager – 66,700 CAD/year (INR 3964692)
  •       HR manager – 89,000 CAD/year (INR 5290219)
  •       C++ Developer – 122,000 CAD/year (INR 7251761)
  •       Computer Networks Architect – 114,000 CAD/year (INR 6776236)
  •       Information Security Analyst – 134,000 CAD/year (INR 7965049)
  •       PHP Developer – 100,000 CAD/year (INR 5945654)
  •       Computer science engineer – 91,000 CAD/year
  •       Database Administrator – 84,000 CAD/year (INR 4994349)
  •       Information Security Administrator – 96,000 CAD/year (INR 5707828)
  •       Windows System Administrator – 101,000 CAD/year (INR 6004741)
  •       Android Developer – 90,000 CAD/year (INR 5350759)
  •       AI Developer – 97,000 CAD/year (INR 5766929)
  •       Application Developer – 61,249 CAD/year (INR 3641958)
  •       Operations manager – 65,000 CAD/year (INR 3864998)
  •       Web Project Manager – 107,000 CAD/year (INR 6362381)
  •       Web Developer – 99,600 CAD/year (INR 5922366)
  •       Business Analyst – 53,483 CAD/year (INR 3180179)
  •       Multimedia Developer – 57,132 CAD/year (INR 3397155)
  •       Software Engineer – 118,000 CAD/year (INR 7016458)
  •       Program manager – 104,000 CAD/year (INR 6183997)

University of Calgary, Alberta: Alumni

  •       Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  •       Astronaut Robert Thirsk
  •       Peter Mathews, B.A.: Mayanist, MacArthur Fellow at Yale University
  •       Ronald Wright: Award-winning Cambridge University-educated Author and Historian
  •       Al Duerr, M.B.A.: Mayor of Calgary
  •       Russ Girling, B. Comm., M.B.A.: President & CEO, TransCanada Corporation
  •       Java Computer Language Inventor James Gosling
  •       Gary Kovacs, M.B.A.: CEO of Mozilla Corporation
  •       Ezra Levant, B.Comm.: Journalist, Conservative Writer, and Commentator
  •       Naheed Nenshi, B.Comm.: also educated at Harvard University, Mayor of Calgary
  •       Lululemon Athletica, founder of Chip Wilson
  •       Rob Renner, B.Comm: Minister of Environment for Alberta
  •       Jonathan Scott, B.Comm.: the actor is known for his work on Property Brothers
  •       Uber co-founder Garrett Camp
  •       W. Brett Wilson, O.C., M.B.A.: Businessman, Philanthropist, Member of the Order of Canada
  •       John Zaozirny, B.Comm.: Lawyer, Minister of Energy for Alberta
  •       Theo de Raadt, B.Sc. 1992: Founder and Leader of OpenBSD and other projects developed with University of California at Berkeley and DARPA
  •       Radford M. Neal, B.Sc., M.Sc.: Research Chair in Statistics and Machine Learning

Address of University of Calgary Alberta

The University of Calgary is located at:

2500 University Drive N.W.,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

T2N 1N4

Public/Private Status

The University of Calgary Alberta is a research oriented public university in Alberta, Canada. It is completely owned and funded by the Government of Canada, with collaboration and partnership with various notable government bodies.

QS world ranking and other University of Calgary, Alberta Ranking

  •       The University of Calgary Alberta ranked 8th in Canada and 190th by the Center for World University Rankings for 2021-2022.
  •       As per the QS world ranking 2022, the University of Calgary Alberta holds a rank of 235th in the world and is the 10th best university in Canada.

Courses and University of Calgary, Alberta Fees

  •       M.E./M.Tech: INR 8.52 L – 23.35 L
  •       MBA/PGDM: INR 48.57 L – 70.52 L
  •       Master of Surgery: INR 8.52 L – 27.4 L
  •       MIM: INR 8.52 L – 44.09 L
  •       B.E. / B.Tech: INR 21.19 L – 29.24 L
  •       BBA: INR 21.19 L – 27.33 L
  •       B.Sc: INR 21.19 L
  •       M.A: INR 8.52 L – 12.96 L
  •       BSc Honors in Computer Science: INR 21.19 L
  •       BSc in Integrated Science Computer Science: INR 21.19 L
  •       Bachelor of Science in Nursing: INR 25.18 L
  •       BMOS in Finance: INR 27.33 L
  •       Bachelor of Engineering Science in Mechanical Engineering: INR 29.24 L
  •       Doctor: INR 23.31 L
  •       Bachelor of Engineering Science in Computer Engineering: INR 29.24 L
  •       Bachelor of Engineering Science in Software Engineering: INR 29.24 L
  •       BA in Economics: INR 21.19 L
  •       BMOS in Commercial Aviation Management: INR 27.33 L
  •       BHSc in Health Science: INR 21.19 L
  •       BSc in Data Science: INR 21.19 L
  •       Bachelor of Engineering Science in Mechatronic Systems Engineering: INR 28.9 L

Required Exams for University of Calgary, Alberta

  •       The English proficiency test is important to take admission to courses and programs at the University of Calgary Alberta. The accepted English language proficiency tests are IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Students can attempt any one English language proficiency test out of these three to apply for programs. The minimum IELTS score requirement is 7, TOEFL is 85-90 and PTE is 60.
  •       GMAT examination score is important for admission. The minimum score requirement is 550.
  •     GRE scores are considered as the University of Calgary, Alberta acceptance in Canada. To apply to the University of Calgary Alberta, you need a minimum GRE score of 315.

University of Calgary, Alberta requirements for admission

  •       10 + 2 is a compulsory academic requirement for students taking admission to undergraduate programs.
  •       Full-time bachelor’s degree in the recognized or relevant area of study based on the program selected by the candidate. It should be from a recognized board of study or university. If the academic degree belongs outside Canada, it will be evaluated based on degrees in Canada.
  •       Statement of purpose is a formal official document where the students mention the reason and purpose of selecting the University of Calgary, Alberta, and the particular career option.
  •       Minimum 2 letters of recommendation from past faculties or employers.
  •       GRE and GMAT scores are important in taking admission to the University of Calgary, Alberta.
  •       English language proficiency test scores are important admission requirements. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE examination scores are widely accepted in the University of Calgary, Alberta.
  •       Financial proofs are important in supporting the fact that the students can manage living costs and education costs for the first year of study.
  •     All the academic records and transcripts should be provided for University of Calgary, Alberta admissions.
  •       Valid passport.
  •       Passport size photograph.

Scholarship in University of Calgary, Alberta

The University of Calgary Alberta offers partial and full funding grants and scholarship opportunities to international students with merit or need. Some of the most popular ones are:

  •       Adam Richard Leinweber Entrance Scholarship offers $10,000 (INR 595730)
  •       Graduate Student Association Support Bursary offers up to $1,500 (INR 89359)
  •       Tuition Reinvestment Bursary offers up to $1,500 (INR 89359)

Placement in University of Calgary, Alberta

The University of Calgary, Alberta is well known for its 100% scholarship programs. The university is in collaboration with placement offers from top global brands and multinationals. The top brands hire fresh graduates from the university every academic year from all the courses and programs. The university has promising records of placing all the students in lucrative job opportunities. The average annual salary after completion of courses is around INR 56,78,333- INR 116,78,237 annually.

Some of the Top Employers Hiring from University of Calgary, Alberta

  •       Tim Hortons  
  •       WestJet
  •       Accenture
  •       IBM
  •       McCain Foods
  •       Canadian Tire
  •       Amazon
  •       Microsoft
  •       Google
  •       PWC
  •       Deloitte
  •       Morgan Stanley
  •       HSBC
  •       Scotiabank
  •       Canada West  
  •       FinTech Innovation Canada


The University of Calgary, Alberta is a prestigious destination of academic excellence and research. International students prefer studying at the University of Calgary, Alberta for shining career opportunities. For more details on the University of Calgary, Alberta admissions, get in touch with academic counselors of upGrad Abroad.

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