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Cost of MS in USA for Indian Students in 2024

Updated on 15 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The United States of America (USA) is undoubtedly one of the most popular study abroad destinations for a Masters of Science (MS) degree. If you are planning to pursue MS in the USA then it is important to plan the budget before you apply for an MS course in the US. So if you are wondering about the total cost of MS in the USA for Indian students? Here is the right place for you to be. The vital factors are summed up below, to give a fair idea and knowledge about the best MS specializations available there and the cost of doing MS in the USA. The cost of pursuing a Master of Science (MS) in the USA for Indian students in 2024 is a significant consideration, encompassing not just tuition fees but also living expenses, health insurance, and additional costs associated with textbooks and materials. 

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Popular MS specializations in the USA

The USA is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for Indian and international students. In terms of the academic disciplines, the top-ranked Universities, and colleges in the USA offer an ample number of popular and lucrative MS specializations. Out of other specializations, an MS in Computer Science is considered a lucrative, and ever-evolving one. Selecting the right specialization will help to achieve success in the future. 

  • Software Engineering: Software Engineering is one of the most traditional, yet evolving fields of MS in computer science. This subject is the study of codes, programming, and software systems. The job opportunities in this industry are immense and it offers the highest salary packages for the MS in software engineering applicants. The areas of study are computer technology, management, and engineering economics. 
  • Management Information System: Management Information System or MIS, is considered to be a lucrative specialization in the USA. The field of study deals with data processing, data analysis, management of data, decision support systems, and problem-solving. There is a huge demand for MIS executives in the USA. It has great career opportunities for MS graduates. 
  • Cyber Security: In the era of the internet and online technologies, the need for cyber security is evident. The specialization in this particular field has seen an increase in prominence and it is a good option for applicants who want to get into ethical hacking and networking. The salary packages are always the best in the industry. 
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is a very popular and innovative specialization. It includes computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and other services over the internet. Cloud computing jobs are high-paying and very demanding. The tech giants and IT sectors hire cloud computing executives and managers in large numbers annually. 
  • Data Science and Analytics: The demand for data scientists is inevitable throughout the global job market. A valuable MS degree in Data Science from the US will surely be an achievement. The Data Science specialization includes Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Structuring, and studying various forms of data. Data is the most important tool for industries today. It is a promising specialization with good career prospects. 
  • Game Design and Development: MS in Game Development program requires students with a strong foundation in computer science and engineering-oriented game development core. The goal of this specialization is to develop and plan the development of games for entertainment purposes. 
  • Pharmacy: An MS degree in Pharmacy is one of the high-paying career opportunities and applicants can take up various majors like Pharmacology, Drug Administration, Health Administration, MS in Pharmaceutics, Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry. It is indeed a highly demanding specialization field for an MS degree. 
  • MS in Power Engineering: Power and Energy Systems are about rotating machinery, transmission and distribution systems, surge phenomena, system protection, and dynamics. It is an ideal option for Electrical and Power Energy graduates. 
  • Nursing: An MS degree in Nursing is a postgraduate course meant for entry-level nurses and registered nurses who are already trained and experienced. It is one of the most popular choices for nursing graduates. An MS in Nursing is regarded as one of the most practically applied degrees in the USA. 
  • Environmental Engineering: Environmental Engineering is a specialization that integrates principles from disciplines like Environmental Sciences, physics, and social science. The best University in the USA for Environmental Engineering is Stanford University. 
  • Wireless Communication: An MS in Wireless Communication equips students with knowledge and skills of the key design aspects of modern wireless communication systems. The most popular universities for this course are the University of California and Arizona State University. 
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Cost of living in the USA

The cost of living in the USA is expensive as compared to other study abroad destinations. Various factors impact the total cost of MS in the USA. The factors are location, apartment size, proximity to university, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. In the US, on average an international student tends to spend between INR 37,431- INR 82,348 per month which includes all kinds of expenses. If the MS course is of two years duration, the entire cost of living will be more than INR 8, 98,344. Most of the international students manage the cost of living with the help of internship earnings.  

Tuition fee for MS in the top universities in the USA

The USA is always the most preferred study abroad destination for international students. The educational institutions are divided into two sectors, public sector universities, and private sector universities. The tuition fee for MS in the USA is one of the important pieces of information you need to know before you decide to study masters in the US. Take a look at the tuition fee cost of MS in the USA for Indian students per year at the top universities in the USA. 


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English language exam cost

The US Government allows non-native English-speaking students to study in the USA, only with a valid English language proficiency test score. TOEFL and IELTS scores are accepted by the US Government and top-ranked Universities. Hence, it is a mandatory expense as a part of the cost of MS in the USA for International students. The cost of TOEFL is INR 13,780 and the cost of IELTS is INR 14,700. These are compulsory examinations and are widely accepted. 

University application cost

Fees for applying to each university for MS courses in the USA vary from INR 3700 to INR 7400. In addition to that, the application will be incomplete without sending the TOEFL and IELTS scores. Sending TOEFL scores to each university would cost around INR 1489. So, when you apply to a single university, you would have to pay a minimum of INR 3700 and INR 1498, to get the application form submitted. 

Visa cost

The student visa cost is INR 11,999. It is important to check the latest rates, before making the payment, as the rates are subject to changes. 


In a nutshell, the information provided above will help the applicants to get well versed with the entire expenses incurred while pursuing an MS degree in the USA for two years. The total average cost of MS in the USA is INR 40 Lakhs per annum for Indian students. A suitable MS specialization from the top-ranked universities in the USA is surely a great way to begin a brilliant career. 

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