MS in Physiotherapy in USA: Your Guide

ms in physiotherapy in usa

A master’s in physiotherapy in the USA offers rewarding job opportunities as the country is witnessing a high demand for skilled physiotherapists. Physical therapy or physiotherapy is one of the fastest-growing medicinal branches in the country. 

Masters in physiotherapy in the USA- Reasons for studying: 

There are many reasons for choosing to study physiotherapy in the USA. They include: 

● A physiotherapist job in the USA is highly lucrative, with attractive median salaries. 

● Demand has gone up for trained and skilled physiotherapists and professionals in the rehabilitation, mental wellness, and therapy sectors. 

● Studying here means getting access to the best colleges for masters in physiotherapy in the USA, many of which are globally acclaimed. 

● A Forbes report has also identified how physiotherapists in the USA experience some of the highest job satisfaction rates. 

● Innovative and latest curriculum, with excellent research opportunities. 

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Top universities for MS in physiotherapy in USA: 

With a master’s in physiotherapy in the USA for Indian students fees being on the reasonable side, several institutions are worth considering. They include:

●      University of Pittsburgh- The Department offers MS in Physical Therapy for aspirants. 

●      University of Delaware- The Department of Physical Therapy at the College of Health Sciences offers MS in Physiotherapy. 

●      University of South California- It offers multiple programs in disciplines like physical therapy, pediatric physical therapy, neurological physical therapy, orthopaedic physical therapy, and more. 

●      Washington University, St. Louis- The institution offers MS in physical therapy. 

●      San Jose State University, California- There are masters courses in physiotherapy and practical training modules. 

●      West Chester University of Pennsylvania- This institution was founded in 1871, offering numerous programs, including physiotherapy. 

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Cost of MS in Physiotherapy in USA: 

It is hard to estimate the exact cost, but you should budget roughly US$40,000 for your tuition fees at leading universities. It works out to approximately INR 29-30 lakh. Airfare costs are around $700 or INR 50-52,000, while living costs are roughly US$15,000 or INR 11-12 lakh.

Admission Requirements:  

The admission requirements generally include the following: 

● IELTS/TOEFL scores of 6.0/79. 

● A three-to-four-year bachelor’s course in a relevant discipline. 

● Average GPA of at least three on a scale of four points. It works out to a minimum of 65-70% and higher. 

● GRE scores of 290 or more, depending upon the institution. 

● SOP (Statement of Purpose).

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Employment Scope after MS in Physiotherapy in the USA:

The USA offers great employment prospects for those graduating in physiotherapy. Completing an MS in physiotherapy can open up several opportunities across Government and private organizations, wellness centers, educational institutions, and private practice. Some graduates specialize in pediatric physiotherapy or even neurological physiotherapy, depending upon their choices. Entry-level physiotherapist jobs pay roughly $56,200 or INR 41.76 lakh annually in the USA, while senior physiotherapists may earn up to a staggering $113,340 or INR 84.21 lakh per year. 

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Learning about the visa process:

F-1 student visas are given to those pursuing part-time or full-time courses in the USA, having validity for the entire study period. The procedure encompasses the following steps: 

● Applying to an institution with SEVP approval. 

● Paying the SEVIS charge. 

● Completing and submitting the student visa application with all necessary documentation. 

● Paying the visa application charge. 

● Scheduling the visa interview and attending the same. 

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Available Scholarships: 

While numerous scholarships may cover MS in physiotherapy in USA, some offer total funding, like the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program. This scholarship, for example, is applicable for students in all masters and Ph.D. courses. It is also open to applicants from 155 global nations and gives students a chance to enroll at leading USA universities without worrying about their educational costs.

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How long is a Physiotherapy degree in the USA?

The average duration of a professional DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) program in the USA is usually three years. The MS in Physiotherapy course will require around two years. There are several other types of programs with diverse timelines. A DPT course is necessary to practice as a physical therapist in the country. Passing the state license examination is also a must to practice in the USA.

Is physiotherapy a good career option?

Physiotherapy is perceived as a fulfilling and lucrative global career option in the USA. Physiotherapy graduates earn handsomely, which only goes up with time and seniority. There is abundant job satisfaction, while demand has steadily increased for qualified, skilled, and experienced physiotherapists. Hence, physiotherapy is a great career option, while it can spawn other fields like neurological or pediatric physiotherapy in the USA, depending on the aptitude and interests of students.

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