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LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering

Updated on 07 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

When it comes to an LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering, it won’t be an overstatement to say that it is one of the most important documents for applications along with the SOP (Statement of Purpose). The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is one document that will be examined closely by the universities that you wish to apply to, thus adding considerable weightage to any admission application.


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LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering

Before moving onto a sample LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering¸ there are some crucial points that you should keep in mind. There are several qualities that you should highlight in the letter of recommendation and should also mention instances to support them. An LOR should mention the following qualities of an individual:

  •       Teamwork
  •       Market knowledge
  •       Leadership
  •       Experience and knowledge of various types of tools
  •       Problem-solving abilities
  •       Technical expertise

Sample LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering:

Here is a sample LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering. This is not the only template that you should consider, in fact, there are many samples you can refer to.

This letter of recommendation has been written by a professor for a student who has applied to (university name) university for a master’s program in Mechanical Engineering.

I am delighted to recommend (name of student) for your university’s MS in Mechanical Engineering program. I have known him/her over the last (number) years, teaching him/her the following subjects: (Course Name) for Semester (Semester Number), (Course Name) for (Semester Number), and (Course Name) for (Semester Number). I have also had the opportunity to supervise his/her laboratory work related to these subjects. In this period, I have interacted with (name of student) at a personal and academic level. I was instantly struck by his/her dedication and commitment towards academics and his/her overwhelming desire to strive for excellence in all his/her pursuits.

He/she has always been an active participant in all my classes and discussions while consistently performing well in courses that I taught him/her and scoring more than (percentage/CGPA). He/she has been regular with his/her submissions and has always managed to meet the deadlines while staying focused and interested in practical applications of the field. His/her endeavour of relating lectures in class with regular applications has strengthened his/her foundation greatly. Thus, his/her knowledge of subjects like (name of subjects) is thorough and extensive. Other than classwork, he/she has been a part of numerous other projects and done well in them too.

He/she is presently a part of a new initiative for (name of the project) at (location-could be college or university campus). He/she is working on this project with (classmates or peers) and undertaking vital research and study for ensuring a successful outcome. They are working towards building a system where (talk about the project). His/her work on this initiative is demonstrative of his/her knowledge in fields like (name the subjects/fields).

Performing well academically has not restricted his/her participation in other fields. He/she has been a part of the institution’s student body along with being the college secretary (just a sample example here) while having participated in various events, cultural programs, and festivals. He/she is known to be a good sportsman, representing the institution in sports like volleyball and cricket (only indicative examples).

I feel that his/her strong grasp of (name subjects) will hold him/her in good stead throughout his/her professional life. He/she has appraised me of his/her plans to go ahead with a master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on (name the specialization) and I am sure that he/she has the necessary skills and knowledge for excelling in the same. His/her dynamic personality and experience will make him/her an asset to your institution. He/she will perform well in the course while blending smoothly into the new learning space.  

Hence, I strongly recommend him/her for admission into the MS course in your institution.





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upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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