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LOR for Finance Students- Crucial Aspects & Sample

Updated on 21 November, 2023

Pragya Sharma

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

A degree in finance covers diverse aspects like statistics, accounting, economics, banking, investment management, wealth management, portfolio management, risk management, and a lot more. A LOR for finance students is necessary for admissions and application processes at many institutions. 

Finance as a lucrative global career option 

Finance is rapidly growing as a career option worldwide, offering diverse career pathways for aspirants. There are several fields that professionals can venture into, including the following (according to Glassdoor): 

  • Fintech Business Analyst- $75,964
  • Impact Investing Analyst- $80,014
  • Financial Analyst- $95,570
  • Commercial Banker- $64,514-101,146
  • Grants Analyst- $65,977
  • Financial Advisor- $94,170
  • Auditor and Accountant- $54,582-55,423


LOR for Finance Students

A LOR for finance students is a document that recommends them for a particular finance course at their chosen university/ educational institution. Admissions authorities closely evaluate it to better understand the candidate’s personality, skill sets, and overall achievements. Hence, it is an important part of the application process. The LOR should start with an introductory paragraph about the recommender’s relationship with the candidate, designation, recommendation purpose, and other basics. 

The second paragraph should talk about the insights and observations of the recommender regarding the candidate, covering strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, and so on. The third paragraph can discuss the candidate’s academic performance, participation in research projects and other assignments, co-curricular achievements, and interests in the subject, concluding with the final recommendation and a statement providing contact information for future inquiries. 

Sample LOR for Finance Students

Here is a sample LOR for finance students to give aspirants a clearer picture. 

To Whom This May Concern, 

I am writing on behalf of my student Ms. (candidate name), who has applied for (program name) at (institution name). I have interacted with her closely over (number of years), teaching subjects like (subject names) as a (designation and subject) at (institution) in (city, location). 

Having tutored her extensively in fields like (mention subject areas), I have observed her to be an intelligent, discerning, and polite learner, with a keen interest in aspects like (list a few sectors of interest in the field of finance), along with a strong appetite for knowledge. She is a strong team player with excellent communication skills, having worked successfully on a research assignment with peers in her second year of study. 

She has always excelled at academics, ranking consistently in the top three of her class, and obtaining a score of (percentage) in the (program name). She has also enhanced her grasp of concepts like (name a few finance topics) and will be an asset to any institution she joins with her foundational knowledge and unique areas of interest. I strongly recommend her for this program at your institution. I am open to further inquiries or information requests. 




Mobile Number, 

Email Address 

Frequently Askes Questions

Is it mandatory to furnish a LOR for finance students?

While it is not mandatory, a LOR is often required by most universities and other educational institutions. Many institutions often require 2-3 LORs for admissions. 

Can a LOR be 600 words?

A LOR should be as crisp as possible, outlining key information without getting into unnecessary detail. In most cases, it should be between 200-400 words. Ensure you do not stretch your LOR to 600 words since it will only be excessively long for the recipient. 

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Pragya Sharma is a content developer and marketer with 6.5+ years of experience in the education industry. She started her career as a social media copywriter for NIELIT, Ministry of Electronics & IT, and has now scaled up as a 360-degree content professional well-versed with the intricacies of digital marketing and different forms of content used to drive and hook the target audience. She is also a co-author of 2 stories in an anthology based on the theme- women empowerment.

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