LOR Samples for Undergraduate Applicants

The importance of a LOR for undergraduate programs is unparalleled. This letter of recommendation (LOR) helps recommend and certify students for various courses. If one takes a look at the LOR samples for undergraduate courses, then one would find that these documents are written by the teachers and professors who have shared a good amount of time with the student and know about the studentā€™s academic achievements, progress made in various projects or tasks, and academic interests. These LORs briefly tell about students and their educational prowess, academic rankings, certifications, attributes, and so on. Many universities usually seek two to three LORs from undergraduate candidates.Ā 

How to write a LOR for Undergraduates

An LOR for undergraduate programs should contain the following:Ā 

  • Contact Details & Credentials of the Recommender.Ā 
  • A Greeting if a Personal LOR is being written.Ā 
  • An Introduction stating the purpose of writing the LOR and covering the recommenderā€™s relationship with the candidate and duration.Ā 
  • The second and third paragraphs should cover the candidateā€™s academic talent, potential, and other information about academic and co-curricular accomplishments.Ā 
  • The fourth paragraph should summarize the reasons behind the candidateā€™s recommendation.
  • The fifth paragraph will have the conclusion while mentioning that the recommender is open to sharing greater details of a candidate while being open to doubts or queries.Ā 
  • The letter should include the name, title, signature, and contact details.Ā 

Things to keep in mind when writing a LOR for UndergraduatesĀ 

  • One should always select a suitable recommender who can do justice to the studentā€™s application. The recommender should know more about your unique attributes, strengths, and academic performance.Ā 
  • Do not rush things before applying. Make sure that ample time is given to the recommenders to write LORs.Ā 
  • Request the recommender to include examples in the LOR.Ā 

LOR Samples for Undergraduate StudentsĀ 





Is a LOR for undergraduate aspirants different from PG aspirants?

LORs for undergraduate aspirants may be slightly different compared to those for PG aspirants. The former will include more details of academic pursuits, overall performance throughout school, extra-curricular activities, overall track record, etc. The latter will have more in-depth information about the college, university, professional experience, projects, research, classes taken, awards, future career and academic goals, and so on.

Do Canadian universities require students to submit a LOR for UG courses?

Leading Canadian universities may only sometimes need LORs from their undergraduate students. Sometimes they may ask for personal profiles or portfolios from students. However, some institutions may require LORs from applicants as well.

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