Writing an LOR for Research Internship- Importance and Sample

Why do you require an LOR for a research internship? A letter of recommendation (LOR) is a statement or reference that is given for any aspirant to an institution that he/she is applying to in an academic or professional capacity. It is a vital part of admissions procedures at several global institutions, and is also necessary for research and other internships, jobs at diverse organizations, and other positions. It is generally issued by the prior university professor who has closely supervised the student in his education.

Importance of a Letter of Recommendation for Research 

This carries immense importance with regard to influencing admissions committees, recruiters, and other evaluators since it is an authentic third-person account of the candidate’s prowess, skills, performance, and preferences. This is why a letter of recommendation for research internships carries so much weight. 

Writing a LOR for Research Internship 

While writing an LOR for research internship, the following points can be kept in mind: 

  • Building a case where the recommender states how the candidate will succeed at the position, while also writing about the relationship with the applicant and how the recommender knows him/her.¬†
  • There should be a brief description of the candidate, along with relevant attributes and examples which showcase positive traits in tandem with industry knowledge, projects, and so on.¬†
  • There could be anecdotes that are relevant for the responsibilities contained within the aegis of the internship.¬†
  • The letter should be written on the letterhead of an institution while being signed by the recommender.¬†
  • It should contain the contact details of the recommender including his/her designation, department, institution, email address, and contact number.¬†
  • Achievements and accomplishments of the candidate may also be included in the LOR.¬†


Sample LOR for Research Internship

LOR Sample for MS in CS


The Dean, 

The Department of Physics, 

ABC University, XYZ Location, Country 

I am writing this letter of recommendation for (candidate name), who is applying for a research internship at ABC University in the Department of Physics at (location, country). I hereby state my observations based on my experience of teaching him for three years as a Professor of Physics at (institution name). 

He has been a bright student all throughout, consistently ranking amongst the top five in his class. He has also scored exceedingly well in my core subject modules of electromagnetism, mechanics, and classical mechanics. Along with asking relevant questions in class, and responding positively towards newer challenges and group tasks, he has also impressed me with his knowledge of mechanics at a broader level. 

I was pleased to appoint him as the head of a five-member student body set up to list and recommend research projects that our institution could subsequently take up and sponsor. I was also delighted to have worked with him to create a fully-functional thermodynamic model as part of a third-year research project under the apex venture mentioned earlier. 

He has demonstrated his passion for physics and his commitment towards pursuing research in the areas of thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and mechanics. He also possesses a keen interest in biomaterials, biophysics, and nuclear physics. Having been one of my best students, I am confident that he will be a valuable addition to your department and prestigious institution. One of his best qualities is his humility and his ability to collaborate with peers, despite the wealth of knowledge that he possesses. I strongly recommend him for the research internship position in the Department of Physics, ABC University, and wish him the very best for his future. I am open to further queries and information requests as well. 






Contact Number

Email Address


How do I write a letter of recommendation for a research student?

You can write your letter of recommendation, by introducing yourself and your relationship with the candidate before moving on to covering his/her academic credentials, performance, relevant qualities, projects and publications, and why you feel that he/she will be a good fit for the institution in question. Conclude by giving your contact details for further enquiries.

Can I apply for an internship without a recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters are usually necessary for internships. One or two recommendation letters are usually required for getting internships, ideally from principals or professors.

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