Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for MBA

An LOR is the letter of recommendation which analyzes performance of any applicant in both non-academic and academic spheres. Specifically for an LOR for MBA, students will have to provide both academic and professional LORs unlike those applying for Masters of Science (MS) programs. Most global universities usually seek 2-3 LORs for MBA programs and one has to be written by either a supervisor or employer. It should be noted that recommenders should be directly associated with you in any professional capacity for around 2-3 years.

LOR for MBA- Writing Guidelines

There are some writing guidelines that you should keep in mind while writing an LOR for MBA. It should be carefully written by an individual who can narrate the achievements and qualities of the applicant with proper anecdotes and instances. Here are some guidelines worth noting:Ā 

  • The relationship with the MBA applicant should be firmly stated in the opening paragraph of the LOR. The designation, association with the MBA applicant and organization of the recommender should also be mentioned.Ā 
  • As a good sample LOR for MBA will show you, the recommender should then talk about the applicant and his/her job responsibilities at this organization. His/her performance, any particular achievements and relationship with other colleagues and teams should be mentioned.Ā 
  • LORs should clearly spell out the long-term vision of applicants and how they will benefit from MBA programs. The goals of applicants should also be mentioned in the LOR.Ā 
  • LORs should also talk about opportunities for improvement of the applicant without being overly critical or nitpicking. The weaknesses of the individual should be subtly mentioned while talking about how the MBA degree will help him/her in addressing the same.Ā 
  • It is ideal to have a current supervisor or employer writing the LOR.Ā 
  • Applicants may use the optional essay for explaining the reasons behind the unavailability of their present supervisors if that is the case.Ā 
  • Discuss your vision, goals and responsibilities in advance with the recommender.Ā 
  • Always provide transparent information to the employer/supervisor writing the LOR. Make sure that the recommender knows the content for the MBAā€™s Statement of Purpose.

Sample LOR for MBA Applicants

Here is a sample LOR for MBA aspirants that will help you get an idea. This is only a single example and you should not blindly emulate the same.Ā 


Address of RecipientĀ 


This is in respect of (applicantā€™s name) who is desirous of obtaining admission into your institutionā€™s MBA course. I have known him/her for (number of years), (number of years) after he/she joined the organization (name of the organization). I have been his/her supervisor in the (name of department) where he/she was assigned first.Ā 

He/she worked efficiently and won a promotion to the (position or rank name) within (tenure in years or months) of employment. The position requires at least (tenure) years of experience although his/her teamwork, innovative bent of mind, leadership qualities and hard work meant that the management made an exception to approve the promotion ahead of time.Ā 

In this new position, (applicantā€™s name) notched up another achievement, ensuring more than 40% returns for the organization within just a year in the (department name), working under my management and supervision. I can strongly provide an assurance regarding his/her ability to excel in his/her academics owing to his/her intrinsic philosophy of hard work and dedication.Ā 

Yours Faithfully,Ā 

(Recommenderā€™s Name)

(Designation of Recommender)Ā 

(Contact Information)

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