Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for MS in Computer Science

lor for ms in cs

The LOR for MS in CS (letter of recommendation for MS in Computer Science) is essentially one of the most important documents that a student requires for admission to reputed universities. This recommendation letter is thoroughly examined by the institutionā€™s management before finalizing a candidate. It adds weight to the application and the overall profile of a student.Ā 

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LOR for MS in CS- Things you should includeĀ 

When it comes to LOR samples for MS in CS, you will find that they highlight several vital skills and attributes. Here are some of them:Ā 

  • Expertise in specific programming languages
  • Coding abilities and where he/she used them
  • Special projects that relied on the candidateā€™s expertise
  • Any app that was developed by the applicantĀ 
  • Knowledge of various developer tools

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LOR Sample for MS in CS:

Here is a LOR sample for MS in CS that you will find immensely handy.Ā 

LOR Sample for MS in CS

To Whom It May Concern:Ā 

I am delighted to recommend (student name) for MS in Computer Science at your esteemed institution. He/she has been my student for the last three semesters and I have taught him/her subjects like Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Computer Networks (all subjects and names are indicative). He/she is a good student when it comes to hard work, academic aptitude, and overall motivation.Ā 

A sincere, highly intelligent, and responsible student, (name of student) has successfully maintained an excellent academic record in the courses taught by me. He/she has been among the few such students who have completed all assignments before their deadlines and with optimal scores. His/her performance is driven by his/her clarity of fundamentals and basic concepts, enabling him/her to swiftly latch onto new topics and fields with ease.Ā 

Data Structures & Sorting and Searching are vital tools comprising programming language foundations. He/she has handled the same impeccably. (Student name) has always come up with novel methods of applying the concepts as demonstrated while handling a new project on (name of the project) in the (number) semester.Ā 

He/she has always been highly active throughout the technical circuit of the institution, being part of the team that built software for the following purpose – (name a purpose) using the programming language (name programming language). He/she has also participated in coding-related contests including the annual festival of (college name) where he/she came (rank).

(Name) also represented our institution in the (name of competition) that took place at (location) and was placed (rank), making us really proud. Along with organizing several events, he/she has always been active in sports (indicative), winning (rank) in (sport name) held at (location).Ā 

He/she has shown immense determination by clearing written and oral examinations successfully despite falling ill during the second year of the course (indicative only). His/her determination and will were evident by his/her ability to attend and clear the examinations. I will always remember how he/she sat for the examination under medication and yet never lost the determined smile on his/her face. Such commitment, in my opinion, will help him/her outstrip all expectations laid down by your institution for incoming students.Ā 

He/she has always been an independent thinker, striving to learn new things, while displaying huge promise through his penchant to delve beyond the scope of the curriculum. He/she has always kept himself/herself updated regarding current developments while minutely examining all technical literature likewise. His/her leadership qualities are impressive, having organized and managed the event (event name) held on (date) at (location). It was received with profound appreciation and enthusiasm by peers and juniors for his/her efforts.Ā 

A student who believes in working hard and maximizing his/her capabilities (student name) will be striving to fulfill all his/her responsibilities. His/her continual zeal towards learning and self-growth along with superior skills of time management will surely take him/her a long way in the future. I strongly recommend him/her for admission into your institution.Ā 




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