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What are the Group of Eight Universities in Australia?

Updated on 09 November, 2023

Gauri Agrawal

Gauri Agrawal

Sr. Content Writer

Want to pursue research-based programs abroad but are confused about the right country? When it comes to choosing a program in research-based industries or the medical field, Australia Go8 comes across as an excellent academic investment. The Group of Eight (Go8) universities, pioneers in research and education, are Australia’s biggest and oldest educational institutions. Read this blog to know what G8 universities in Australia are.


What are the Group of Eight universities in Australia? 

Go8 is a company established in 1999 and located in the capital of Australia, Canberra. Eight universities at the forefront of research-based learning in Australia are associated with Go8. This platform has grown popular as it gives opportunities to students willing to study at universities with better funding options, better ranks, etc. 

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Reasons to study in Group of Eight universities in Australia 

  1. Go8 comprises the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Adelaide, Monash University, and the University of Western Australia, that are considered as the most elite universities in the country.
  2. Go8 universities are known for the quality of their research. Over 70 percent of all Australian university research is conducted at these universities.
  3. Go8 universities attract and train the best researchers from Australia and worldwide, creating a teaching-research hub producing advanced curricula and innovative research-based learning methods.
  4. Students also get the benefit of more individual attention from instructors due to low student-staff ratios, so they get the support and guidance they need throughout their studies.
  5. The Go8 has a high reputation worldwide in Australian university rankings. This means your qualification will be globally recognized, enabling you to find a job in many countries.

List of Group of 8 Universities in Australia

There are a total eight universities associated with the go8 universities in Australia. These universities are the top choice among international students. Below is the list of the same:

  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Queensland
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of Melbourne
  5. UNSW Sydney
  6. University of Western Australia
  7. Monash University
  8. The University of Adelaide

Australian National University

It is one of the g8 universities in Australia. International Students can choose a wide range of research-based undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

QS World University Rankings 202330
Research-Based Courses OfferedBachelor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, etc.
Average Tuition Fees41,000 AUD- 53,000 AUD/year

University of Queensland

It is one of Australia’s popular group 8 universities that came into existence in 1911. The University of Queensland offers a range of research-based courses to choose from. 

QS World University Rankings 202350
Research-Based Courses OfferedMaster of Applied Econometrics, Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics, Doctor of Veterinary Clinical Science, Bachelor of Advanced Science, etc.
LocationBrisbane City
Average Tuition Fees9000 AUD- 46,000 AUD/year

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney initiated its educational activities in 1850. It ranks 42nd at the QS ranking, making it a leading educational institution for comprehensive research and teaching.

QS World University Rankings 202341
Research-Based Courses OfferedBachelor of Applied Science, Master of Commerce, Bachelor of Science,Doctor of Medicine, etc.
Average Tuition Fees49,000 AUD- 58,000 AUD/year

University of Melbourne

Ranked at 41 positions in the QS rankings in 2023, the University of Melbourne came into existence in 1853 with more than 40,000 students and 8,000 staff, including 10,600 international students from 129 countries. It is among the top choices for international students to study abroad. 

QS World University Rankings 202333
Research-Based Courses OfferedBachelor in Biomedical sciences, Master of Philosophy, Master of Veterinary Science, MDHS (Dental Science), Doctor Program in Economics
Average Tuition Fees32,000 AUD- 53,000 AUD/year

UNSW Sydney

UNSW Australia, established in 1949, proudly falls under the prestigious Group Eight Universities list. UNSW Australia is the most sought-after research institution in the country. The university’s research strengths include Biomedical Sciences, Environment, Sustainability, and Water, among others.

QS World University Rankings 202345
Research-Based Courses OfferedBachelors in Aerospace Engineering, Masters in Mining Engineering, PhD in Fuel Technology, etc.
Average Tuition Fees1055 AUD- 1060 AUD/per credit

University of Western Australia

Ranked at 90 positions by QS WUR 2023, the University of Western Australia was established in 1911 and is considered one of the finest universities of G8 universities in the country. The university offers excellent research-based training making it easier for students who pursue this course to understand the latter better. 

QS World University Rankings 202390
Research-Based Courses OfferedBachelors of Science, Master of Biotechnology, Master of Science, etc.
Average Tuition Fees700 AUD- 1800 AUD/per credit

Monash University

Established in 1958, Monash University is an outstanding choice for international students to study in Australia. Monash University offers a wide range of courses, including data science, business, and more. 

QS World University Rankings 202357
Research-Based Courses Offered

Bachelor of Biomedical Science,


Master of Philosophy, Master of Surgery, etc.

Average Tuition Fees37,000 AUD- 50,000 AUD/year

The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is the 3rd oldest university in Australia, established in 1874. More than 25,000 vibrant students are currently pursuing diverse courses at the university. The university’s research strengths include Biological and Agriculture Sciences, Engineering, and Environmental Sciences.

QS World University Rankings 2023109
Research-Based Courses OfferedBachelor of Computer Science, PhD in Energy, Doctor of Medicine,etc.
Average Tuition Fees24,000 AUD-49,000 AUD/year

Eligibility Criteria For Go8 Universities

 Given below is the list of documents required for applying to group 8 universities in Australia:

  1. Educational Transcripts
  2. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  4. Work Experience/CV
  5. GMAT
  6. IELTS

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What are g8 universities?

The Group of Eight or Go8 universities are some of Australia’s largest and oldest universities and are consistently the highest-ranked of all Australian universities. Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, UNSW Sydney, University of Western Australia, Monash University, and The University of Adelaide come under Go8.

Is RMIT a part of Go8 universities in Australia?

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is not a part of Go8 universities in Australia.

What is the meaning of Level 1 university in Australia?

The Level 1 universities in Australia are the top universities in the country. These universities are globally recognized for their academics, infrastructure, research, and employability, among other factors.

Does Australia have any Ivy League?

In Australia, a group of eight universities are consistently the highest-ranked of all Australian universities.

Gauri Agrawal

Sr. Content Writer

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