Jobs in Australia after MS in Computer Science

Job Opportunities in Australia after MS in Computer Science

Today Australia attracts both international students and job seekers alike. The country is known to employ a plethora of overseas qualified professionals – especially, the job opportunities in Australia after MS in computer science are plenty. Blessed with vast natural resources, a widely expanding economy, flexible work and migration norms, cultivation of culture, and top-notch living conditions cumulatively make Australia a coveted hub for migrants. As a technologically progressing land, Australia is open to recruit skilled (high level) professionals with technical know-how in large numbers.

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How to find a job in Australia?

For candidates having a good education and aspiration to work in a country like Australia, job opportunities are ample. They just need to target the right sources and try getting the jobs in a very systematic and practical manner.

If an individual follows these tips, getting a job in Australia becomes quite convenient and easy.

1. Researching the market

Some skills are highly sought after in Australia while others are not much in demand. It is particularly important to research and study the market to read the pulse. You must know which avenues would lead to the best-targeted job easily. Like, if a candidate has a masters degree in computer science, there is a vast scope of opportunities for such an applicant. If this person proceeds through the right channels methodically, then the scope of getting an opportunity in a reputed company in Australia is massive.

2.  Trying the contacts 

This is an informal way of getting a job opportunity in Australia but has worked for various candidates. The applicants can try contacting acquaintances settled in the nation and get recruited for the job offers available there via their recommendation. This saves the trouble of various steps that are otherwise necessary to attain the opportunity in this nation.

3. Approaching the companies directly 

If a candidate is confident that he/she has the capability to work in a certain branch or company, then they can approach the firm directly. Not all companies advertise their vacancies. However, they are often willing to welcome aboard a highly skilled professional excelling in their genre of work. In such times, the candidates are given opportunities if their profile is exemplary.

4. Taking advantage of the university career opportunities

Lots of educational institutions provide direct placement to the candidates after they complete their education from the centre. Even computer science students get such kinds of offers of getting tailored placements in countries like Australia. The student can apply for such opportunities and try to get a job in this country.

5. Register with a recruitment company or staffing agency

There are innumerable job recruitment companies providing multiple opportunities to such candidates searching for jobs in Australia. The aspirant must consult a reliable company that recruits such candidates for the job opportunities, provide all the details, and their CV — and then wait for their turn to get a good placement in a reputed company in Australia.

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How to prepare for job applications in Australia?

A candidate needs to go through a series of stages to find the ideal and suitable job in Australia. This brings in the need to follow the below listed steps after finding the right job in the country.

1. Learning the language and about the culture of the nation

It is especially important for the aspiring candidate to learn the native language of Australia and excel in its proficiency. A candidate should also learn at least the basics about this country’s culture since he or she is showing interest in settling there for work.

2. Sorting out the Visa

The Australian companies also sponsor Visas of exceptional candidates just to have them on board in their firms. But this can be an exception. Mostly the candidates must apply for a Work Visa on their own to travel to the country for the job.

3. Tailoring the resume and preparing the cover letter

If the candidates are to mail the company his/her resume, it should be well-tailored, precise yet impressive and covering all the important aspects of the candidate. Like, the resume of an MS in Computer Science should mention the entire educational qualification of this person along with the great achievements in the field, internships, experience if any, projects dealt with (if any), and also touch upon the extracurricular interests. Even the cover letter attached with it should have an impressive short summary of the reasons why the aspirant seeks the job and expectations from the company.

4. Getting prepared with technology

The long-distance interview with these companies is more likely to happen through digital mediums like Skype, Google Meet, and so on. So, being aware of the technology and practicing interviews via such digital media is imperative to appear confident and come across as a coveted candidate.

5. Understanding how to apply via recruitment agencies 

The recruitment agencies of Australia are one of the best ways through which the individual can get a job he or she desires in the country. But it is very important to understand exactly how to apply through these agencies. Firstly, the candidate should provide the details about his/ her educational excellence to these companies, the expectation the person has from the job, and the salary she/he is looking for. Next, the recruitment company offers various tailor-made opportunities to these individuals and then he or she has to select the one that suits them the best (or multiple ones for that matter) and apply for the interviews.

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Top Organizations in Australia who recruit candidates with MS in computer science

 Finding a job even after bagging a high educational qualification like MS in Computer Science can be very tedious in a country like Australia. Some of the candidates can be incredibly lucky as they get placement immediately after they complete their studies. But for other aspirants, reaching the top-most companies can be really challenging. In such times, recruitment companies of Australia play an important role in guiding them and fetching them an ideal job.

These are some really good recruitment companies in Australia:

1. Lloyd Connect Melbourne

Having bagged many accolades, this job recruitment company in Melbourne has a brigade of efficient staff especially dedicated to find good jobs for candidates.

2. Adecco

This is the leading job placement company in Australia providing jobs to candidates not only from the country but also from across the globe.

3. Randstad Australia

Another leading job recruiters connecting the candidates to their genre of work.

4. Robert Walters Australia

This is one of the world’s leading job Recruitment Companies providing special placement for students completing masters in computer science.

5. Hudson Recruitment Agency 

The market’s leading recruitment company that helps the firms search for the best talented candidate for their vacancies. They are excellent in providing great placements to students excelling in computer science as well.

6. Michael Page

This company works as a professional private organization that provides suitable and quick placements for MS computer science students in various sectors like banking, accounting, manufacturing, and more.

7. Manpower Australia

Just as the name suggests, this recruitment company provides manpower or perfect job recruitment for candidates from across the globe.

8. Chandler MacLeod

This placement company is one of the largest in Australia with a vast staff constantly working to provide jobs to the right candidates from the various countries of the world.

9. Hays Specialist Recruitment Job Employment Agency

This Company provides job opportunities in various prominent cities of Australia like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, etc. They provide job placements for candidates in various genres including skilled professionals in computer science.

10. Konnection

The Australian migration and recruitment agency matches skills with the opportunities and provides good placements for the candidates.

11. Morgan Consulting – Recruitment Agency 

A highly reliable company providing both temporary and permanent jobs to aspirants from across the world in this country.

12. Stellar Recruitment

This job recruitment company is considered as one of the featured sources to get a job in Australia as it connects an employee to the employer in the least time possible.

13. Kelly Services

One of Australia’s top recruitment companies that ensures to provide excellent jobs to the seekers in the minimum amount of time.

14. Robert Half

A specialized company offering multiple opportunities to seekers in the best firms of the country.

15. Six Degrees Executive

Specialist in providing excellent job opportunities to candidates, it stays one of the top recruitment companies of the country.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia after MS in computer science

Candidates with master’s degree in computer science from a good institute and impressive results have the chance to earn between AU$60,000 – AU$1,63,000 in this country. Experienced experts have a higher chance of getting these jobs in Australia.

1. Technical support engineer — AU$61,000

2. Software engineer— AU$93,000

3. Software developer — AU$75,000

4. Senior data scientist —AU$1,45,000

5. Data analyst — AU$74,000

6. Information technology manager – AU$1,10,000

7. Principal software engineer — AU$1,81,000

8. Site reliability engineer —AU$1,54,540

9. Security consultant — AU$11,500

10. Cyber security engineer — AU$1,28,000

Australia is a rewarding nation that values all kinds of skills and talents. This country is in constant need of skilled manpower to uplift its already growing economy and industrial and technological development. And candidates with masters in computer science have a wide spectrum of career opportunities in that country. Their skill allows them to get an opportunity in various engineering sectors, financial categories, retail and marketing sections, et al. No doubt, the job recruitment companies in this country play an essential role in providing placements to aspirants seeking work in this country but staying entirely dependent on them is not wise. The candidates should also try to grab those opportunities by themselves via either approaching the companies (employers) directly, taking some chances through their educational organizations, or via personal connections.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Australia good for candidates in computer science?

Australia has a plethora of options for candidates in all genres. Since technological development is skyrocketing, the job opportunities for computer science experts are comparatively more and are highly paid.

Q2. Do international students get job offers after a computer science degree in Australia?

The job opportunities for international candidates in this country can actually be quite tricky, but if the aspirants are approached via a good recruitment company, their chances to grab a good job are better.

Q3. Is it hard to get a work visa to Australia?

Australians are quite open in accepting talents and skills from across the globe in their country. So, achieving a work visa for a computer science expert shouldn’t be at all difficult.

Q4. How long can it take to get a job in Australia for an MS in computer science candidate?

The amount of time an aspirant requires to get a good placement in Australia totally depends upon the salary one is seeking for a job and the opportunities they are interested in. But overall, it takes some months to get a call from a good company. But the time span can be lower if the candidate is approached via a good job recruitment company.

Q5. Which language test do aspirants have to take in order to get a job in Australia?

For any candidate seeking a job in any genre, scoring the average marks in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams is necessary to get the visa and placement in the company. Candidates can seek help from upGrad to get a fine idea and training about excelling in this English language proficiency test.

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