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Accommodation in Australia: How Much Does it Cost

Updated on 22 September, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

You're about to set foot in Australia for your upcoming studies. Your thoughts are a symphony of anticipation, filled with images of iconic wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and the academic adventures that await. Amidst this excitement, something important demands your attention: your accommodation in Australia. The place you choose to call home will shape your experience in profound ways, a fact that lies at the heart of our exploration today.


Types of Student Accommodation in Australia 

Students have unique preferences and budgets. Hence, the options for student accommodation in Australia also vary: 

1. On-Campus Dormitories: 

The quintessential student experience. Sharing a dorm room with fellow students fosters camaraderie and is often more affordable. Cost Range: $150 - $300 per week. 

2. Off-Campus Shared Apartments: 

Renting an apartment with other students provides more privacy and independence. You can share expenses while enjoying your space. Cost Range: $120 - $400 per week. 

3. Homestays: 

Immerse yourself in Australian culture by living with a local family. This option offers a supportive environment and a chance to improve your English skills. Cost Range: $200 - $350 per week. 

4. Studio Apartments: 

If you prefer solitude, studios provide a private living space with a kitchen and bathroom. They're perfect for students who value their own company. Cost Range: $250 - $500 per week. 

5. Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA): 

These facilities are made considering students, giving contemporary comforts like gyms, study spaces, and common areas. They are accessible in a range of sizes to fit different cost ranges. Cost Range: $180 - $600 per week. 

Region-Wise Best Accommodation Options 

Here's a glimpse of the average weekly costs for accommodation in Australia for students

City Shared Room Single Room (Private)Apartment 
Sydney $250 - $500 $300 - $500 $220 - $550 
Melbourne $300 - $350 $280 - $450$200 - $600 
Brisbane $209 - $389 $209 - $389 $219 - $389 
Perth $196 - $350 $165 - $650 $147 - $910 
Adelaide $239 - $329 $239 - $349 $239 - $349 

Tips for Finding Student Accommodation in Australia 

1. Start Early: 

To ensure you have enough time to consider choices, make decisions, and secure a home, start looking for housing at least 3–4 months before your anticipated relocation. 

2. Budget Wisely: 

When creating your spending plan, take into account not just the cost of the rent but also any other expenses like utilities, groceries, travel, and internet. You may efficiently manage your funds with the aid of this complete strategy. 

3. Location Matters: 

Opt for accommodation that is conveniently located near your university campus. This saves you commuting time and reduces transportation expenses, giving you more time to focus on your studies and extracurricular activities. 

4. Read Reviews: 

Take advantage of online platforms and websites where previous tenants share their experiences. These reviews provide valuable insights into the actual living conditions, management, and any potential issues related to the accommodation you're considering. 

5. Visit Beforehand: 

Whenever possible, plan a visit to the shortlisted accommodations before making your final decision. Physically exploring the space allows you to assess the living conditions, amenities, and neighborhood, giving you a clear picture of what to expect. 

6. Understand Lease Terms: 

Carefully read and comprehend the lease agreement before signing. Ensure you understand the terms related to rent, security deposit, maintenance responsibilities, and any additional charges. This prevents unpleasant surprises later in your tenancy. 


Remember that your accommodation in Australia is more than simply a place to sleep as you get ready to embark on your academic adventure. Whether you like the independence of off-campus housing or the social interaction of on-campus living, each choice has its own merits.   

So, take time to picture the sort of environment that will foster your development, motivate your studies, and serve as the setting for your most treasured memories. With the right compass in hand, you're ready to navigate the exciting terrain of student accommodation in Australia. Bon voyage!

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What kind of student housing is ideal for an international student?

The ideal kind of housing will rely on your choices and requirements. On-campus residences offer convenience, while off-campus apartments provide more independence. Homestays offer cultural immersion and shared housing fosters friendships. Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) often comes with modern amenities.

How do I budget for student accommodation costs?

Start by researching the average costs of different accommodation options in your chosen city. Consider expenses like rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries. Create a monthly budget that covers all essentials and allows for occasional treats.

How early should I apply for student accommodation?

It's advisable to apply for accommodation as soon as you receive your offer of acceptance from the university. Accommodations, especially on-campus options, can fill up quickly. Applying early gives you a better chance of securing your preferred choice.

What amenities should I look for in student accommodation?

Look for furnished accommodations with essential amenities like utilities, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities. Security features such as controlled access and well-lit common areas are crucial. Consider communal spaces that encourage interaction and study.

Can I change my accommodation after arriving in Australia?

It's possible to change accommodation, but it's recommended to make an informed choice initially. Switching accommodations can be disruptive and might involve additional costs. If you're considering a change, communicate with the accommodation office or landlord early to understand the process.

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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