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Ph.D. in USA Without GRE - Things to Know

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

phd without gre in usa

Pursuing a Ph.D. in USA without GRE is possible, although only a limited number of institutions provide this allowance for applicants. The United States of America (USA) has retained its position as one of the most-preferred global Ph.D. destinations for international students. With its cutting-edge research and academic infrastructure and a globally-recognized curriculum, the USA offers the best Ph.D. programs and opportunities for students.

Ph.D. Admission in USA without GRE- Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for a Ph.D. without GRE in the USA at some institutions, provided you meet other eligibility criteria. While these vary across institutions, here are some general criteria that applicants have to meet: 

  • Minimum GPA requirements (varies across universities) and bachelor’s/master’s degrees in related fields. 
  • Some institutions require minimum professional experience 
  • You may have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or sit for a written and oral examination in order to qualify for the Ph.D. program. 
  • References from academic supervisors or letters of recommendation may be required to study Ph.D. in USA without GRE
  • English language proficiency could be a criterion at some institutions as well. 

You should check the official websites of universities carefully for more information in this regard. 

Major Universities in USA without GRE for Ph.D.

Some universities offer Ph.D. programs in the USA without mandatory GRE requirements. This is only an indicative list, and other universities could offer the same, depending on the doctoral program and other parameters.

Name of the Institution Requirements
Oregon State University (Business School-Doctoral Degree)Instead of the GRE, you can submit GMAT scores (minimum 600). 
Northwestern University (Doctor of Philosophy)No mandatory GRE requirements. Applicants must ensure a cumulative GPA of 3.0 while meeting other courses, independent study, and research guidelines. 
Washington State University (Graduate School Doctoral Degrees)No mandatory GRE requirement. Applicants should maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 while having any approved program of study on file at the Graduate School. 
University of IdahoNo mandatory GRE requirement. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the undergraduate level and earned master’s degree along with English language proficiency and other requirements.  
MIT SloanMIT Sloan can accept GMAT scores instead of GRE. The DMSE (Department of Material Science and Engineering) at MIT does not require GRE scores mandatorily. Requirements include subject, class, course and other guidelines along with a general examination and thesis area examination. 


Cost of Studying Ph.D. in USA

While the cost of studying Ph.D. vary across universities; the average figure is between $28-55,000 as per estimates.

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Job Prospects after Ph.D. in the USA 

The job prospects are bright for applicants successfully completing their PhD programs in the USA. The average salary is $101,000 per year as per Payscale. Here are some high-paying job profiles and average salaries for PhDs in the country according to Payscale. 

  1. Research Scientist- $64-129,000
  2. Data Scientist- $79-138,000 
  3. Assistant Professor- $51-98,000 
  4. Physical Therapist- $60-85,000 
  5. Research Scientist (Biotechnology)- $71-124,000
  6. Senior Research Scientist (Biotechnology)- $80-139,000 
  7. Professor- $57-143,000
  8. Associate Professor- $63-140,000 
  9. Software Engineer- $81-143,000
  10. Clinical Psychologist- $57-119,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Name some universities in the USA without GRE for a Ph.D.?

There are a limited number of universities in the USA that accept Ph.D. applications without GRE scores. Some of them include MIT, Northwestern University, the University of Idaho, and others.

Can I opt for a Ph.D. in the USA without GRE?

Yes, you can choose to do your Ph.D. in the USA without the GRE. However, you will have a limited number of institutions to choose from in this regard. It is recommended that you get your GMAT scores instead.

What Ph.D. programs don’t require GRE?

Many Ph.D. courses offered by leading universities do not require GRE scores. For example, the Doctor of Philosophy course at Northwestern University does not require GRE scores. There are many such options available for aspirants.

Can I go to the USA without GRE?

There are many universities and colleges that may take applications without GRE scores at the master's or Ph.D. levels. However, you will have to either furnish GMAT scores in place of GRE or meet other stringent criteria at these institutions.

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