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Every Year Several Languages Die Out - IELTS Essay

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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every year several languages die out

IELTS, or the International English Language Test System, is a famous test designed for students who want to study, migrate or work abroad. This test assesses the candidate's ability to read, write, speak and listen in English. Every year several languages die out is a common IELTS topic that requires a detailed understanding of the topic and research to write.

It has been noticed that every year several languages die out across the world. Why do you think this happens?: Essay 1

Humans are believed to be social animals, and languages have helped them live up to this reputation by providing a way to communicate their thoughts clearly. In the beginning, each region was bound to its own language. For example, Indians spoke Sanskrit, and Romans spoke Latin.

However, various conquests by ambitious rulers meant that their armies often fought wars in other countries, sometimes having to stay in one place for long periods. This allowed them to learn the local language and bring it back to their country, helping others understand it too. Furthermore, English, the language that is used to unite the world today, was brought in by the British to the colonies they captured. This endeavor for the dominance of the ruler’s language meant that local languages were dissuaded and often forgotten.

I believe that the omnipresence of languages like English means that an individual must learn the same to be considered literate. Due to this compulsion, an individual often does not master their local language. Furthermore, several people emigrate from their towns to metropolitan cities for better opportunities, where they do not require their local language anymore. Eventually, they speak the most dominant language of the city, teaching their children the same. With multiple instances like this occurring worldwide, there is an evident decline in the number of people well versed in their local language.

As these native speakers slowly succumb to their age or illnesses, every year, several languages die out with them. As globalization becomes more common, it is no surprise that the more prominent languages like English and Mandarin will attract speakers, while the lesser-used ones will die out. 

Tentative band score: 7, Total word count: 274

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How many factors are responsible for the sad reality of several languages dying out every year?: Essay 2

With over 7,000 languages being spoken in the world today, it is impossible to name every single one of them, and perhaps you will never have to, as every year, several languages die out while others become endangered. Unfortunately, there is no specific reason that is responsible for this. In fact, it is a culmination of various factors.

For example, I am an individual belonging to two different states, each having different local languages. But I am only fluent in the language of one of these, the state where I currently reside. This means that I cannot teach the specifics of the other language to anyone else, and that’s one less native speaker of the language. But I am fluent in English which is not my mother tongue. This is because English is useful for me in my everyday life, allowing me to interact with people from all over the world.

This prevalence of English has led to more individuals adapting it and forgoing their local language. Furthermore, the large-scale immigration of people from towns to cities for better opportunities has necessitated a need for learning the language that is most spoken in that particular city. Even though the first-generation immigrants speak the local language, their subsequent generations turn less fluent in it. Eventually, the language dies out because there is no one to speak and pass it on.

Unfortunately, I believe that this is a natural cycle that will keep happening. In today’s world, languages with no professional significance and a lesser population speaking the same will die out. On the other hand, languages like English and Mandarin are spoken by people worldwide and will continue to thrive.

Tentative band score: 7, Total word count: 279

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you include when asked to write an essay on “every year several languages die out” in IELTS?

To speak about how “every year several languages die out,” you can start with the introduction that welcomes the examiner into the world of languages. After you are done with your introduction, you can start by sharing a personal story that convinced you about the fact that languages are dying.

To strengthen your viewpoint, you can explain why predominantly spoken languages like English can never get endangered, let alone extinct. Remember to personalize the essay with your own experience so that it does not appear generic.

What are the different reasons you can provide for dying languages?

Multiple reasons have led to the extinction of languages. These include globalization, linguicide, and large-scale emigration of people from their own countries for better opportunities.

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