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The Tendency of Human beings to Copy One Another: IELTS Task Samples

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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the tendency of human beings to copy

In order to ace IELTS Writing Task 2 one needs to be familiar with the different aspects of the task. In this task, you need to write an essay or description with a word limit of 250 words.  The task requires you to present an opinion, offer a solution, or summarize the important information highlighting the possibilities of the problem.

The given topic is “The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy” which entails the behavioral adaptation of humans to imitate and get influenced by their surroundings and thoughts.

The Tendency of Human beings to Copy: Sample 1

Imitation can be defined as the behavior to copy others’ words, facial expressions, or actions. It has been an integral part of human existence. There are many aspects to this behavior. As per my point of view, the urge to copy others arises out of fascination, malevolent nature and desires make human beings prone to it. The imitation extends to various other facets of life be it fashion, lifestyle, food, habits, etc. Everything comes with an unmentioned cost called influence. 

Call it societal pressure or acceptance, we all fall in the same line, and there is fear of being left out, which causes us to imitate. One of the prominent examples of imitation is consumerism, prompting people to buy things that are of no use to them but helping them to pace up with the ongoing trend. People unknowingly get into something repetitive as it triggers a psychological impact on their minds when surrounded by the same set of patterns. Jealousy is another factor that promotes imitation where one person despises the other by copying the other person and bring them at par with themselves in the competition.

Imitation also comes under observed behavior which is also the first form of language by which young humans learn by copying others. Imitation also has a pivotal role in the development and learning of motor, communicative, and social skills. I would conclude that imitation is ingrained in human nature and cannot be differentiated. We only can be cautious while doing things but cannot be immune to this habit.

Tentative band score: 6.5

Word Count: 257

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The Tendency of Human beings to Copy: Sample 2

Since the beginning of time, humans have been observed competing for space. In some circles, such as fashion and consumer goods, this peer comparing and copying propensity is even more pronounced. I concur with this idea. I'll explain my views on this school of thought in the following sentences.

Contrary to popular belief, people and chameleons are similar. Although we don't turn green when we enter the yard as they do, we have our methods for disguising ourselves. According to a study, we frequently unconsciously emulate those around us in social circumstances, a phenomenon is known as the "chameleon effect."

Simply seeing someone act increases your likelihood of performing it yourself. This connection has been well established regarding the small-scale behaviors you can unconsciously imitate, such as gestures, postures, speech patterns, emotions, etc. However, it's improbable that you would rise and copy someone if you saw them run a mile in a world record time.

Other instances of people imitating and mimicking one another are primarily observed in the circumstances of brands and businesses. Everything is perceived as encasing the sensation of comparison, from the clothing one wears to the wallet they carry to the name-brand shoes they put their feet into.

Imitation appears to act as a unifying factor, strengthening relationships between individuals and fostering group cohesiveness. It might be particularly crucial when dealing with strangers who must infer your personality from outward cues like your body language. Remember that you are an empathic person the next time you catch yourself copying someone else's mannerisms or accent, and try not to feel ashamed.

Tentative band score: 7

Word Count: 263

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do humans copy nature?

We are fairly inventive beings as humans. We comprehend time, location, and our place in the natural world better than other creatures. However, there are instances when we seek inspiration from nature.

State some examples of biomimicry?

Needles, Aircraft, Spider web glasses, and Beetle water collection are some of the worthy examples that find their mention in biomimicry.

Are humans the only creatures that mimic each other?

Parrot, Beluga Whales, Asian Elephants, and Apes are some of the animals who show this characteristic apart from human being.

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