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The Need to Belong

Updated on 25 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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The need to belong reading answers are listed here for your perusal, along with some questions and answers as well. You will find numerous ways and means of answering diverse questions once you start practicing passages like these. 

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Questions 1-5

Complete the summary.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Modern man's basic need to belong to clubs and groups dates back to early history. Each person within the group had a 1_____
(The second paragraph talks about how every group member had a role) to play and was considered integral to the entire group’s dynamics and success. For an individual, belonging to a group could affect their chances of _____
(You will find this in the second paragraph, where group membership is mentioned as a key difference between death and survival) In those times, few could avoid death living alone in _____
(This is mentioned in the second paragraph) Living with other humans offered _____
(Protection has been mentioned in the second paragraph) from danger. Staying in a group also meant that 5_____
(This aspect is also mentioned in the second paragraph) could be passed down to descendants.

Question 6-10

Complete the flow chart below


Volunteers believed they were playing a computer game, similar to _____
(This is given in the fifth paragraph, i.e., Cyberball)

The computer was controlling the gameplay, _____
(You will find this in paragraph five, where it talks about the computer selectively passing the ball to a few volunteers and not to some others) to some and not others.

The volunteers gave their _____
(This is mentioned in the sixth paragraph) after the game.

Each volunteer first sat on their own in a room and had their foot movements _____
(This is stated in the sixth paragraph, where participants were put into a room and their foot movements were filmed thereafter)

The volunteer took part in a task with a woman who 10 _____
(This is the female mentioned in the paragraph, whose foot movements were mimicked by most participants, once she deliberately moved her feet)

Question 11-13

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D

11   Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the first paragraph?

A. one expert’s view on evolution

B. the consequences of being excluded

C. being made fun of by the people around you

D. a social event that people are eagerly awaiting 

(The first paragraph mentions the views of scientists on evolution and not a single expert)

12   According to the article, which method do people consciously use to obtain membership into their chosen group?

A. They tell the group they are strongly motivated.

B. They convey the best parts of their personality to the group.

C. They show how the group will be important to their lives.

D. They alter aspects of their personality to suit others. 

(The passage talks about how people attempt to gain membership into a group via self-presentation. This is the way one portrays himself or herself in the best way to others)

13    The writer’s main purpose in writing this article is to

A. explain how people feel when they face rejection.

B. encourage people to go it alone and not be part of a group.

C. show the unconscious drive behind the need to belong.

D. compare how the modern lifestyle is different to the past.

(The entire passage is about the innate desire to belong and how this is both consciously and unconsciously manifested in people. The last line talks about the desire to belong as a core aspect of human nature itself and is also a potent force) 

Answer Table:

1. role8. opinions
2. survival9. filmed
3. the wild10. moved her foot
4. protection11. A
5. genes12. B
6. American football13. C
7. passing the ball 

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Mrinal Mandal

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