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How to Check IELTS Revaluation Results- A Handy Guide

Updated on 31 October, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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how to check ielts revaluation results

The IELTS is the most popular and globally accepted language proficiency test for pursuing higher education and employment in English-speaking countries. Millions of people sit for the examination annually, and students may apply for rechecking. This provision helps the students to apply for reconsideration of scores if they are not satisfied with their scores. However, before you know how to check IELTS re-evaluation results, understand that the success rate is not high for re-evaluation procedures, and it is pretty costly.

How to Check IELTS Re-evaluation Results

You can check the re-evaluation results by signing into the Test Taker Portal at IDP. You will have to visit the website and log in to view your results. The results will be available digitally for 28 days. Those who have appeared for the paper-based IELTS should wait for more to get their results. Paper-based test results may be viewed after 13 days, while the computer-based IELTS results may be viewed online within 3-4 days. 

Aspirants may also get their re-evaluation results at their addresses directly. They only require their ID or passport number. The address should be the same as the one provided at registration. The result report will be delivered directly to their residences. IELTS rechecking procedures are commonly called EORs or Enquiry on Result. You can choose which segments of the test you want re-stamped and then apply for re-denoting at a maximum of one and a half months after the testing date

How to Get IELTS Exam Revaluation?

The EOR (Enquiry on Results) procedure will usually take 21 days to obtain total records by the evaluation group. The timeline depends on several factors, and you can wait for 4-6 weeks for the entire process, depending on your request. IELTS gives weekly updates to applicants after 28 days from the stated date. You can also fill up the Application Structure for Enquiry on IELTS Results and send it to your testing center to start the procedure. 

You will have to pay a stipulated re-evaluation charge for rechecking your marks. If your marks increase after re-evaluation, you will refund this amount. However, if they stay the same, you will not receive a refund. 

Rechecking is done by those examiners without knowledge or awareness of the earlier results of the candidate in question. Many more stringent and transparent systems are followed to ensure accurate paper checking and mark evaluation. IELTS strictly handles the EOR mechanism, and candidates do not have any scope of doubt regarding the same. However, as mentioned at the outset, the overall success rate is relatively low for the re-evaluation of scores. Yet, if you are confident about your scores going up in specific sections after rechecking, you can consider applying for the same. Make sure that you are comfortable with the monetary investment.

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Application fee for Re-evaluation

Re-evaluation comes with a cost that will be refunded if there is an increase in the scores. However, if upon re-evaluation it is found that there is any change in the scores, then the fee will not be refunded. If the candidate is applying for the re-evaluation, they should contact their local test center to know more about the re-evaluation fee. 

Section-wise Re-evaluation Success Rate

When you apply for re-evaluation, your scores could not decrease from the original scores assigned. Here is a glance at your chances of scoring high in IELTS, section-wise.

Success Rate of IELTS listening and reading re-evaluation

The answers in the reading and listening are generally one word or a single letter.  When the examiner rechecks the answers, the chances are less than they are incorrect. For multiple-choice questions, the correct answer remains one only.  So, technically, the grade can not change the score themselves. Hence, applying for re-evaluation of listening and reading sections barely makes a difference.

Success Rate of IELTS writing and speaking re-evaluation

The writing and speaking sections of the IELTS exam are difficult to evaluate. The examiners undergo a lot of training, but still, it is difficult to agree or disagree over a candidate’s scores. For instance, for one examiner, a score of 6.5 or 7 should be assigned; however, for the other, 7.5 should be allotted to the candidate. 

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Some Points to Remember for Rescoring

If you want to apply for a re-evaluation, you should also consider the following points:

  • The rescoring takes maximum 28 days for the entire process. If you have to submit your scores within three weeks after the declaration of your ILETS score, your re-evaluation request will not be worth it.
  • When you have applied for a re-evaluation, you must submit a test report form and the EoR form. This may be a barrier for you to gaining conditional acceptance at school.
  • You will have to bear the additional cost of re-evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the IELTS Re-evaluation Result Declared?

The re-marking process of the IELTS exam takes between two to 21 days. Many factors contribute to the overall time required to declare the results. However, the maximum IELTS re-evaluation result time is up to 28 days.

What is the fees for IELTS revaluation

A candidate has to pay an inquiry fee while applying for re-evaluation. If the score band changes, the entire fee is refunded; however, no amount is refunded if there is no change in the scores. The candidate should contact the nearest local test center for the charge of the fee.

Do the revaluation increase marks in IELTS?

If a candidate is confident that they have done better in the exam and are not satisfied with the band scores, they should apply for an Enquiry on Result (EoR). A senior examiner re-evaluates the scores independently without being aware of the previous scores.

What is the IELTS re-evaluation success rate?

The IELTS success rate varies from case to case. However, the point to note is that the EoR process takes time and includes an IELTS re-evaluation fee.

How much time IELTS revaluation takes?

The IELTS re-evaluation takes two-21 days after applying for re-scoring. The maximum time a process takes is 28 days. The re-evaluation also has some charges, which can be enquired from the local test center.

Does IELTS re-evaluation works?

When a candidate applies for a re-evaluation, an examiner is assigned to recheck the scores. The examiner remains unaware of the original scores and gives marks to the candidate. 

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