MS in electronics and communication abroad- A handy Guide

Doing an MS in electronics and communication abroad is a good move since the field offers lucrative career prospects globally. There are many reputed institutions offering this academic program along with excellent opportunities.

Top universities for MS in electronics and communication abroad

Here are some of the leading institutions for MS in electronics and communication abroad-


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2. University of Texas, Austin

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

4. Princeton University

5. University of California, Berkeley


1. University of Alberta

2. University of British Columbia

3. University of Waterloo

4. University of Toronto

5. Concordia University


1. Technical University of Berlin

2. Technical University of Munich

3. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

4. University of Stuttgart

5. RWTH Aachen University

6. Delft University of Technology

7. ETH Zurich



1. University of Western Australia

2. Macquarie University

3. Queensland University of Technology


1. University of Glasgow

2. University of Edinburgh

3. University  of Bristol

4. Imperial College London

5. University of Cambridge

6. University of Oxford

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There are various areas of specialization in the electronics and communication domain including the following:

1. Power systems

2. Communications

3. Electronic materials

4. Digital systems

5. Engineering research methods

6. Biomedical devices

7. Data science

8. Smart grid and renewable energy

9. X-ray lithography

10. Pattern recognition

11. Digital signal processing

12. Integrated circuits

13. Optoelectronic materials

14. Energy storage

15. Microelectronics

16. VLSI/CAD Communication systems

17. Nanotechnology

18. Power electronics

Level of Education

An MS in electronics and communication abroad is taught as a postgraduate course.

Average Fee Required for the Program

1. Australia- INR 20.54 lakh to INR 67.21 lakh

2. Canada- INR 6 lakh to INR 18.15 lakh

3. USA- INR 22-23 lakh

4. UK- INR 11.8-32.5 lakh

5. Germany- INR 9,500 to INR 2.61 lakh

Job Prospects

There are excellent job prospects for skilled engineers. Some of the job positions include design engineer, controls engineer, circuits engineer, power systems engineer, instrumentation and electrical reliability engineer, test engineer, project engineer, hardware design engineer, field service engineer, computer hardware engineer, systems engineer, network engineer, systems integration engineer, and more.

There are several opportunities relating to other sectors including nuclear engineer, CAD technician, broadcasting engineer, acoustic consultant, sound engineer, special effects engineer, aerospace engineer and more. Electronics and communications engineers are highly in demand across job sectors including broadcasting, technology and communications, IT and ITeS, radio, sound and related industries, power, etc. They find work in both public and private organisations in diverse job roles.

Average Salary/Remuneration

Here are some of the average salaries according to Payscale:

1. Technical Director- INR 26.64 lakh

2. Engineering Group Manager- INR 47.46 lakh

3. Technical Architect- INR 18.83 lakh

4. Solutions Architect- INR 26.85 lakh

5. Staff Engineer- INR 26.95 lakh

6. CAD Engineer- INR 5.30-10 lakh

7. Senior R&D Engineer- INR 8.28 lakh

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