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What is Social Science?

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Social science is a broad field that analyses human society and behavior. It comprises several academic areas investigating human relationships, institutions, cultures, and social systems.

In essence, social science provides a beneficial viewpoint that improves our knowledge of human existence and promotes informed decision-making in various societal contexts.

Popular Social Science Courses 

Social science comprises a wide range of fields, each with its own focus and methodology. These are some of the popular courses that social sciences offer:

Bachelor's Level Courses:                        

1.  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology: This undergraduate program provides a foundational understanding of sociological concepts, theories, and methods. Students explore topics such as social institutions, culture, and the dynamics of human interaction.

2.   Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology: A B.S. in Psychology offers an introduction to the science of human behavior, covering areas like cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, and research methods.

Master's Level Courses:

1.  Master of Social Work (MSW): At the master's level, aspiring social workers can pursue an MSW, which prepares them for roles in social services, healthcare, and counseling. MSW programs often include clinical and policy-focused tracks.

2.      Master of Arts (M.A.) in Sociology: For those looking to deepen their understanding of societal issues and human behavior, an M.A. in Sociology allows for specialization in areas like social inequality, research methods, and sociological theory.

Best Universities for Social Sciences

The best universities for social sciences can vary depending on your specific area of interest within the social sciences, as well as other factors like location, budget, and program offerings. 

Global ranking in Social sciencesUniversityPopular courses offered
1Harvard UniversityMaster's in Liberal Arts of Global Development Practices

Master's in Liberal Arts of International Relations
2University of Oxford

MPhil in Comparative Social Policy

MPhil in Development Studies

3Stanford University

Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) MS Degree 

Statistics MS Degree

4Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)

Communication & Media Studies

5The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LSE-Fudan Double Master's in International Social and Public Policy 

MSc Criminal Justice Policy 

MSc International Social and Public Policy 

MSc International Social and Public Policy (Development) 

MSc International Social and Public Policy (Education) 

MSc International Social and Public Policy (Migration)

6University of Cambridge

MPhil in Sociology (Political and Economic Sociology) 

MPhil in Sociology (The Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion) 

MPhil in Sociology (The Sociology of Media and Culture) 

MPhil in Sociology (The Sociology of Reproduction)

7University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Communication & Media Studies

Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)



8Yale University

Advanced Professional Master of Public Health Occupational and Environmental Medicine Track (Non Yale Fellows) 

Advanced Professional Master of Public Health Occupational and Environmental Medicine Track (Yale OEM Fellows) 

Advanced Professional Master of Public Health Social and Behavioral Sciences Track 

9Columbia University

MS in Operations Research 

MS in Operations Research - Methods in Finance 

Master of Arts in Statistics 

Master of Arts in Statistics 

Master of Science in Human Capital Management


Social science is a vast and helpful area that contributes to our understanding of human behavior and society. It is the inspiration behind educated policy decisions, an advocate of social fairness, and an essential contributor to economic stability and progress. Its insights into human behavior impact marketing and conflict resolution while preserving diverse cultures and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Geographers and environmental scientists help us navigate ecological challenges and sustainable practices.

Social science is an essential cornerstone of our quest for a more enlightened, equitable, and harmonious society, shedding light on the intricacies of human existence and the foundations of our communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of social science?

The study of numerous aspects of human society and social relationships is included in the scope of social science. The basic goal of social science is to comprehend human behavior, society, and interpersonal interactions.

Is social science easy to study?

The difficulty level of studying social science varies according to individual interests, strengths, and the exact topic of social science being pursued. Because of a natural predisposition to comprehend human behavior and societal dynamics, some people find certain aspects of social science rather easy to grasp. 

Which is the best country to pursue social science courses?

Several countries are well-known for their high-quality educational institutions and robust social science programs. Some of the top countries noted for providing high-quality social science education include-

United States: Many top colleges in the United States provide a wide range of social science degrees, with a strong emphasis on research and practical application

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has a long history of renowned universities with great social science departments, as well as a varied range of programs in a variety of fields.

Canada: Because of its high-quality education system and multicultural environment, Canada is a popular location for overseas students seeking social science degrees.

Which subject is best for social science?

Individual interests, career aspirations, and personal talents all play a role in determining the "best" subject in social science. 


  • Sociology studies human society and social behavior, including social institutions, social change, and the interaction of individuals and groups.
  • Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes, including cognition, emotion, personality, and social conduct.
  • Political science is the study of political systems, institutions, behavior, and political theory and practice, including issues such as governance, public policy, and international relations.
  • Anthropology is the study of human civilizations and cultures, with a focus on cultural variety, social systems, and human evolution.
  • Economics is concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of products and services, as well as individual behavior.

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