Guide to Study in Europe without IELTS!

Study in Europe without IELTS

Pursuing education from a reputed university or institution in Europe comes with a long list of requirements and other conditions which you have to fulfill before obtaining admission. IELTS and other language proficiency test scores are often mandatory for several European and global universities, particularly where Indian students are concerned. Yet, there are several European nations and universities which allow you to study in Europe without IELTS scores. 

Study in Europe without IELTS come as a relief to many students, particularly those anxious about getting a desirable score in the same, especially when they are non-native speakers of English. Apart from European countries like Germany, you can study in Europe without IELTS at universities in several other nations like Norway, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. 

Wondering how to study in Europe without IELTS? You will find ample options for a list of those countries where IELTS is not required, including many European nations. This includes almost all EU (European Union) countries with the exception of the United Kingdom along with other nations like the U.S, Norway, Holland, Malaysia, Canada and Australia. Studying abroad is hence not mandatory for several universities in Europe and other global regions. 

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Universities offering study abroad without IELTS

Here is a comprehensive guide towards studying abroad in Europe without IELTS-

EU countries (apart from UK)

1) You can study abroad in EU countries without IELTS or TOEFL by demonstrating proficiency in the English language via other means. 

2) You should have been educated in English language in 5 recent study years and English should have been the first language in the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or at the Ordinary (O) Level. 

3) You should have proved good communication skills in English with your prior education being fully conducted in English. 

4) You are applying for further studies in the same institution abroad where you got your first degree. 

5) You have a degree which has been only taught in English. 


1) Bachelor’s degree holders in English will not require IELTS or TOEFL scores in Germany since the instructional or native language is English. 

2) Some universities in Germany will need letters from your previous educational institution for working out English proficiency. 

3) Some courses do not require English proficiency at all while some have requirements for the same. 

4) For example, for a course in English Philology, you will have to qualify for the test on English language. 

5) Universities like IU Germany do not require IELTS if you are studying with upGrad Abroad. You can opt for courses like Master Degree in Data Science, Master in International Management or Master in Cyber Security with 1-year online and 1-year on-campus study at IU Germany. IELTS is not required for learners at upGrad Abroad. 

6) Some universities offering study abroad program without IELTS include Esslingen University, University of Koblenz and Landau, HCI Siegen, Ruhr University Bochum, Braunschweig University of Technology, University of Bonn and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences among others. 

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Most leading universities in France will not require IELTS across varied sectors and disciplines. Here are some of them. 

1) ESAIP School of Engineers

2) American Business School, Paris

3) EBS Paris

4) ESC Rennes School of Business, France

5) INSEEC Business School

6) EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science

7) ISC Paris

8) SKEMA Business School

9) Toulouse Business School

10) ESGCI, Paris

11) ESLSCA Business School

12) IESA International

13) NEOMA Business School

14) Paris School of Business


There are several universities offering higher education without IELTS in Italy. Here’s taking a look at the same. 

1) Polytechnic University of Milan

2) University of Naples Federico II

3) University of Pisa

4) Sapienza University of Rome

5) University of Padua

6) University of Turin

7) University of Roma

8) John Cabot University

9) University of Genoa

10) University of Trento


Belgium is one of the most popular foreign study destinations for students worldwide. Brussels is also known as a major educational hub for aspirants. There are some universities which do not require IELTS in Belgium. 

1) Ghent University 

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Poland has quite a few universities offering programs to aspirants without the need for IELTS. Here’s taking a look at the same: 

1) Adam Mickiewicz University

2) Jagiellonian University 

3) Warsaw University of Technology 


Sweden is a great destination to pursue aspirations of foreign studies in Europe. The Lund University, the top-ranked institution in the country, comes in at number 92 in global rankings as well. The exemption for IELTS in Sweden is dependent upon several parameters. Indian students will find it possible to apply for masters degrees if they have completed Bachelors in English. They can apply for courses like Computer Applications, Engineering, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Information Technology. Submission of Diplomas and mark sheets is required. 

1) Uppsala University 

2) Lund University


Spain is one of the most popular European education destinations, offering several enriching academic programs for foreign students. You should however be a native speaker with proof of proficiency in Spanish or a preparatory course in Spanish along with a diploma from a Spanish Language school and internationally recognized proficiency certificate in English. 

1) Universidad Antonio de Nebrija

2) The University of Salamanca

3) University of Valencia

4) Pablo de Olavide University 

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For studying without IELTS in Norway, you should have completed a year at any university in an English speaking nation, namely Ireland, Canada, Australia, USA, UK or New Zealand among others. Alternatively, you should completed earlier education at a university where the key component of learning the course was English. 

1) University of Oslo

2) Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

3) University of Bergen


You can study without IELTS in Latvia if you are a native speaker of English or have completed secondary/basic/vocational/higher education in English or studied as full-me students in countries with English as the official language for at least one year with certification of English proficiency. Those without English test scores will have to take English courses offered by the Latvia University.

1) University of Liepaja

2) Riga Technical University 

3) University of Latvia

4) Riga Stradins University

5) Daugavpils University 

6) Ventspils University College 


You can study without IELTS in Denmark provided you show proof of proficiency in English at a minimum of the intermediate level. Several universities in Denmark also take students from English speaking countries or those who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees in countries like New Zealand, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK. Here are some institutions where you can study without IELTS although proof of native level proficiency has to be demonstrated as per institution guidelines. 


2) Metropol University

3) Aarhus University

4) Vejle Business College

5) University of Copenhagen.

6) KEA College


You may pursue higher education in Finland without IELTS if you can provide proof of your competency in the language. You should either have English as your native language or your earlier educational degree or course should have been taught in English at any university in the EU/EEA or countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

Here are some institutions where admissions are possible without IELTS, subject to rules and regulations regarding testing of English proficiency. 

1) Arcade University 

2) LUT University 

3) HAMK Hame University of Applied Sciences

4) LAB University of Applied Sciences

5) Helsinki School of Business

6) Hanken School of Economics

7) Metropolia University

8) Kajaani University of Applied Sciences 

With the right strategy and course, you can certainly study in Europe without IELTS from India. 

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