How to Study in the Best Universities in Poland?

Students looking for diversity, affordable education, and globally-recognized degrees can add Poland to their checklist. This beautiful nation has several top-notch universities that can open excellent career opportunities in the European Union (EU).  

The best universities in Poland offer international student exchange programs that add to the convenience of foreign applicants. In addition, the constantly rising number of top colleges in Poland has made education more accessible to international students. 

As a result, students can also consider Poland for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and other certified courses. To simplify the shortlisting task, this article offers accurate information.

So, one can plan to apply for a suitable Polish university without hassle.

Poland overview

  • Official name: Republic of Poland
  • Region: Central Europe
  • Capital: Warsaw
  • Currency: Polish zloty¬†
  • No.¬†of public universities:¬†100+
  • Popular field of study:¬†Computer Science¬†

Eligibility for International Students

Before starting out with admissions to the best universities in Poland, it is vital to understand the eligibility criteria. 

Here are the general parameters that a student requires to fulfill for applying to the top colleges in Poland: 

  • Graduation certificate from a recognized national institute
  • Temporary stay card
  • Proof of language proficiency in English, Polish, or German
  • Valid passport
  • Doctor‚Äôs certificate and health insurance

Aspiring students need to ensure all these documents and paperwork are available.

How to Apply?

To initiate an application to any university, it is vital to choose the desired program. A Polish embassy can prove crucial in offering practical insights on additional requirements.

Next, one must explore a specific university and follow all mandatory guidelines on the official website. The top colleges in Poland also clarify the exact documents for a particular course.  

The application process can take place online or via email. If a student wishes to send an email to a particular university, the documents need proper scanning and attestation. After a thorough evaluation, the university can offer an admission letter to a deserving candidate.

In this process, students should look out for communication from the shortlisted universities in Poland.  

Study in Poland: Universities in Poland 

Top Universities in Poland

This section offers vital information about the top colleges and universities in Poland.

Table: Top universities in Poland

Sr. No. Name of university Status Tuition fee range per year (EUR) International ranking Popular courses
1 University of Warsaw Public 1,700 ‚Äď 18,000¬† 284 (QS WUR) Arts and Humanities, International Economics, Archaeology
2 Jagiellonian University Public 2,220 ‚Äď 14,000¬† 293 (QS WUR) Arts and Humanities, Biology, Clinical Medicine
3 Warsaw University of Technology Public 3,000 ‚Äď 8,000¬† 521 ‚Äď 530 (QS WUR) Biomedical Engineering, Automatic Control and Robots, Civil and Structural Engineering
4 AGH University of Science and Technology Public 1,500 ‚Äď 2,300¬† 801 ‚Äď 1,000 (QS WUR) Petroleum Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering
5 University of Zielona Gora Public 2,000 ‚Äď 3,000¬† 795 (US News & World Report) Economics, Management, Computer Science
6 Adam Mickiewicz University Public 630 ‚Äď 1,260 801 ‚Äď 1,000 (QS WUR)¬† Arts and Humanities, Computer Science
7 University of Wroclaw Public 650 ‚Äď 4,150¬† 801 ‚Äď 1,000 (QS WUR) Mathematics, Economics, Engineering
8 Nicolaus Copernicus University Public 1,260 ‚Äď 9,550¬† 801 ‚Äď 1,000 (QS WUR)¬† Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Health¬†
9 University of Lodz Public 2,000 ‚Äď 5,500¬† 801 ‚Äď 1,000 (QS WUR) Linguistics, Life Sciences, Business and Economics
10 University of Silesia Public 1,000 ‚Äď 5,000¬† 1,201‚Äď 1,400 (QS WUR)¬† Creative Management, International Business Law

Academic Cycle of Best Universities in Poland

The top colleges in Poland operate on a semester basis. Hence, students might also need to pay the tuition fees accordingly.

Each semester generally spans 15 weeks. Here is the division of three Polish academic cycles:  

  • Winter Semester:¬†October to mid-February
  • Summer Semester:¬†Mid-February to June
  • Summer Holidays:¬†July to September

The application deadlines in Polish universities vary according to the type of program and field of study. Hence, students should plan and note the important dates from the respective university website.

Cost of Attendance

Full-time education for Polish students is free of cost. However, foreign applicants need to bear specific expenses to study in the top colleges and universities in Poland.

Here are the various aspects to consider while calculating the overall cost of attendance:

  • Application fee
  • Tuition fees
  • Rent
  • Food and other expenses
  • Transportation

Students can expect the lowest cost of attendance to be EUR 2,000 per year. The cost of living is more affordable than in other European nations. As a foreign student in Poland, one can expect the average amount to hover around EUR 330 per month. 

These costs include rent, transportation, groceries, health insurance, and other mandatory bills. The pre-arrival fee is nominal and varies significantly as per the university.

Top Recruiters in the Polish Education Scene

Poland is well-known for the presence of several multinational corporations. After completing education at the best universities in Poland, students can land jobs in the following companies:

  • BMW
  • Bosch
  • Toyota
  • Ceramika ParadyŇľ
  • Polpharma
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Google

So, studying at the top-ranked universities in Poland can, indeed, be rewarding.

Career Prospects in Poland

International students need to know the most in-demand profiles in Poland. Such information can help plan for a specific course effectively. Here’s a glance in a tabular format.

Table: Career Prospects in Poland

Sr. No. Career prospect Average annual salary (PLN)
1 General Surgeon 80,000
2 Lawyer 79,200
3 Banking 1,14,000
4 Dentist 1,60,000
5 Marketing Director 1,82,557

Hence, studying at the top universities in Poland for bachelor’s and master’s courses can prove lucrative.


1. What are the benefits of studying in Poland apart from high academic standards?

Poland offers an enriching historical and cultural experience to foreign students. In addition, the presence of top corporations in the country provides ample opportunities for internships and jobs.

2. Can one work in Poland during studies?

Yes. A student enrolled in an educational institute can take part-time work to cover the living expenses. However, one must have a valid residency permit before applying for such opportunities.

3. What are some typical student jobs in Poland?

International students can work part-time as Teaching Assistants, Library Associates, or Language teachers in Polish universities. Some top colleges in Poland also allow students to work as Delivery Boy.

4. What are some high-demand jobs in Poland?

Like most European countries, jobs in Engineering, Medical, IT, and Economics are in top demand. There are also several jobs in the manual labor sector in Poland.

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