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Medical Colleges in Belarus: Important Details for MBBS/MD

Updated on 08 November, 2023

Pragya Sharma

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Considered an upper-middle-income economy, Belarus utilized 6.41% of its GDP on healthcare expenditure per the World Bank’s last published data (while that of India was only 2.96 during the same period). This clearly illustrates Belarus’s long-standing tradition of excellence in medicine and research. It opens a gateway of opportunities for international students seeking quality medical education at affordable costs. The well-established medical colleges in Belarus offer a wide range of programs, making it an attractive option for aspiring medical professionals. 


Benefits of Studying Medicine in Belarus

1.High-Quality Education

Belarusian medical universities are renowned for providing high-quality education with a strong emphasis on practical training and hands-on experience. This approach ensures that students are well-prepared to tackle real-world medical challenges upon graduation.

2.Internationally Recognized Degrees

Medical degrees obtained from Belarusian universities are recognized worldwide, enabling graduates to pursue medical careers or further studies in any country they desire.

3.Modern Medical Facilities

Belarusian medical institutions have cutting-edge medical equipment and laboratories, exposing students to the latest medical technologies and practices.

4.Multicultural Environment

Studying in Belarus allows international students to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds. This fosters cultural exchange and enhances their interpersonal skills, preparing them to work in a globalized world.

5.MCI-Approved Medical Colleges 

Though the list of MCI-Approved Medical Colleges in Belarus is no longer in practice since the National Medical Commission (NMC) took over MCI, colleges in Belarus are still domestically licensed, ensuring the genuineness of degrees for international students. 

Top Medical Universities in Belarus

Belarus is home to some of the best medical colleges in the world, offering top-notch education and training to aspiring medical professionals. These esteemed institutions have earned a reputation for excellence, attracting students from across the globe seeking a distinguished medical education. Here is the list of medical colleges in Belarus:

University NamePrograms OfferedProgram DurationDisciplines
Belarusian State Medical UniversityMBBS, MD, PhD 5-6 yearsMedicine, Pharmacy
Vitebsk State Medical UniversityMBBS, MD4-6 yearsGeneral Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry
Gomel State Medical UniversityMaster, PhD, Doctorate5-6 yearsMedicine
Grodno State Medical UniversityMBBS, MD6 yearsGeneral Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology

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Eligibility of Different Types of Medical Programs

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

To be eligible for an MBBS program in Belarus, students must have completed their high school education with a science background. Some universities may require students to pass an entrance examination as part of the admission process.

  • MD (Doctor of Medicine)

To be eligible for an MD program in Belarus, students must have completed a bachelor's degree in medicine (MBBS or equivalent) from a recognized institution.

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To conclude, studying medicine in Belarus presents a golden opportunity for aspiring medical professionals to receive a high-quality education at a fraction of the cost. With its internationally recognized degrees and modern medical facilities, medical colleges in Belarus have become an appealing destination for students worldwide. 

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Are medical degrees from Belarus recognized internationally?

Yes, medical degrees obtained from Belarusian universities are recognized and respected worldwide, enabling graduates to practice medicine or pursue further studies globally.

What language is used for medical instruction in Belarusian universities?

The primary language of instruction for medical programs in Belarus is usually Russian or Belarusian. However, some universities may offer courses in English for international students.

Can international students work during their medical studies in Belarus?

Yes, international students in Belarus can work part-time during their studies, provided they obtain the necessary work permits per the country's regulations. However, it is important to balance work commitments with academic responsibilities.

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Pragya Sharma is a content developer and marketer with 6.5+ years of experience in the education industry. She started her career as a social media copywriter for NIELIT, Ministry of Electronics & IT, and has now scaled up as a 360-degree content professional well-versed with the intricacies of digital marketing and different forms of content used to drive and hook the target audience. She is also a co-author of 2 stories in an anthology based on the theme- women empowerment.

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