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Top Universities in Switzerland 2024 – Ranking, Fees, & Scholarships

Updated on 28 December, 2023

Anupriya Mukherjee

Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

With the most stable economy in the world, Switzerland is one of the best destinations for international students. The pedagogy at the Swiss universities is top-notch and research-oriented. The universities are student-centric and are equipped for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs.

Top Reasons to Study in Switzerland

Switzerland has a mix of public and private universities and holds credibility throughout the world, owing to the Bologna process. The top universities in Switzerland are one of the primary reasons for attracting international students. 

Prestigious Education System: 

The fact that many Nobel prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology are of Swiss nationality is a testament to its system of education. 


With a stable economy, the crime rate in Switzerland is negligible. This is the foremost benefit for students who are away from home. 

Global Recognition:

The Bologna process is followed here. This means that the degree obtained in Switzerland in any field will be recognized in your home country as well as other parts of the world. 

Let’s find what a dream destination like Switzerland offers academically in the following realms: 

Hospitality/Hotel Management in Switzerland 

Top universities in Switzerland that offer courses in Hospitality Management, for international students with rankings, will help you to discern. 

University NameQS World University Rankings by Subject 2023Program Name

Annual Tuition Fee


EHL Hospitality Business School


# 1BSc in International Hospitality ManagementCHF 12,239 4 years
University of Nevada - Las Vegas# 2Bachelors and Masters in Hospitality ManagementCHF 14,9904 years
SHMS - Swiss Hotel Management School# 3Bachelors and Master of International business in hotel, resort, and wellness managementCHF 35,200 to CHF 40,9001 year to 3 years

Physics and Astrophysics Courses in Switzerland 

Switzerland has some top-ranking universities in applied sciences and physics that provide education in English, French, and German. 

University NameQS Subject Ranking 2023Program Name

Tuition Fee (Per Semester)

ETH Zurich#8Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physics

CHF 730

3 years
EPFL#13Master in Physics and Applied SciencesCHF 7801.5 years
University of Geneva#68Master in AstrophysicsCHF 5001.5 years

 Master’s in Engineering and Technology programs have two major intakes:

  • Fall Intake: between September to February
  • Spring Intake: between February to June
  • Deadline for fall intake is at the end of March.

Law and Legal Studies in Switzerland

Top universities in Switzerland proffer a faculty of law studies for masters and bachelors.  

University NameQS Subject Ranking 2023Program Name

Tuition Fee (Per Semester)

ETH Zurich101-150Basic Law, Private Law, Public Law, and IP & IT-related Courses, CHF 7301 year
University of Bern101-150Master of LawCHF 9501.5 years
University of Geneva101-150LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement, LL.M. in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, and Executive Master of International Law in Armed ConflictCHF 5001 year

Intake for LLM Program: 

Although the application can be given throughout the year for many colleges, there are two major intakes:

  • Fall Intake: between September to February
  • Spring Intake: between February to June
  • The deadline for fall intake is at the end of March.

Universities in Switzerland for MBA 

MBA in Switzerland offers various specializations in Marketing, Finance, Supply chain, etc that are recognized all over the world. Below mentioned are the top three colleges for MBA: 

University NameQS Global MBA Rankings 2024Program Name

Annual Tuition Fee

IMD27MBACHF 80,0001 year
University of St.Gallen=55MBACHF 75,0001 year
United International Business Schools201-250MBACHF 35,4001 year

There are two intakes for a master’s in Business Administration. September Intake has rolling deadlines, and the months to apply for are February, May, March, and November. 

Medical Universities in Switzerland

Below mentioned are top universities in Switzerland that offer master’s and bachelor’s in Medicine

University NameQS Subject Ranking 2023Program Name

Tuition Fee (Per Semester)

University of Zurich56MSCHF 1,2203 years
ETH Zurich68MSCHF 7303 years
University of Bern91MSCHF 9503 years

 The universities offer education in English and have two intakes.

  • Spring Intake: Deadline 15th May
  • Fall Intake: Deadline 1st December

How to Apply for Best Universities in Switzerland

Most public universities are autonomous and have their own set of requirements. For most of them, the following are the prerequisites before applying:


  • School leaving certificate
  • Previous studies in the same domain 


  • 60 % score in under graduation
  • Bachelor’s to be completed in the same domain

 Mandatory tests for any degree in Switzerland

  • English Proficiency test is mandatory, students can take IELTS or TOEFL
  • GRE is needed for Engineering 
  • GMAT for MBA for all the universities

Cost of Attendance, Pre-Arrival Cost, and Living Cost in Switzerland

Living Expense: 

The following table will help you plan your budget to stay in Switzerland during studies.

ListAmount per month
AccommodationCHF 400 to CHF 1,600
Health insuranceCHF 300
Household itemsCHF 30
Phone/internet/TVCHF 120
Electricity/gasCHF 40
Public TransportCHF 100
FoodCHF 400
Clothes, shoes, and leisure activitiesCHF 250
Miscellaneous (medical treatments, gifts, and more)CHF 180


Cost includes the visa application fee and embassy or consulate fee for transitioning from India to Switzerland. It is approximately between CHF 307 to CHF 357.

Scholarship Programs at Top Universities in Switzerland

Some of the top universities in Switzerland provide scholarships for international students. These are as follows: 

Name of the ScholarshipDurationEligibilityAward Size
EPFL Excellence and FellowshipsThe award is for 4 semestersAnyone applying for a Master’s degree is eligible. CHF 10,000 /semester, Also, one room at the student residency at the campus
Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Scholarships10 MonthsStudents applying for Law (Bachelor’s and Master’s), with good merit scores, excellent extracurricular activities, and the need for financeCovers tuition fees and living expenses
Nestle Scholarship for WomenOne timeWomen from developing countries, applying for Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Nestle employees are not eligible. CHF 25000
Master of Excellence scholarships offered by the University of GenevaOne year is extended further based on the performanceAll international and national students with excellent scores in Bachelor can apply before 15th March 2023. CHF 10,000 to CHF 15,000/year
Internship at CERN Switzerland’s programOne timeEligible for those who haven’t appeared for IELTS or TOEFL tests. Prepare for English Proficiency Test. 

Student Visa Process

Students from the Non-EU/ETA countries require visas and residence permits. The former can be applied at the consulate. The latter is needed after reaching Switzerland.  Students come for short stays and long stays, depending upon their degree. Thus, there are two types of visas:

  • Short stay visas- takes 10 to 15 days to arrive and are issued for 90 days. 
  • Long-stay visas- take about 8 to 10 weeks and are valid if you are applying for a full-time degree.  

Program Specific Work Permit

Upon degree completion, students can stay for up to 6 months and can work for 15 hours a week. However, a work permit is received once the student gets a permanent job.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is education affordable in Switzerland?

Studying in a public university in Switzerland is affordable. These are funded by the government so the tuition fee is low. 

Can students stay back in Switzerland after completing their course?

Yes, students can stay back for 6 months and post that they need to re-apply for the visa at the cantonal migration office. 

Are Indians eligible for PR in Switzerland?

Indians can get PR. This transition is natural after completing 10 years in Switzerland.  They get a C permit showing a settlement permit. 

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Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

Anupriya Mukherjee is a passion-driven professional working as a Content Marketer and earlier worked as a Digital Marketeer. With around 6 years of work experience, she has experience creating high-quality, engaging content for websites, blogs, news articles, video scripts, brochures, and ebooks.

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