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MBA in Denmark List of Top Programs & Scholarships

Updated on 05 January, 2024

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

If you're an Indian student looking for an MBA program abroad, look no further! Choosing an MBA in Denmark would be one of your best decisions. Denmark is known for its world-renowned universities and innovative business landscape. Besides its academic excellence, with 62,600 MBA students in 2022, Denmark is also famous for its culture of work-life balance. 


If you want to expand your professional knowledge or gain a competitive edge, Denmark is the right choice. Read on as we unveil the top universities and the admission criteria associated with MBA programs in Denmark.

Top Universities for MBA in Denmark

Denmark is home to several top universities that offer excellent MBA programs to Indian students aspiring to study abroad. 

Here are some of the top universities ranked by Times Higher Education for an MBA Program in Denmark:

University Name

THE World ranking 2023*

Master's Program

Tuition Fee**

Aarhus University


Business Administration

DKK 74,511

Copenhagen Business School


  • Full-time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics
  • Executive Certificates 

DKK 114,000 

The University of Southern Denmark


Economics and Business Administration 

DKK 63,750

Roskilde University


Business Administration and Leadership

DKK 64,825

MBA Programs Offered by Denmark Universities 

Universities in Denmark focus on programs that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subjects. Their focus is primarily on enhancing their student's skill sets to succeed in the global business world. 

Here are some of the best MBA programs you could opt for:

Full-time MBA

The duration of this program would be 1-2 years, during which students can choose their specializations from finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

Executive MBA

During this program, students, and primarily working professionals, are enrolled part-time and have the opportunity to amplify their leadership & strategic thinking skills. 

Global MBA 

It offers students an international perspective and training in global business management

Online MBA 

You can opt for an online MBA program if you want to maintain your work or other commitments. 

MBA in Denmark: How to Apply?

Applying for an MBA program in Denmark may seem intimidating. But with the right plan, you can seamlessly complete the process. 

Here are some steps to follow while applying for an MBA in Denmark:

Research your MBA program in Denmark

First, research the program you want based on your interests and goals. Make a note of the documents required to get admission to the university.

Prepare your application documents

Universities in Denmark will require a few documents during the admission process, like your academic transcripts, personal statement, and letter of recommendation. Depending on the university, you may also have to take the GMAT or GRE tests. 

Check language requirements 

Most universities offering MBA programs in Denmark teach in English. However, a few might require you to be proficient in Danish.  

Apply for your student visa 

If accepted into a university in Denmark, you must also apply for a student visa. There is a process to follow to apply for a student visa in Denmark. 


Various scholarships help to cover your tuition fee and living expenses. There are certain requirements to apply for and receive a scholarship to study in Denmark. 

Here are a few scholarships for international students to cover their tuition fees and living expenses:

Danish Government scholarship 

The Danish Government scholarship is a competitive scholarship program allowing highly qualified international students a chance to pursue their master's degree in Denmark. Furthermore, it is awarded by the Danish Ministry of Education and covers tuition fees along with living expenses.

To be eligible for this scholarship, there are specific criteria to follow. Such as:

  1. Must be a citizen from a non-EU/EEA country
  2. Must apply for an MBA program at a Danish institution of higher education
  3. Must have an excellent academic background
  4. Must demonstrate a strong motivation towards pursuing an MBA in Denmark

The Danish Government scholarship covers the full tuition fee of the MBA program and provides a monthly stipend of DKK 6,090 to cover living expenses. This scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 22 months for an MBA program. 

CBS Executive Scholarship of Excellence.

This is a merit-based scholarship offered by Copenhagen Business School to students who have proven excellence in their academic or work life. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  1. Not be a citizen of any EU/EEA country
  2. Have applied for a CBS MBA program
  3. Have a high level of an academic potential
  4. Have a GMAT score of a minimum of 690
  5. Have an impressive career progression

The CBS Executive Scholarship of Excellence awards students 7,000 DKK monthly to help cover living costs. Additionally, you may not receive this scholarship if you are eligible for a Danish State Educational grant or any public support in Denmark.

The Danish Society for Education and Business

The DSEB scholarship is offered to highly qualified students seeking an MBA In Denmark. This scholarship covers tuition fees and also provides monthly living expenses.

To get this scholarship, you will need to:

  1. Have an excellent academic background.
  2. Must be enrolled in a full-time program.
  3. Must demonstrate strong motivation towards studying a graduate course in Business Administration.
  4. Must have proficiency in English or Danish based on the chosen course.

The Copenhagen Business School offers the DSEB scholarship to its MBA students. However, the awarded amount varies based on your profile and merit. 

MBA Program in Denmark: Eligibility Criteria 

Here are some of the requirements you might need to fulfill for an MBA program in Denmark:

  • English Proficiency Tests are crucial for every student who wants to pursue an MBA. 
  • You must show a bachelor's degree from a recognized university to get admission to an MBA degree.
  • Universities may ask you to write a statement of purpose.
  • You must provide a recommendation letter from your academic or professional contacts.
  • You may also have to go through interviews with a few universities. 

Job Prospects After Your MBA Program

MBA graduates in Denmark can find job roles in industries like business development, marketing management, financial analysis, and much more.

Here are some job prospects for an MBA Graduate in Denmark:

Job role

Average base pay (Monthly)

Business Development

DKK 32,875 

Business Analyst

DKK 41,321 

HR Generalist 

 DKK 46,784

Finance Analyst

DKK 38,000 

Finance manager

 DKK 54,062

Supply chain manager

DKK 55,000 

Source: Payscale


If you are looking for an MBA program that aligns with your future goals, then Denmark could be your destination. As an Indian student, you can receive promising career prospects with attractive packages. By meeting the eligibility criteria, you can increase your chances of being accepted into Denmark's MBA university of your dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy for Indians to settle in Denmark?

Yes, Denmark values diversity and is known for its standard of living, top-tier healthcare, and education system. With the right mindset, you can live a comfortable life in Denmark.

How long is an MBA program in Denmark?

The duration for a full-time MBA program is 1-2 years. 

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Neha Uppal is a passionate content creator and editor. She carries 7.5+ years of experience working with leading edutech companies where she worked as a Faculty, Community Manager, and Content Marketeer. At upGrad, she is helping out people keep informed about the scopes and opportunities of studying abroad via informational articles/blogs.

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