Best Universities in Belgium- Eligibility Criteria, Career and more

Top Universities in Belgium

Belgium is one of the renowned educational hubs throughout Europe. Its neighboring nations include France, Germany, the Netherlands, andĀ  Luxembourg. Belgium has a high literacy rate of 99% while there are several top-ranked universities in Belgium offering high-quality educational programs to students as well. The education system focuses mainly on innovation, research, and hands-on learning, along with participation in community service programs.Ā 

There are several top colleges in Belgium in regions such as Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. Courses are taught in English, French, or Dutch here. The best universities in Belgium comprise state, private and Catholic universities. There are some free institutions as well. The education system adhered to the conventional French framework till 1965 although the new system was built in the 1970s, enabling distinct long-term and short-term educational pedagogies as a result.Ā 

Eligibility and other aspects

For studying at the top colleges and universities in Belgium, you will have to abide by specific eligibility criteria. These include the following:Ā 

  • Proof of identityĀ 
  • Upper secondary certificate for bachelorā€™s programs
  • Bachelorā€™s degree for masterā€™s programs
  • Filled-up application form
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores or Dutch/French language proficiency if requiredĀ 
  • Application fee payment proof
  • LORs (letters of recommendation)
  • Motivation letter

You should submit your application and wait for the evaluation period. Once you get the offer letter, you can apply for your student visa accordingly.Ā 

List of top universities in Belgium

Here is the list of top ranked universities in Belgium as per the QS World University rankings for 2023.Ā 

Name of the Institution QS World University Ranking (2023) Approximate Fees Popular Courses
KU LeuvenĀ  76 ā‚¬3900 Business administration, business engineering, business and information systems engineering, business economicsĀ 
Ghent University 143 ā‚¬245.20 as a fixed component and ā‚¬1847.20- ā‚¬5687.20 as a variable component for several educational programsĀ  Bioscience engineering, biomedical engineering, data analytics, finance, systems biologyĀ 
Universite Catholique de Louvain 195 ā‚¬4,175 in enrollment costs Agriculture, international studies, law, sociology, modern languages, medicineĀ 
Universite Libre de Bruxelles 210 ā‚¬4,175 Clinical, pre-clinical and health programs, arts and humanities, business and economics, physical sciences, social sciences, life sciencesĀ 
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 251 ā‚¬1.450 in fixed amount and a varying amount which could be ā‚¬2.400 (bachelor in social sciences) for example, leading to a total cost of ā‚¬3.850 (this is an illustrative example) Business economics, social sciences, biology, architectural engineering, applied computer scienceĀ 
University of Antwerp 280 ā‚¬400 + ā‚¬45-90 for each credit Social sciences, pharmaceutical, biomedical and veterinary sciences, business and economics, design sciences, law, applied engineeringĀ 
Hasselt University 449 ā‚¬253.60 as a fixed component with a varying portion as well. This could be ā‚¬12,10 for each ECTS credit. The total 60 ECTS credit fees are ā‚¬979,60Ā  Management, Biomedical Sciences, StatisticsĀ 
Universite de Liege 521-530 ā‚¬835 in regular registration costs Architecture, management, law, political science and criminology, veterinary medicine

These are some of the top universities in Belgium for masters and bachelors programs.Ā 

Academic Cycles and Intakes

The top universities in Belgium for bachelors and masters courses usually have the following intakes:Ā 

  • Fall (September)
  • Winter (January)
  • Summer (May)

Cost of attendanceĀ 

The average tuition costs are ā‚¬940-6,000 per year for international students in Belgium.Ā 

Cost of LivingĀ 

The cost of living includes the following heads:Ā 

  • Accommodation- ā‚¬200-1,000 per monthĀ 
  • Utilities- ā‚¬100-400 every monthĀ 
  • Books- ā‚¬35-50 per month
  • Transportation- ā‚¬20 Euros after getting student discountsĀ 

Top Recruiters

Some of the leading employers in Belgium include the following:Ā 

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Delhaize Group
  • KBC Group
  • Dexia
  • Solvay
  • Colruyt Group
  • Umicore
  • Belgacom
  • Banque nationale de Belgique
  • UCB Pharma

Career ProspectsĀ 

Here are some job positions with their average salaries:Ā 

  • Software Engineer- ā‚¬27552.03-56682.90
  • Project Manager- ā‚¬31942.79-79054.46
  • Data Scientist-ā‚¬31027.16-63207.45
  • Software Developer- ā‚¬25609.09-55536
  • Project Engineer- ā‚¬30222.26-63378.33


What’s the best university in Belgium?

Some of the best universities in Belgium include the Ghent University, Catholic University of Leuven, University of Antwerp and the University Catholique of Louvain. Other names include the University of Liege and the University of Mons.

What is the best course to study in Belgium?

Some of the top courses to study in Belgium include international relations, social sciences, political science, medicine, journalism, and humanities.

Is Belgium good for higher education?

Belgium is one of the best countries to pursue higher education abroad, with its academic credentials, top-rated universities, and emphasis on research and innovation. There are several reputed programs that are taught here in English.

Is Belgium good for international students?

Belgium is popular with international students for its warm and welcoming communities, tolerance, and diversity. It also has comparatively reasonable study and living costs, along with highly-rated universities and innovative courses on offer.

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