Which specialization is best in MBA after electronics engineering- Learn More

Thinking about which specialization is best in MBA after electronics engineering? You are not alone; many students keep pondering over their chosen MBA fields after completing engineering in any stream/branch. There are many time-tested and emerging MBA fields that are suitable for engineering graduates in diverse disciplines.Ā 

Why pursue your MBA after engineering?Ā 

There are many reasons to opt for an MBA after finishing your B.Tech degree in engineering. Here are some reasons for pursuing an MBA course after completing your engineering program.Ā 

1. It is relatively easier to succeed in management entrance examinations such as GMAT/GRE if you are keen on studying abroad, especially because of your grounding in both quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning.Ā 

2. Similarly, you can confidently succeed in other entrances at the domestic level, including CAT and MAT.Ā 

3. Pursuing an MBA will help in getting a globally acknowledged higher education degree and broaden your employability and job prospects, along with your academic horizons and skill-sets.Ā 

4. It will help you with practical knowledge, training and experience aspects, helping you become more industry-friendly in your overall approach.Ā 

5. Get insights into the workings of diverse industries while getting an opportunity to switch to managerial positions with better salaries at times.Ā 

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Best MBA options after electronic engineering

Many of these MBA options are not only suitable for electronics engineers but those completing engineering in other fields too. Hereā€™s taking a look:Ā 

1. Finance

MBA in Finance is one of the coveted specializations worldwide. Students get an invaluable opportunity to learn more about decision-making, profit estimation, projections and forecasting, analytics, coordination and more. Finance MBAs help engineers build up their logical, mathematical and analytical knowledge while understanding economics and accounting, helping them solve problems in various real-world scenarios. They also learn about budgeting, investment management, security and working capital in the bargain.Ā 

2. International Business

This is another popular MBA, especially for those desirous of working with leading global brands and gaining invaluable insights into how global markets function. This MBA will teach engineers all about the finer nuances of exports and imports, trade, international business, documentation, regulations, procedural aspects and more. Other aspects include capital-raising from the global markets, economic fluctuations, market distribution, foreign country currencies, conversions and methods of building markets and customer bases in varied regions. This MBA helps you build your global perspective and get job-ready for industries in several countries.Ā 

3. Marketing

An MBA in Marketing is also a popular option for several engineering graduates since marketing knowledge is highly considered by any prospective employer. Those with good engineering skills backed by marketing flair will automatically get better platforms for building their careers. This MBA will help you with invaluable insights on consumer patterns, behaviour, trends, market aspects, advertising, promotions and more.Ā 

4. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is another pathway that electronics engineers may consider. However, one opting for HR management should have robust communication and interpersonal skills in addition to magnetic personalities and the ability to take everyone along on their professional journeys. An MBA in this field is ideal for those willing to learn about managing employees and the workforce while also taking care of aspects like hiring, compensation, development, training, settlement of salaries, performance maintenance and more.Ā 

5. Operations Management

An MBA degree in operations management is another suitable option for electronics engineers. The engineers already have insights on product design, development, R&D and optimization. Hence, they can find this MBA suitable for learning more about the operational and administrative aspects, giving them all the knowledge and skill-sets needed to lead entire production/manufacturing operations.Ā 

Some other MBA options (depending on the institution) include general business management, entrepreneurship (for those who are inclined towards starting their businesses), technology management and information technology systems (for those interested in building an IT or ITeS career), accounting, data/business analytics, and even telecommunications management. The latter is especially suitable for electronics and communication engineering graduates.

They can also consider fields like infrastructure management (if MBA programs are available) which will prepare them for future tasks including building smarter cities and electronic-mobility solutions of the future. MBA programs are also available in real estate and infrastructure. This will open up a whole new field of work for engineers. Other MBA degrees may also help aspirants, including supply chain management, sports management, retail management, and tourism management. Choosing any of these programs will majorly depend on the studentā€™s capabilities and preferences.Ā 

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