Healthcare Management in the UK- Top Colleges, Eligibility and more

The UK is expected to see a surge in demand for healthcare professionals, including managerial roles such as healthcare administrators and managers.Ā 

MBA in Hospital Management in the UK enables aspiring healthcare professionals to explore areas of leadership and management in healthcare services and organizations. The country is home to several top-class universities that follow the latest industry standards for their Healthcare Management curriculum.Ā 

Depending upon their interests, students can choose to take up a specialization, including informatics, patient advocacy, management, digital tools, law, and policy, etc. The curriculum is designed to offer not just theoretical knowledge but also practical wisdom. Students will be able to learn in real-world scenarios about managing and efficiently running a healthcare system.Ā 

Reasons to Study Healthcare Management in the UKĀ 

Listed below are five compelling reasons students should pursue Masterā€™s in Healthcare Management from the UKā€“

  • High in DemandĀ 

The number one reason to pursue an MBA in Hospital Management in the UK is that demand for healthcare is growing at a (positively) alarming rate. As per the data by the government, the demand will continually rise by at least 13% till 2031.Ā 

Healthcare professionals see greater demand than any other industry or occupation. Now, more than ever, is the best time to pursue Masterā€™s in Healthcare Management in the UK.Ā 

  • Good Salary ProspectsĀ 

The following reason undoubtedly has to do with the economic prospects of the job. Healthcare managers across the UK earn around GBP 40,856 per year.Ā 

This makes Healthcare Management a high-salary, and therefore attractive, career field. Students can easily find jobs in the private sector or a National Health Service clinic.Ā 

  • Diverse Job RolesĀ 

Healthcare manager is not the only job role one can pursue after studying Masters in Healthcare Management in the UK. The field opens diverse career options, including clinical managers, health administrators, social media directors, health information managers, nursing home administrators, and more.Ā 

Thousands of healthcare professionals were employed in the UK’s healthcare workforce as of 2022. There is much to explore and different career ladders to climb, making Healthcare Management an attractive role.Ā 

  • Academic ExcellenceĀ 


Another primary reason to study MBA in hospital management in the UK is the academic excellence of the country. The UK is renowned for its world-class education system and tech-savvy infrastructure.Ā 

With top-class faculty and practical-oriented curricula, the country’s universities provide students with a challenging and creative learning environment. Not only that but also educational practices keep evolving. No wonder the UK attracts some of the best crowds worldwide.Ā 

  • Short Duration CoursesĀ 

In most cases, the Masters in Healthcare Management in the UK can be completed within a shorter duration compared to other countries such as Australia or the US.Ā 

Students who do not wish to study long, full-term courses can easily opt for shorter ones like a diploma, foundational degree, or higher diploma degree, etc.Ā 

Top Colleges Offering Healthcare Management Courses in the UKĀ 

The following table mentions the top five colleges for Masters in Healthcare Management in the UK, their ranking, course name, duration, and fees.Ā 

Name of the University/College QS WUR 2023 Course Name Course Duration Course FeeĀ 
University of Oxford 4 MSc. In Global Healthcare Leadership 18 months + dissertation GBP 52,560
University of Cambridge 2 Master of Business Administration/Healthcare 10 months full-time Cost per credit hour ā€“ GBP 563 + GBP 83 application fee
University of Manchester 28 MSc. Global Health 3 years part-time GBP 3,500 per yearĀ 
University of Edinburgh 15 Master of Public Health 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time Full-time fee ā€“ GBP 27,100 per year

Part-time fee ā€“ GBP 13,550 per year

King’s College London 37 MSc. Global HealthĀ  1 year full-time GBP 31,080Ā 

Eligibility Criteria for Studying Healthcare Management in the UKĀ 

Generally, most universities for MBA or Masters in Healthcare Management in the UK ask for a higher undergraduate degree or equivalent as the primary eligibility requirement. Some may even grant admission to applicants without such a professional degree, provided they have relevant professional qualifications and a spot-free employment record.Ā 

Some, like Oxford University, offer such specialized courses that applicants must possess at least five years of relevant professional experience. This includes leadership of a department, team, program, project, etc.Ā 

International applicants must also pass the university’s language proficiency requirements like IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum score requirement may vary among universities.Ā 

Some colleges may forego English proficiency tests if the applicant possesses a previous degree in English or relevant work experience.Ā 

Average Healthcare Management Salary in the UKĀ 

An MBA in Healthcare Management salary in the UK will vastly differ based on the job role. Besides the standard role of a healthcare manager, this career field opens up many other job roles, as mentioned in the table below, alongside their average salaries.Ā 

Job Role Average SalaryĀ 
Healthcare Manager GBP 40,856
Social Media Director GBP 63,141
Clinical Research Manager GBP 58,900
Health Administrator GBP 42,066
Nursing Home Administrator GBP 26,666
Health Information ManagerĀ  GBP 67,219


Technological advancements in healthcare are rising by the day. As healthcare awareness improves, more and more aspirants opt for this two-in-one Healthcare Management course in the UK.Ā 

Aspirants who wish to work as managers in medical facilities and hospitals must consider studying MBA in Hospital Management in the UK. The job opportunities are plenty, and so is the scope for future growth due to ever-evolving technologies.Ā 

Professionals in the Healthcare Management field can expect high job satisfaction, flexible career path, good salary prospects, and plenty of room for growth.Ā 


Is an MBA in Healthcare Management worth it in the UK?

Yes, not only is the demand for MBA in Hospital Management in the UK high, but it is directly fuelled by the rise in more relevant jobs across healthcare centers and hospitals. Since the market is only expected to grow in the future, now is the best time to pursue Healthcare Management in the UK.

Which country is best for Healthcare Management?

While every renowned country across the world offers Healthcare Management courses, there are certain factors every aspirant must consider. European countries may pose barriers to communication. The US is undoubtedly a good option, but Healthcare Management does not come under its STEM courses. The UK, Australia, and Canada are the best countries to pursue this course.

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