Master’s in Construction Management in the UK


The UK is renowned for providing excellent education in different fields. Universities in the UK are reputable for using practical and innovative teaching techniques. MSc in Construction Management is a popular niche course for students wanting to pursue their master’s in the UK. 

Why Should You Consider Studying Construction Management in the UK?

University graduates and young professionals choose to pursue higher education abroad to broaden their expertise, access international placement opportunities, and be exposed to new and innovative ideas. The UK has over 35% of its student population as international students, clearly stating its popularity among overseas students. Master’s in construction management in the UK is a program designed for those who wish to fast-track their management career.

Reasons to study in the UK:

● The UK has the 2nd best education system after the USA.

● High-quality education and pedagogy.

● World-class infrastructure and facilities.

● Multicultural campus.

● Scholarships and financial aid.

● Post-degree work opportunities.

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Top Universities For Master’s in Construction Management in the UK

Some of the top universities in the field are as follows:

● The University of Manchester

● Loughborough University

● Queen’s University Belfast

● The University of Leeds

● The University of Nottingham

● Cardiff University

● The University of Liverpool

● The University of Westminster

● The University of Portsmouth

● The University of Derby

● Solent University, Southampton

● The University of Bolton

● Anglia Ruskin University

● The University of Bradford

● Coventry University

● University College London

● The University of Salford

● The University of Greenwich

● Kingston University

● The University of the West of England, Bristol

● The University of South Wales

● The University of Strathclyde

● The University of East London

● Liverpool John Moores University

Courses offered at top universities in the UK which mostly surrounds construction management are:

● M.Sc. in Construction Project Management

● M.Sc. in Construction Commercial Management

● M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Construction Management

● M.Sc. in Architectural Project Management

● M.Sc. in Structural Design and Construction Management

● M.Sc. in Construction Law

● M.Sc. in Building Information Modelling

● M.Sc. in Advanced Engineering Management

● M.Sc. in Construction Cost Management

Cost of Studying MS in Construction Management in the UK

The cost of pursuing a master’s in construction management in the UK is high compared to other courses. But, as per some studies and statistics, the construction and building industry is set to increase in reputation and job availability. The average cost of a postgraduate degree in construction management is £15000-30000 (INR 15,00,00-30,00,000), with most universities offering it as a one or two-year course. The cost may vary with the course and type of university chosen by the student. 

However, international students have to incur other expenses like accommodation and living. They must also take into account pre-arrival and post-arrival costs as well. The student would also have to incur costs related to entrance exams, application fees, visa application fee, and airfare before arriving at the university. The total accommodation and tuition fees for an Indian student studying M.Sc. in Construction Management in the UK is approximately £41,100 (INR 40,000,00) to study.

The average tuition fees at top universities is:


Tuition Fees (approx.)

University of Manchester

£27,000 (INR 27.2 Lakh )

University of Birmingham

£24,480 (INR 24.7 Lakh )

Queen’s University

£17,700 (INR 17.8 Lakh)

University of Reading

£20,600 (INR  20.8 Lakh )

Loughborough University

£25,450 (INR 25.7 Lakh )

Admission Requirements

The admission process is mostly similar for all the universities, with some minor differences. One must check the respective university’s official website for clarity over the same. Here are some standard admission requirements to study in the UK.

●      Application form: You can easily apply for it or download the admission applications from the official universities’ websites. You could also apply with the help of consultation and counseling agencies that support international students getting into colleges overseas.

●       Cost of the application form: A single application to a UK university can cost £50 to 100 (INR 5,000 to 10,000 ). 

The documents required by the student to seek admission into M.Sc. in Construction Management in the UK are as follows:

● Completed and filled application form.

● Copy of your passport.

● 2 passport-sized photographs.

● Proof of language proficiency certificates like scores for TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

● Relevant academic certificates, modules, and grades.

● Copy of your high school diploma or secondary education.

● Scores of all the tests in eligibility criteria for MS like the GRE. Though, GRE scores are particularly not required to get admissions to top universities in the UK for master’s in construction management. 

● Recommendation letters have to be submitted.

● Resume/ Curriculum Vitae.

● Personal identification proof.

● Statement of Purpose.

Other optional documents that may be required include a cover letter, work/ experience certificate, and additional proofs. Do not submit the original manuscripts, especially for your degrees. Get attestation from the required authorities on the duplicate. You can also check the official portal of the university that you want to apply for all the extra information and requirements particular to the institution.

What are the Course Highlights of M.Sc. in Construction Management?

The basic eligibility for getting into the top universities in the UK for a master’s in Construction Management is completing a minimum of 3-year bachelor’s in architecture or civil engineering with an aggregate of 55-60%. The course may have classroom and online sessions. The course is Level 5 and is worth 240 credits. 

Some of the major highlights are as follows:

Course duration 

1-2 years.

Industry of work

Construction industry

Exams Required



90 on an average


6.5 overall

GPA Score

7.5 out of 10

Course fee ranges per academic year

INR 15.3 to 26. Lakhs /15,000 GBP to 27,000 GBP 

Score in bachelors to apply for Master’s




Course Structure of M.Sc. in project management:

Number of modules

5 compulsory modules and 3 optional.

Total points achieved


Compulsory modules of level M and credit score is 15 (except business simulation) are:

Optional modules of level M and credit score 15 are:

Difference Between Project Management And Construction Management

The scope of both the profiles defines the difference between project management and construction management. A project manager has bigger responsibilities and scope than a construction manager. The project manager manages the analytics, budget, sites, and hiring. While the construction manager manages the construction, quality, and deadlines.

The duties of the project manager include:

● Site selection

● Land procurement

● Marketing

● Budgets

● Analytics

● Timeline management

● Hiring and staffing

The responsibilities of the construction manager include:

● Supervising day-to-day work

● Supervising constructors

● Managing operations

● Keeping quality control

● Ordering materials

● Maintaining equipments and tools

● Check for construction regulations

The project manager deals with the client while the construction manager deals with the workers. Hence, the degree of work differs for both of them.

Job Prospects After Master’s in Construction Management in the UK

The UK has a policy where the graduates can stay back for 2 years to pursue a career in their respective fields. This enables the students to experience the profession and makes way for them to pursue academics further or avail a job there.

The students are likely bound to land a job within three months of their graduation. And the average earning outweighs the cost of studying for a master’s. The average salary of a construction manager in the UK is £44,000 (INR 43 Lakh). An individual’s salary can go up to £70,000 (INR 68.9 Lakh ) per year. The jobs in this field are as follows:

● Construction professionals

● Project managers

● Technical staff

● Project engineers

● Construction inspector

● Field engineer

● Estimate manager

● Construction contract manager

The top recruiters for construction managers in the UK are:

● Kier Group plc.

● Bovis Lend Lease Pte Ltd.

● Costain Ltd.

● Mace

● Skanska

Visa Process

On average, visa filling and submission take about three months. The process is easy and convenient. While filling out the visa application, the student must carry the required documents. The documents include:

● Identity proof: Voter ID/ Aadhar card/ Driving License

● Confirmation of Acceptance of Study from the university

● Application form

● Finance proofs

● Health Insurance

● Passport

● Recent Photograph

Therefore, to get in before your program begins, make sure to get your visa, other documents, and air tickets on time.. Plan everything and follow the deadlines for all the processes. 

Scholarships Offered

Scholarships can help reduce the financial cost of pursuing a Master’s from any top UK university. A good academic score and an excellent record on all qualifying exams can help you attain scholarships. Some of the more common scholarships offered in the United Kingdom are:

● Hornby Scholarships

● Residential Construction Management Scholarship 

● TOEFL Scholarships

● International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships

● Thomas And Margaret Roddan Scholarships

● International Excellence Scholarships

● International Merit Scholarships

● British Chevening Scholarships

● Early Bird Reward

● GREAT Scholarship

● UK University Of Reading M.Sc. Scholarship In Construction Management And Engineering

● Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Program Scholarship

● Commonwealth Scholarship

● Strathclyde Business School Masters Scholarship For International Students

Scholarships may cover full or partial tuition fees and, in some cases, living expenses too. You must check the eligibility, application process, and waiver the scholarship offers before applying for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Construction Management in demand in the UK?

Yes, a master’s in construction management in the UK is very much in demand. According to the Construction Skills Network report, the UK construction industry is predicted to grow at a rate of 4.4% across 2021- 2025, translating to more job opportunities for skilled professionals. As per the report, an additional 217,000 construction workers will need to be recruited, equating to more than 43,000 per year. Not just the UK, the construction industry is booming in other economies too, providing wider job opportunities.

Does the UK have Construction Management?

Yes, the UK is home to many world-renowned business schools and educational universities that offer construction management courses for students to pursue. There are several one and two-year degrees to choose from. The job availability for skilled professionals is high and is only said to grow in the future.

Is it worth getting a Construction Management degree in the UK?

By pursuing a master’s in construction management in the UK, you get the opportunity to learn from the best minds and work on real-life projects as the education there focuses on hands-on training. Not to mention that a UK degree is globally recognised and reputed, making seeking jobs in any country convenient. You graduate as a creative and specialised construction executive whose responsibility is to make sure that the buildings will be safer, comfortable, and sustainable for the future.

What is the Scope of Construction Management in the UK?

Construction managers plan and coordinate a project from start to finish, including organising the work schedule, cost, and budget and overseeing all construction project parts. A degree in construction management equips graduates to handle these tasks efficiently. Courses like construction management, building infrastructure, and more are ideal for international students to pursue in the UK. As far as the scope is concerned, real estate and construction are booming sectors that will always offer plenty of job opportunities to skilled graduates. They can earn a basic salary of INR 37,40,000 by gaining contract and commercial manager jobs.

What is the current situation of jobs in Construction Project Management (MS) in the UK for international students?

Various career options are available for students after post-graduation in construction management. Skilled professionals are in high demand and salaries are competitive. Some of the jobs in this field are as follows:

● Construction professionals
● Project managers
● Technical staff
● Project engineers
● Construction inspector
● Field engineer
● Estimate manager
● Construction contract manager

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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