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MSc in Agriculture in the UK

Updated on 11 October, 2023

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

The agriculture sector is growing rapidly due to the latest technical advancements. Various scientific innovations have revolutionized the industry with new machinery and advanced research in plant biology

The UK houses some of the top research universities globally, thus, offering students a chance to pursue research-oriented post-graduation in agriculture. 


So, if you are interested in pursuing an MSc in Agriculture in the UK, this article will discuss all you need to know about it. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Brief

Course Brief

MSc in Agriculture in the UK is taught from theoretical and practical points of view. The postgraduate study program offers in-depth knowledge of various modules such as plantation management, agricultural machinery, plant physiology, food science, technology, etc. 

Additionally, you will also be required to focus on concepts like sustainability and environmental systems, agriculture marketing and management, and sustainable energy. 

Top Universities Offering MSc in Agriculture in the UK

Many top-ranking universities in the UK offer MSc in Agriculture courses. Some of the leading options you can look into are as follows:


Agriculture is a vast industry offering multiple specializations for students. Based on your interest, you can follow through and study courses crafted especially for research, marketing, or management. 

Some of the common specializations for MSc in Agriculture in the UK Universities are:

  •     Agricultural Chemistry– Branch of agriculture concerning chemical and biochemical processes to help improve soil quality and yield. 
  •     Food InnovationDevelopment of new food products, manufacturing processes, and other services.
  •     Plant Breeding and Genetics– Branch of science focused on improving plant genes. 
  •     Soil Science– Refers to studying and researching edaphic conditions to support crop production.
  •     Poultry Science– Focused on studying domesticated birds that are kept for commercial purposes like eggs or feathers. 
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Average Fee Required to Study MSc in Agriculture in the UK Universities 

The fee structure for MSc in Agriculture in the UK depends on the institution you have chosen to apply to. Additionally, you can look for scholarships or grants. 

Mentioned below are some universities offering MSc in Agriculture with tuition fees: 

Institution NameCourse Fees
Royal Agricultural UniversityMSc in Agricultural Technology and InnovationEUR 15,950 (INR 13.37 lakh)
University of BirminghamMSc Molecular BiotechnologyEUR 31,175 (INR 26.12 lakh)
University of NottinghamMSc Animal NutritionEUR 26,500 (INR 26.60 lakh)
Queen’s University BelfastMSc Animal Behaviour and WelfareEUR 22,050 (INR 22.14 lakh)
University of PlymouthMSc Sustainable AquacultureEUR 16,700 (INR 16.77 lakh)
University of AberdeenMSc Applied Marine and Fisheries EcologyEUR 21,500 (INR 21.59 lakh)

Job Prospects After Studying MSc in Agriculture in the UK

Masters in Agriculture will help you enter multiple industries and choose your preferred job role. You can work in the following sectors:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Engineer 
  • Management 
  • Teaching
  • Research 
  • Science Development 

Some of the top job positions to apply for after doing MSc in Agriculture in the UK: 

  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Consultant 
  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural Sales Representative 
  • Feed Nutritionist
  • Soil Scientist 
  • Rural Practice Surveyor

Top organizations that students can work for after studying MSc in Agriculture in the UK Universities:

  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation)
  • Openfield Group
  • First Milk
  • Arla Foods UK
  • Berry Garden Growers
  • United Oilseed Producers
  • Muller UK and Ireland Group
  • Sisters Food Group
  • Expected Remuneration Salary

Expected Remuneration for MSc in Agriculture in the UK

After completing MSc in Agriculture in the UK, you can enter various sectors and start the professional journey as per your preference. Listed below are some typical job positions you are likely to work in and the average salary you can expect. 

Job PositionAverage Salary (Per Annum)
Farm ManagerEUR 37,748 (INR 31,53,600)
Data ScientistEUR 39,548 (INR 33,04,000)
Finance ManagerEUR 35,887 (INR 29,98,100)
AgronomistEUR 29,491 (INR 24,63,800)
Farm WorkerEUR 26,971 (INR 22,53,300)

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Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

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