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Master’s in Management in the UK: Universities, Courses & Prospect

Updated on 21 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The UK provides world-class learning facilities to students. Its acclaimed success in the education field is because it houses the world’s best business schools. Master’s in Management in the UK is a prestigious course which many students aspire to pursue as it opens doors to several promising careers.


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Why Choose the UK to Study for a Master’s in Management?

The UK universities offer global networking, which increases students’ job and learning prospects. Students gain exposure while studying in a foreign country. 

While pursuing a Master’s in Management in the UK, students get an insight into the country’s commerce and industry. They learn about the modern management practices followed by the top organizations. Its innovative ideologies can prepare and shape them for their profession. The program is designed for those who wish to fast-track their career in management. 

Though inexperienced students can get enrolled in the course, it is better to have experience of at least a year. 

Top Universities for Masters in Management in the UK

Over 20 universities in the UK are in the top 100 universities globally. The UK’s education is globally recognized and provides ample opportunities after completion. 

According to QS World University Rankings 2021, the following universities rank the highest in the Management schools in the UK:

● London Business School

University of Oxford

University of Nottingham

● Warwick Business School

● The University of Manchester

Aston University

● Imperial College Business School

● City, University of London

Lancaster University

● School of Management – University of Bath

University of Leeds

● London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

● Oxford Brookes University

University College London

● King’s College London

● The University of Edinburgh

Durham University

University of Cambridge

University of Strathclyde

Cardiff University

● University of Nottingham

Management courses offered at most colleges are as follows:

● MSc in Management (Consumer marketing).

● MSc in Accounting and Business Management.

● MSc in Banking and Finance.

● MSc in Innovation and Enterprise

● MSc in Business Finance. 

● MSc in Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis

● MSc in Business Intelligence and Social Management.

● MSc in Financial Economics.

● MSc in Applied Management and Entrepreneurship.

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Cost of Studying MS in Management in the UK

Being the second top destination globally for its outstanding education and training quality, the UK’s student population consists of over 21% foreign students. The United Kingdom is one of the best options for those who wish to pursue their education overseas

Even though the cost of pursuing a Master’s in the UK is high, financial assistance is available to students. The cost may vary with the course and university chosen by the student. International students have to incur the cost of visas and relocation as well.

The program fees range between 20,000-36,600 GBP (INR 20-36 Lakhs). Furthermore, the accommodation and relocation expenses may amount to INR 14-17 lakhs. These expenses cover housing, travel, food, health insurance, and student visa. The total accommodation and tuition fees for an Indian student studying Master’s in Management in the UK is approximately 41,100 GBP (INR 42 lakhs). 

Admission Requirements

●      Form Submission: You can easily apply by downloading the admission application from the university’s website. You could also apply with the help of agencies and organizations which assist international students in applying to foreign universities.

●       Cost of the application form: The application form usually costs 60 to 100 GBP (INR 6,000 to 10,000). 

●      Deadline of MSc in management in the UK: The semester starts in September for most universities in the UK. The admission application forms are released mostly by June and July. Some universities like Imperial College Business School do not have any deadline because the students admitted are on a rolling basis.

Name of the University


London Business School

May 31, 2021 (Closed)

London School of Economics and Political Science

January 26, 2022

Warwick School of Business

January 30, 2022

Imperial College Business School

September 21, 2021 (Closed)

Please Note: Some deadlines have been closed in the above table.

● Check the official portal of the university you want to apply for all the extra information and requirements particular to the course and institution.

Master’s in Management in the UK: Eligibility

Criteria to pursue MSc in Management in the UK are almost the same in all major UK universities. Let us look at them: 

⮚ Must have a bachelor’s degree with a 60 to 70% score. 

GRE/GMAT aren’t required by all the universities but can be an added advantage to your application. Other exams to be taken with the scores are as follows:

TOEFL:  93 to 100

● iBT (Internet-Based Training): 79

PTE (Pearson Test of English): 58 to 64

IELTS6.5 to 7

● GPA: 7.5/10 or 3.3/4

⮚ Work experience (preferably in management profile)

⮚ Interview and resume with good recommendation letters

Documents Required

⮚ Completed and filled application form.

⮚ Copy of your passport.

⮚ Two passport-sized photographs.

⮚ Proof of language proficiency certificate.

⮚ Relevant academic certificates, modules, and grades.

⮚ Copy of your high school diploma or secondary education.

⮚ Scores of all the tests in eligibility criteria for an MS in the UK, like TOEFL and GRE.

⮚ Recommendation letters. 

⮚ Resume/ Curriculum Vitae.

⮚ Personal identification proof.

⮚ Statement of Purpose.

These are some of the mandatory documents required for a master’s in the UK. Other optional documents which may be required include a cover letter, work/ experience certificate, medical certificate, and others. You do not have to submit the original documents but attested copies of your documents.

Job Prospects after Master’s in Management in the UK

The students pursuing their masters from the top management institutes in the UK are offered attractive jobs by the biggest global banks like Goldman Sachs or Citibank. Technologically advanced firms and consulting organizations also recruit them. The jobs after the Master’s in Management are ample and high paying. There are diverse roles available in different organizations.

● Financial Analyst

● Project Manager

● Business Development Manager

● Change Management engineer

● Human Resources Manager

● Mergers and Acquisitions

● IT Services Consultant

● Investment Manager

● Change Management engineer

● Capital Markets Analyst

● Social Media Manager

● IT Services Consultant

The master’s in management salary in the UK for the graduates stands at an average of 35,000 GBR (INR 3,498,607 yearly).  Top recruiters include Toyota, IBM, Amazon, Google, and others. 

Visa Process

It takes about three months for the students to complete their visa filling and submission. However, the process is simple and convenient. While filling out the visa application, the student must have ready personal documents, such as a birth certificate, passport page, and national identity card. The resume must also be handy. After completing the form, payment of the visa application fees and interview must be made. The embassy and consulates in India interview for student visas.

Be prepared for your visa interview and keep all your documents handy to ensure the process is hassle-free.

Scholarships Offered

Master’s in Management scholarships can help reduce the financial cost of pursuing the course from any UK university. A good academic score and an excellent performance in all qualifying exams can easily help you get the scholarship. Some of the most common scholarships offered in the United Kingdom are:

⮚ London Business School Fellowship

⮚ Master’s In Management Merit Scholarship

⮚ Imperial Business Scholarship

⮚ Graduate Support Scheme

⮚ MiM Merit Scholarship

⮚ ESMT Berlin GMAT scholarships

⮚ Commonwealth Scholarships

⮚ Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships

⮚ Cranfield Scholarship

⮚ Great Scholarships for The University of Bath

⮚ School Management Scholarships

⮚ Inlaks Scholarships

⮚ Strathclyde Business School Master’s Scholarship for International Students

The above-mentioned scholarships are provided by the university that you have enrolled in. There are other fee waiver schemes by agencies and government organizations for international students and the respective native land government.

 MiM vs. MBA in the UK

A master’s in management degree (MiM) can enhance your career prospects and offer you a high salary with job security. The course covers subjects including management, business, economics, and marketing which can earn you a job in the best companies globally. 

MiM in the UK is often seen as an alternative to an MBA for students who do not have work experience. Master’s in Management provides ample job prospects that make it a sought-after course in the UK universities.

Master’s in Management in the UK (MiM) is half the cost of pursuing an MBA in any of the top UK universities. Though MBA has a more sophisticated and integrated learning process, longer duration, and technical knowledge, a Master’s in Management has also become one of the sought-after courses in the past year.

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MSc or MBA better in the UK?

Both the courses span between one to two years. And to say which one is better would heavily depend on the student’s interest. If the student prefers science over commerce and seems to have a passion for the subject, and has a job prospect in the field, then it would be wise to choose MSc. And vice-versa if commerce is preferred over science.

Is the UK good for management studies?

The learning experience and the facilities provided to international students are commendable in the UK. Ranking second after the USA globally and being the top destination in Europe, the United Kingdom is a hotspot for all international students to gain expertise and knowledge. And if the university you have chosen is good, you will get placed right after graduation.

What is the scope of MSc Management in the UK?

Students who wish to complete their education overseas and want to launch their careers in management can choose to study for a Master’s in Management in the UK. The course will give a foundation in the fundamentals of managing people and organizations in the real world. It can also kick-start your career in the right lane. There are a lot of job opportunities in IT, Data Science, Business, Finance management, and others.

Is the GMAT required for MSc in the UK?

No, there are many colleges and universities that do not necessarily require a GMAT score for admission. This score can be added as an additional assessment with your resume while getting enrolled in the said program.

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