Master’s in Education in UK- Eligibility, Universities and Curriculum

Pursuing a master’s in education in the UK is an apt decision for students interested in a teaching career and taking up leadership roles in the education sector. The degree is available in the M. Ed, MA, or M.Sc forms and is awarded by universities in the country upon successful completion. There are many other interdisciplinary programs available, including a master’s in educational leadership in the UK or a master’s in special education in the UK. Along with full-time courses of one to two years, there are 1-year online expert’s in education programs in the UK for aspirants as well.¬†

Why pursue a Master’s in Education in the UK?¬†

Pursuing a master’s in education or a master’s degree in special education in the UK is a good choice for several reasons. These include the following:¬†

  • The master’s of education degree opens up opportunities for several professional teaching positions in the UK and jobs in sectors like policy development, administration, and consulting.¬†
  • The UK is home to several reputed universities offering the course. They offer a fusion of hands-on learning, theoretical knowledge, and a firm research focus.¬†
  • UK universities have more than 40 coursework types for M. Ed courses.¬†
  • There are 50,000+ full-time teachers in the country, as per the Department of Education. This testifies to the ample job positions for qualified teachers in the country.¬†

Top Universities for Master’s in Education in the UK 

Here are the top universities for a master’s in education in the UK as per the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022- Education & Training.¬†

University Name Ranking (Global) Course Name Tenure Average Fees (Per Year)
UCL London 1 English Education, MA 1 year  £32,100
University of Oxford 3 MSc in Education (Higher Education) 12 months £30,910
University of Cambridge 6 Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Improvement) 1 year £16,430
The University of Edinburgh 14 MSc Education 1 year £27,100
King’s College London  23 Education MA 1 year £20,940

Curriculum (Core & Electives)

Some of the core subjects in the curriculum include the following: 

  • Educational studies
  • Methodology of educational research
  • Sociological foundation of education
  • Comparative education¬†
  • Advanced methods in educational research¬†
  • Teacher education from a global perspective
  • Curriculum studies in education¬†
  • Advanced methods in educational research¬†
  • Philosophical foundation of education¬†
  • Human rights and education¬†
  • Educational psychology¬†
  • Information and communication technology in education¬†
  • Historical and political perspective of education¬†

The elective subjects include: 

  • Guidance counseling
  • Education management and planning at the secondary level
  • Policy, planning, and financing of education for secondary and senior secondary studies
  • Business education¬†
  • Environmental education¬†
  • Peace education
  • Science education¬†
  • Educational technology¬†
  • Educational administration¬†
  • Contemporary concern in elementary education¬†
  • Yoga education¬†
  • Educational, vocational guidance, and counseling
  • Educational evaluation¬†

Master’s in Education in the UK: Eligibility and Admission Requirements

The eligibility criteria for these programs include the following: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or any related field of study¬†
  • Those without B. Ed degrees may be eligible if they have some years of work experience as a teacher or trainer.¬†
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores.¬†

Jobs after Master’s in Education in the UK¬†

According to Payscale, here are some of the top jobs after a master’s in education in the UK:¬†

  1. Secondary School Teacher- 33,463 Euros
  2. Primary School Teacher- 35,675 Euros 
  3. Learning and Development Specialist- 33,306 Euros
  4. High School Teacher- 31,273 Euros 
  5. ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher- 29,133 Euros 

These are approximate average salaries, with the range differing across institutions. 


Can I teach in the UK with a master’s degree?

You will require a university-level degree at the undergraduate level, which is mostly a 2:2 degree or higher. Secondary teachers should have degrees in subjects that are related to those they wish to teach. Yes, you can teach with a master’s degree in the UK.

What is a master’s degree education in the UK?

This is a Level 7 educational qualification below the Ph.D. qualification and higher than the Bachelor’s degree. This usually covers intense study programs, including diverse modules and dissertations. The degrees usually come with 180 credits in all.

How much is a 1-year master’s UK?

The average costs can hover between GBP 9,000-15,000, although some programs may charge anywhere around GBP 20,000-30,000 as well.

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