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Doctor Salary in the UK per month in 2024: What you should note

Updated on 27 January, 2024

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Before delving deeper into the average doctor salary in the UK per month, you should first check out the overview of the profession and the steps required to become a practicing professional in the UK. The average MBBS doctor salary in the UK per month is lucrative, and rightly so, considering the time required to build a career as a practicing doctor, and the academic rigors involved earlier. Medical schools in the country have their own varying criteria. Candidates must adhere to diverse admission requirements, while those with Bachelor of Science degrees in fields related to medicine may apply for graduate programs, fast-tracking their degrees.

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Those graduating with medical degrees may qualify with MBBS/MB. Along with this, you should register with the GMC (General Medical Council) and then pass the UK Medical Licensing Assessment or the UKMLA. You have to finish the two-year Foundation Programme while choosing to learn and work with GP training programs or train in any other specialization. You will have to undertake three specialty training years to become a General Practitioner. You will then have to complete the specialty training program over 5-8 years. After becoming a doctor, you should earn CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points annually by completing courses and attending seminars and also workshops. 

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Average Salary of a Doctor in the UK

The average salary of a doctor in the UK is approximately £53,947 per year, according to Glassdoor. There are different scales with regard to the salary of a resident doctor in the UK, the salary of MTI doctors in the UK, and also the salary of NHS doctors in the UK. 

Salary of UK Doctors for Specific Job Types 

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a doctor in UK is the following for diverse positions: 

Doctor PositionSalary
Medical Doctor£50,518
Medical Officer£46,375
Physician £71,720
Resident Physician £45,211

Salary of UK Doctors by Regions

According to the figures of the NHS and Royal College of Nursing, here are some salaries for specific bands of the NHS, for the following codes of occupations: 

  • 2213: pharmacists
  • 2212: psychologists
  • 2217: medical radiographers
  • 2214: ophthalmic opticians
  • 2218: podiatrists
  • 2221: physiotherapists
  • 2219: health professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 2222: occupational therapists
  • 2229: therapy professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 2223: speech and language therapists
  • 2232: midwives
  • 2231: nurses
  • 3213: paramedics
  • 2442: social workers
  • 3219: health associate professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 3218: health associate professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 6143: dental nurses
  • 6141: nursing auxiliaries and assistants
Band or equivalentEnglandScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland
Band 3£20,330£21,709£19,737£19,337
Band 4 £22,549£23,709£22,549£21,892
Band 5£25,655£26,104£25,655£24,907
Band 6£32,306£33,072£32,306£31,365
Band 7 £40,057£40,872£40,057£38,890
Band 8A£47,126£50,470£47,126£45,753
Band 8B£54,764£60,730£54,764£53,168
Band 8C£65,664£72,792£65,664£63,751
Band 8D£78,192£86,611£78,192£75,914
Band 9 £93,735£103,358£93,735£91,004

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Salary of UK Doctors vs. Globally 

A Medscape survey reported how UK doctors are the third-highest paid in the world. The highest-paid doctors in the world are in the USA, earning approximately £231,000 per year as per this survey, while German doctors come second with earnings of £133,000 and then UK doctors with an average of £101,000. Mexico has the lowest-paid doctors.

Coming to the figures of Glassdoor, the average pay for UK doctors is £53,947 per year. In comparison, doctors in France earn an average of €55,894 per year, while those in Germany earn €64,858 per year. Doctors in the USA earn $149,412 per year as well. Hence, a career as a doctor in the UK is pretty lucrative although not as the USA or Germany. 



Doctors in the UK earn handsome salaries and have several growth avenues, both in the NHS (National Health Service) and also at other healthcare establishments. However, the route towards becoming a doctor requires years of study and licensing along with training. One should be prepared to devote 10-12 years towards this purpose. 

As we look towards 2024, the salary of doctors in the UK continues to be a reflection of the critical role they play in the healthcare system, coupled with the challenges and demands of the profession. While salaries vary based on experience, specialization, and location within the UK, doctors can generally expect competitive remuneration that acknowledges their expertise and dedication. Junior doctors starting their career can anticipate a basic starting salary, with increments as they progress through training stages. Experienced specialists and consultants, on the other hand, are compensated with higher salaries, reflecting their advanced skills and responsibilities. The NHS, the primary employer of doctors in the UK, typically adjusts salaries annually, taking into account cost of living changes and other economic factors. Additionally, opportunities for private practice and locum work can supplement these earnings. As the healthcare landscape evolves with new challenges and technological advancements, the remuneration for doctors in the UK in 2024 is likely to align with these changes, continuing to reward the invaluable service these medical professionals provide.

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As a medical student from India, what will be my salary if I clear the PLAB and start working in the UK?

You can expect an average salary of £50,000-53,000 annually at the intern level. This figure can be more if you are specializing as a radiologist, surgeon, or any other professional with higher salaries. Post clearance of PLAB and completion of total GMC registration procedures, you will begin your career as a Foundation Doctor at the NHS with the two-year foundation programme.

How much is the salary of a new resident doctor in the UK during his first foundation year?

In the first foundation year, the average salary of a new UK resident doctor is approximately £28,243-32,691 as per estimates. This is the average salary for a junior doctor and it may go up to £38,694-52,036 upon getting into specialty training.

How much can an IMG doctor earn in the United Kingdom?

Specialty doctors usually earn between £50,375-90,759 as the basic pay annually. The basic contract extends for a total of 40 hours.

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

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