Cheapest MBA in London for International Students- A Guide

Finding the cheapest MBA courses in London for international students is not that difficult, provided you know the right places to look. A course at affordable MBA colleges in the UK will give you the foundation for a rewarding global career. Many of these universities offer accredited degrees and cost-effective options with one-year programs that help students enter the job market quickly. Many of these programs do not require work experience and also enable part-time work for students.

Cost of Studying

One-year MBAs will mostly cost around £10-15,000 (INR 10-15 lakh) if you are studying at affordable MBA colleges in the UK. The average fees stand at around £14,000 (INR 14 lakh). Here are some institutions that offer the cheapest MBA in London for international students:

1. University of East London- £15,720 (INR 15.72 lakh).

2. University of Greenwich- £18,000 (INR 18 lakh).

3. London South Bank University- £9,880 (INR 9.88 lakh).

4. London Metropolitan University- £9,300 (INR 9.30 lakh).

5. York St. John University- £9,000 (INR 9 lakh).

Associated Costs

You may estimate approximately £2,500 (INR 2.5 lakh) for staying in a prime locality in London while spending roughly £1,200 (INR 1.2 lakh) per month for a furnished studio apartment in any average locality. You may consider university halls during the span of the course. It will cost you approximately £178 or INR 17,800 per week. Students should budget approximately £1,100-1,300 each month (INR 1.1-1.3 lakh) for living costs including accommodation, food, travel, study expenditure, laundry, and other personal expenditure.

MBA students should budget around £2,395 (INR 2.39 lakh) per month with average rentals of around £1,274 (INR 1.27 lakh). Approximate expenditure per month will stand at £50-300 (INR 5,000-30,000). Accommodation costs range between £202 (INR 20,200) while food costs stand at £60 (INR 6,000) per week. Travel expenditure stands at £30 (INR 3,000). Leisure and personal expenditure costs stand at £42 (INR 4,200).

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Q1. What is the cheapest MBA in the UK?

A. Some of the options for the cheapest MBA in the UK include the following:

1. York St John University

2. University of Bolton

3. London South Bank University

4. Ulster University

5. Bath Spa University

6. London Metropolitan University

7. University of the Highlands and Islands

8. University of Gloucestershire

Q2. Is MBA in the UK free?

A. A one-year MBA program will cost roughly £10-15,000 (INR 10-15 lakh) in the United Kingdom (UK). MBA programs may cost up to £45,000 (INR 45 lakh) at leading universities in the world.

Q3. Which country is the cheapest for MBA?

A. Portugal is the most affordable country for completing your MBA degree. International students will appreciate the comparatively lower tuition costs along with scholarships and other grants.

Q4. Is a one-year MBA worth doing?

A. A one-year MBA is certainly worth doing in the UK, not only because it is pocket-friendly (as compared to a two-year MBA degree), but also because it helps students get into the job market faster after completing their courses. It accelerates their careers at lower investments, while the living costs are also considerably lower in turn.

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