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Cost of MBA in UK [2024] - Free Guide for Indian Students

Updated on 23 November, 2023

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

Pursuing an MBA in the United Kingdom (UK) is a great option for building a global management career. But before you make the next move, you should know the cost of an MBA in the UK. Learn what expenses you can incur while studying an MBA in the UK. 

MBA in UK: A Glance 

Affordable MBA fees in the UK make it a popular choice among Indian students. Full-time MBA programs typically last between 12 and 24 months, whereas part-time MBA ranges between two and three years. Also, students can pursue 1+1 MBA programs, offering a comprehensive learning experience. 

There are multiple electives like management operations, human resources, finance, information systems, and marketing that you can opt for. Along with thinking about the right MBA specialization, you would need to pick the best B-schools. And knowing the cost of an MBA in the UK is advisable. This blog post covers all the essential expenses that you might incur: pre-departure expenses, tuition fees, and more.

Cost of Studying an MBA in UK

With a robust portfolio of specializations, an MBA is designed to hone an individual’s soft skills demanded by blue-chip companies – leadership, empathy, and global awareness – as well as the nuts and bolts of business. This makes it paramount to look for the right B-school. 

The average cost of an MBA in the UK may start from £30,000/year and go up to £100,000/year or more at premier institutions. For instance, the University of Birmingham charges £32,580 for its one-year program, while the London School of Business charges £109,700 for its 15–21-month program. 

Pre-Departure Expenses for MBA in UK

It is not just about covering the MBA fees in the UK for Indian students. Some pre-departure costs add up to the cost of an MBA in the UK. These include the following: 



TOEFL iBT® Test Registration

      £165 (₹16,900)


      £158 (₹16,250)

GMAT Fees**

Delivered at a Test Center:  £223

Delivered Online: £244

GRE® Test 

£220 (₹22,550 approx.)

Student Visa Costs


Source: Official Websites

** Effective 31st March 2023, 18% GST will be additionally applicable.

Top MBA Colleges/B-Schools in UK with Fees

Here are some of the leading MBA colleges in the UK with fees, as per the QS Global MBA Rankings 2023. 

B-School Name


Tuition Fees Range (Full Coursework)*

Program Type
London Business School 


£109,700-£224,600 Full-time and Executive MBA(EMBA) 
Judge Business School


£69,000-£88,900Full-time and EMBA
Chicago Booth School of Business


£65,700-£120,281Full-time, Weekend, Evening and EMBA

Saïd Business School




£78,510-£106,540Full-time, 1+1 MBA Program and Executive MBA
Imperial College Business School


£45,700-£69,000 Full-time, Online Global MBA, Weekend and EMBA 
Warwick Business School


£37,400-£53,750Full-time, EMBA, Accelerator, and Global Online MBA

Alliance Manchester Business School



£29,000-£47,000 Global Executive, Full-time, and Global Part-time MBA 
University of Edinburgh Business School


£31,410-£40,900 Full-time, Part-time EMBA, and Online MBA 
Cranfield School of Management


£27,000-£44,195Full-time, EMBA, Senior Leader Apprenticeship + EMBA, and Cranfield MBA Dual Degree
Durham University Business School


£15,000-£37,500 Full-time MBA, Durham-EBS EMBA, and Durham MBA (Online)

*Source: Official Website

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Affordable Universities for MBA in UK with fees

Here are some universities that offer a relatively affordable cost of an MBA in the UK. 


Tuition Fees*

Ulster University


University of Worcester


York St John University


University of Bolton


Bath Spa University


London South Bank University


University of Gloucestershire


London Metropolitan University


*Source: Official Website

Cost of Living in UK 

Apart from the tuition fees and pre-departure expenses, you would need to bear other cost of living expenses in the UK as well. Here are some other MBA expenses in the UK that you should take into account. 

CategoryMonthly Costs*

£664848 for student halls (including bills)

£554750 for rooms in private accommodation (without including bills)

Utility Bills (Gas, water, electricity, TV license, and broadband)




Public Transportation 


Restaurant Meal


Mobile Phone Bill

£18 (SIM only)

Student gym membership


*Source: British Council

Cost of MBA in UK vs. Other Countries 

Here is an approximate comparison of the cost of an MBA in the UK vis-à-vis other countries. 

CountryAverage Annual Cost Range

$70,000–$125,000 (₹58.14- ₹99.66 lakh)


£30,000–£80,000 (₹30.34 - ₹80 lakh)


AUD$33,600–AUD$126,00 (₹ 17.66-₹66.22 lakh)


CA$27,397 – CA$56,328 (₹16.63–₹34.20 lakh)


€15,000 – €39,000 (₹13 – ₹34 laks)


€48,000– €98,500 (₹ 41–₹86 lakh)

Be Financially Prepared to Pursue MBA in UK 

This guide will help you estimate the cost of an MBA in the UK along with other associated living costs. You can thus arrange sufficient funds to cover the same during your stay in the country. Here’s to a successful MBA sojourn in the UK and a flourishing career ahead.

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Is an MBA in the UK for Indian students expensive?

MBA programs are relatively less expensive in the UK than in many other countries due to the shorter course lengths. At the same time, there are several affordable MBA programs available in the country as well. Premier institutions charge higher fees for applicants, too. It all depends on the institution one wishes to apply to and the type of program. In the UK, it costs around £30,000 to £80,000 annually.

Are there affordable universities for an MBA in the UK?

Yes, there are several affordable universities for pursuing an MBA in the UK. Some of them include Ulster University, the University of Highlands and Islands, the University of Gloucestershire, York St John University, and the University of Bolton. 

Are there scholarships for studying for an MBA in the UK for Indian students?

There are several scholarship options for Indian students applying for MBA programs in the UK. These include the Chevening Scholarship program (one-year study program, covering tuition fees, monthly stipend, travel costs, an arrival allowance, etc.), Commonwealth/UK Government Scholarships for full-time masters programs at UK universities (covers tuition fees, living stipend, airfare, travel costs, etc.), and the GREAT scholarship (one-year postgraduate study, covering £10,000 in tuition fees). 

What is the average cost of studying for an MBA in the UK?

The average cost of studying for an MBA in the UK can range between £30,000 to £100,000 or higher, depending on the institution and the type of program. 

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

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