Data Scientist Salary in UK & Comparison with Salaries in India

The primary role of a data scientist is to use a mix of computer science, statistics and mathematics to analyze and obtain insights from unstructured data. Using this information, they help organizations create an actionable plan to increase their revenue and tap into more diverse markets.

Their expertise in converting unintelligible data to a simpler form and knowledge of critical technical tools make them a popular option among employers worldwide. As per the 2020 Emerging Jobs Report by LinkedIn, the United Kingdom is one of the most in-demand destinations for data scientists, with a global rank of 7 for opportunities for these professionals.

Given their role, data scientists are employed by several organizations in finance, retail, e-commerce, oil and gas, transport and various research institutions. Some of the top names recruiting these professionals include Google, Marks & Spencer, Tripadvisor, and Bupa.

As of six months to December 2022, there were 5,007 permanent job postings for data scientist roles in the UK, as per the portal ITjobswatch.

While the United Kingdom has ample job opportunities for data scientists, is the pay scale worth it for professionals moving from other countries like India? Read on to understand the data scientist salary in UK.

Data Scientist Salary in UK

The industry recruits data scientists for various roles with varying pay scales. For instance, professionals start as junior data scientists and get promoted in one to two years, provided they display a remarkable and dedicated work record. Irrespective of the role, data scientists are usually assigned to particular projects to meet organizational goals.

The base salary of data scientists in UK is estimated at GBP 50,468 as per The profession has rapid growth opportunities. Professionals might see themselves handling a dedicated team a couple of years after joining as they are ranked up to senior data scientist and, ultimately, team leader.

Top 5 Cities with the Highest Pay for Data Scientists in the UK

Some of the most popular cities for data scientists looking to start or restart their career in the UK, along with expected remuneration, are as follows.

Name of the city Average annual salary
Edinburgh GBP 59,777
London GBP 59,286
Cambridge GBP 54,796
Manchester GBP 49,534
Newry GBP 49,384

*As per

Budding data scientists can also choose cities like Oxford, Bristol or Newcastle upon Tyne to secure high-paying roles.

Data Scientist Salaries Across Various Levels

Having completed their bachelor’s in data science, applicants are more likely to secure entry roles as data scientists. Assuming that these professionals have some internship experience and a total experience of under 1 year, they can receive a standard payment plus specific bonuses.

Hence, the salary for data scientist freshers in the UK is usually GBP 34,548, as per Payscale. 

After working for a few years in the industry and acquiring an experience of up to four years, the pay scale changes. At this point, the data scientist’s salary in the UK is estimated to be GBP 41,072. 

Since the role of a data scientist is scalable with significant opportunities for growth, the pay increases to GBP 50,969 when a professional is equipped with five to nine years of experience. 

Comparison with Data Scientist Salaries in India and UK

Data science is an integral upcoming field comprising several in-demand skills in the industry. Hence, the average pay for a data scientist in India is INR 13,41,394 (GBP 13,391) annually. Renowned corporations like ASL also recruit data scientists.

On the other hand, the data scientist salary in the UK for entry-level roles is GBP 50,468. This value is significantly higher than its Indian counterpart. Hence, the UK is a preferred destination for data scientists looking for attractive pay packages.

Additionally, the UK is home to more diverse organizations that offer employment opportunities to data scientists. 


The field of data science is still in its infancy, waiting to be explored. Data is one of the essential elements of today’s world, and organizations rely on data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

While the pay scale for the field is attractive, a mix of computer science, mathematics and statistics may discourage many students from taking it up as a major.

As a result, the demand in the market may not be met with the existing number of professionals. Organizations keen to onboard data scientists will offer attractive pay packages and go out of their way to ensure employee retention. 

Overall, working as a data scientist in the UK is the right step for a successful career.


Q) Are data scientists in demand in the UK?

Owing to their technical expertise in mathematics, computer science and statistics, there are around 5,007 job postings for the role in the UK. The organizational reliance on big data and analytics promises to drive this demand further and increase the base salaries of these professionals.

Q) Can I become a data scientist in London without experience?

Completing a dedicated bachelor’s or master’s program in data science makes you eligible to work as a data scientist in London. Without prior experience, you will be directed to an entry-level role. You can learn on the job and gain experience to get promoted to more senior positions.

Q) What is a data scientist’s average salary and future?

The future for data scientists looks promising, with digital security being a primary concern. More data scientists will be employed in cybersecurity roles to help safeguard user information and prevent access to cyber criminals. While the average data scientist salary in the UK is GBP 50,468, it is projected to increase with time.

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