Life of a Data Scientist in Germany

Life of Data Scientist in Germany

With the constant rise of the Information Technology and automation sector, the demand for the opportunities in data science has been increasing rapidly. Every year a massive number of students migrate to Germany to pursue Master’s in Data Science to acquire an international degree and prosperous job prospects. 

Currently, Germany is the most preferred choice for students to study abroad. The European country provides multiple job opportunities and attractive benefits to immigrants for settling in. To ease everything related to pursuing data science in Germany, upGrad Abroad organized a live YouTube webinar in the presence of Ankur Dhawan, President, upGrad Study Abroad, and Kiran Kumar, alumni of upGrad. Kiran Kumar answered all the questions asked by viewers related to the life of a data scientist in Germany.

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What is the difference between the Data scientist and data analyst?

Both of the job profiles are in high demand and pay a lot. The data scientist and data analyst deals with data, but the key difference is what do they do with data? The job profile of a data scientist is to gather process and design models, build tools, and write programs to automate the data collection process. 

Whereas a data analyst works on structured data and provides solutions for complex problems with the help of different tools including SQL, and Python, along with restructuring data, obtaining data from other sources, and more. 

What are the significant differences between data scientist jobs in Germany vs. India?

There are multiple job openings for data scientists in India and Germany, though there is always one with extra benefits. There are companies such as Volkswagen, Allianz, BMW, Siemens, Daimler, and more. These companies offer colossal salary packages to skilled and qualified workers.

Although the pay scale in India for data scientists is huge, it is lower in comparison to Germany. The other point that makes Germany a more attractive destination for pursuing data science is the benefits provided by the German government and the work culture followed. 

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How is the work culture in Germany? 

Germans are highly competitive and punctual but believe in separating professional from personal life. Workers are lured by flexible working hours, dedicated teamwork, and striving to become reliable and reach ahead is prominent. All these benefits attract international students to stay after graduation and post graduation to apply for jobs. 

How easy is it to find a data science job in Germany?

Finding a data science job in Germany for Indians after a bachelor’s and master’s is reasonably easy if you have the required skill sets. There are various job portals and agencies where you can sign up for finding jobs. Here are few ways how you can find data science jobs in Germany-

1. Expatica job

2. European Employment Services

3. Federal Employment Agency

4. Monster

5. Kimeta

6. JobStairs

7. MeineStellenboersen

8. The Local,

9. Top language jobs

10. Job Mensa

11. Zen jobs, and more.

All you require is the skills and qualification to be eligible for the job role. 

Can one switch to Data Science if they have a bachelor’s in another domain? 

Switching is always possible if one has passion. However, it’s best to do graduation and post graduation in the same subject to understand the basics. Domain knowledge is always a plus as it gives you an upper hand among your competitors, but if you want to switch, ensure to understand the concepts and enhance your skills to crack job interviews in your desired companies. 

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Life of a Data Scientist in Germany – FAQ

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”Q1. Can someone with 10+ years of teaching switch to data science? ” answer-0=”You can switch to data science after 10+ years of teaching experience. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”Q2. Is a data scientist job better than a data analyst?” answer-1=”Both jobs are equally good. It depends on which profile you’re more inclined towards. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”Q3. Can I live in Germany without learning native language?” answer-2=”You can live in Germany without knowing German. Although it’s best if you learn the language as some organizations demand at least B1 knowledge. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]
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