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One Year MBA Programs in the UK

Updated on 09 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

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Students can choose from a wide range of one-year MBA programs in the UK which is not only cost-effective (approximately £10-15,000 or INR 10-15 lakh) but also accelerates their career prospects in one of the world’s biggest economies.  Not all institutions require work experience and have slightly more flexible criteria in comparison to regular two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses. One-year MBA programs in the UK offer postgraduate and full-time education to domestic and international students. Here is a guide to the list of one-year MBA programs in the UK at leading universities.


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Top Universities Offering the Course

Many leading universities are offering the best one-year MBA programs in the UK. Some of them include the following: 

Specializations in One Year MBA Programs in the UK

There are a variety of specializations offered by one-year MBA programs in the UK. Some of them include: 

Brief/Average Fee Required for the Program

Here is a look at the average fee structure of leading MBA institutions in the UK: 

  • University of Bolton- £13,950 (INR 13.95 lakh). 
  • University of Exeter- £35,000 (INR 35 lakh). 
  • Canterbury Christ Church University- £13-14,500 (INR 13-14.5 lakh). 
  • University of Wales- £15,300 (INR 15.3 lakh). 
  • Oxford University- £65,520 (INR 65.52 lakh). 
  • University of Worcester- £13,700 (INR 13.70 lakh). 
  • University of Wolverhampton- £14,450 (INR 14.45 lakh). 
  • Durham University- £40,000 (INR 40 lakh). 
  • Warwick Business School- £50,000 (INR 50 lakh). 
  • Imperial College Business School- £65,000 (INR 65 lakh). 
  • CASS Business School- £54,000 (INR 54 lakh). 
  • Cranfield School of Management- £50,000 (INR 50 lakh). 
  • Cambridge University- £70,000 (INR 70 lakh). 
  • University of Edinburgh- £40,000 (INR 40 lakh). 

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Job Prospects of One Year MBA Programs in the UK

There are excellent job prospects for MBA graduates in the UK. Some of the biggest recruiters come from the finance and banking sectors. London is home to some of the world’s biggest conglomerates including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and many others. MBAs are also hired by fast-growing fintech, investment banking, consulting, wealth advisory, and investment management firms. Other leading recruiters include leading companies like Amazon in the e-commerce sector and technology giants and start-ups. 

After completing their MBAs, graduates may apply for a two-year post-study work visa, helping them find employment and start working in the UK without any hassle. MBA graduates are also in demand throughout the healthcare, retail, hospitality, and media sectors. Some of the popular job profiles include chief technology officer, financial manager, investment banker, marketing manager, information technology director, computer and information systems manager, operations manager, health services manager, management consultant, project manager, chief executive officer, business development manager and finance manager among others. 

The average remuneration is £55,000 (INR 55 lakh) per year, as per Payscale. CEOs may earn anywhere up to £95,000 (INR 95 lakh) per year on average with their median salaries increasing to £150,000 (INR 1.5 crore) per year with seniority and experience. Here’s taking a look at salaries for some job roles after MBA: 

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – £52,000-153,000 (INR 52 lakh to 1.53 crore) per year. 
  • Finance Manager- £34-67,000 (INR 34-67 lakh) per year. 
  • Operations Manager- £28-99,000 (INR 28-99 lakh) per year. 
  • Project Manager- £30-74,000 (INR 30-74 lakh) per year. 
  • Management Consulting- £42-113,000 (INR 42 lakh to 1.13 crore) per year. 
  • Operations Director- £45-113,000 per year (INR 45 lakh to 1.13 crore). 
  • Business Development Manager- £26-69,000 (INR 26-69 lakh) per year. 
  • Marketing Manager- £28-61,000 (INR 28-61 lakh) per year. 
  • Marketing Director- £62-115,000 (INR 62 lakh to 1.15 crore) per year. 
  • Senior Product Manager- £26-69,000 (INR 26-69 lakh) per year. 
  • Account Manager- £28-80,000 (INR 28-80 lakh) per year. 
  • Finance Director- £51-112,000 (INR 51 lakh to 1.12 crore) per year. 
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – £69-182,000 (INR 69 lakh to 1.82 crore) per year. 
  • Financial Controller- £35-70,000 (INR 35-70 lakh) per year. 

Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.

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