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2-year Diploma Courses in UK

Updated on 10 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Did you know the UK is the third most popular destination for international students worldwide, with over 500,000 studying here yearly? The country’s reputation for offering world-class education through various programs is among the many reasons for this impressive statistic.

Among the plethora of academic programs, 2-year diploma courses in the UK have been gaining immense popularity among international students. These courses offer a focused and application-based approach to learning. It allows students to gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge relatively quickly. 

As an international student, deciding to study abroad can be thrilling and overwhelming. With so many options available, it can take time to determine which university is best.

So, explore this guide to choose the best university that offers 2-year diploma courses in the UK for international students.

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Top 5 UK universities offering 2-year PG Diploma Courses 

In the United Kingdom, many universities offer postgraduate diploma courses, ranging from arts and humanities to science and technology. These courses typically last two years and are designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and practical skills in their chosen field of study.

Here are the top five universities that offer 2-year Diploma courses in the UK:

Sr. No.Name of the UniversityQS World University RankingProgram of StudyTuition Fees*
1.University of Hertfordshire#801-1000
  • PgDip Pharmacy Practice
  • PgDip Public Health (Online)
GBP 825-1,290 per 15 credits
2.               University of Greenwich#801-1000
  • Enhanced Professional Practice, PGDip
  • Pharmaceutical Science, MSc/PGDip
  • Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting and School Nursing), PGDip
  • Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing), PGDip
GBP 2,717 – 16,300/year 
3.               University of Derby#1001-1200
  • Psychology PG Dip
  • Forensic Psychology Practice PG Dip
  • Ergonomics and Human Factors PG Dip
  • Human Resource Management (CIPD accredited) PG Dip
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management PG Dip
GBP 6,330/year
4.                   Birmingham City University#1001-1200
  • Cardiac Care – PGDIP
  • Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health (Professional Practice) – PGDIP
  • Healthcare (Professional Practice) – PGDIP
  • Advancing Diabetes Care – PGDIP
5.                          University of Northampton#1001-1200
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Low Intensity Senior Practice
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties and Inclusion
GBP 2,670/year

*As per university sites*

Eligibility & Requirements for 2-year PG Diploma Courses in UK

The eligibility and requirements for a 2-year postgraduate diploma program in the United Kingdom are as follows:

  • Educational Qualification – The basic requirement for applicants is a bachelor’s degree in a respective field from an accredited university. Applicants must have a minimum grade of 2:2 or equivalent for lower second class and 2:1 for higher second class.
  • English Language Proficiency – Candidates must demonstrate a high level of English language ability. It can be done by attempting internationally recognised tests like PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL IBT. The minimum test score requirements for the tests are 60, 6.0-7.0, and 90-100, respectively. The minimum score may change based on the university and course.
  • Relevant work Experience (Some programs may require this).
  • Personal Statement.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Research proposal. 

Individuals need to check the specific requirements of the program and institution they are interested in, as they may vary. Additionally, some programs may have additional entry requirements, such as an interview, a portfolio, or a written test.

How to Apply?

To apply for a Master’s program in the United Kingdom, one must follow these general steps:

  • Research: The individual should start by researching universities and programs that align with their academic and career goals. They should look into admission requirements, application deadlines, and tuition fees.
  • Meet admission requirements: The individual must meet the minimum academic qualifications, language proficiency, and other specific requirements for the program of interest.
  • Prepare application materials: The individual will typically need to submit an online application form, transcripts, a personal statement, and a resume. English language test scores (such as IELTS or TOEFL) should also be submitted.
  • Apply: The individual should submit their application before the deadline and pay any relevant application fees.
  • Wait for a decision: The university will review the application and decide whether to offer a place. This process can take several weeks or even months, so patience is key.
  • Acceptance and enrollment: If the individual is offered a place, they will need to accept the offer and pay any enrollment fees. Afterwards, they can begin preparing for their move to the UK.
  • Visa application: If the individual is not a UK or European Union citizen, they must apply for a student visa. The process and requirements for a visa will vary based on the country of origin.


 Job prospects with salary

After completing a 2-year PG Diploma course, the prospects are promising. The diploma courses are intended to provide students with the specialized knowledge and skills needed for specific industries. 

The salary prospects are subject to a range of variables. Various elements, such as industry, individual skills and expertise, as well as the current job market conditions, can have a significant impact on it.

Some of the jobs that postgraduates can hold with yearly compensation after completing the course are-

Data AnalystGBP 28,905
Graphic DesigningGBP 33,539
Software engineerGBP 58,446
Legal departmentGBP 55,000
Executive management & changeGBP 62,429
Financial servicesGBP 52,088
Data scientistGBP 50,476
Paralegal jobsGBP 24,730
Airline jobsGBP 49,795

*As per job sites


What are the career prospects after completing a postgraduate diploma course?

The career prospects after completing a postgraduate diploma course depend on the subject area and the individual’s skills and experience. However, many graduates pursue careers in academia, research, or industry.




How can international students finance their postgraduate diploma program in the UK?

International students have several options for financing their postgraduate diploma program in the UK, including scholarships, student loans, and part-time work. They may also be eligible for funding from their home country or organizations in the UK.








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