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Masters in Public Health in UK – Universities & Eligibility

Updated on 09 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Don’t limit your education options just to your home country when there are umpteen options available for you from across the world to pursue a masters in public health in UK. Study abroad in the best of the best colleges for education in public health. 


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Why study public health in the UK?

A Master’s in public health in the UK for International students is an entirely different experience to pursue your dream career in the healthcare sector. Different learning methods are not only beneficial for you to think straight but also to expand the adaptive techniques that you used to use. Getting adapted to the new culture also helps you develop your adaptation skills.

Education of your dreams

There is no single reason that comes to one’s mind when getting educated abroad, especially in the UK, which has some of the best colleges that you will ever find. It is not just about the education but also the different cultures you will experience . According to the latest research, out of the top 10 universities, three universities offer the best education in public health care in the UK.

Make an impact

Getting a Master’s in the UK in public health leaves a profound impact on employers owing to the experience that one gathers while studying abroad. You have a broader perspective on human well-being that employers look for. Nowadays, employers seek candidates who have excellent international experience.

Top-notch Infrastructure

By learning with the leading technology, you will foster a greater strength to work with new kinds of equipment and machines. Also, you get a chance to expose yourself to a different environment away from your homeland with people belonging to different backgrounds & cultures and the knowledge you get, yes it counts too!.

Build your network

Since the UK has the best colleges to study abroad in public health,  many students from all over the world would also apply for admissions which will help widen your existing network. In the long run, these relationships will help you in seeking public health jobs in the UK, and if not that, it will surely give you buddies to celebrate festivals with.

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Boost your confidence level

Moving to a foreign land for education and adapting to a new environment requires a lot of effort  from one’s end. The journey becomes even more exciting when it demands new skill sets like learning new languages  and acquiring other skill sets in order to build your space in the community. All these changes inculcate  a new level of confidence in the students and help in their professional and personal lives.   Therefore, it is vital to adapt to new cultures, people, and environments, which will help you all your life.

Choose a program that suits your liking.

Reading the programs that the colleges in the UK offer will make you jump in the excitement to study there. The list of programs they offer is pervasive, and you can choose anyone of them as per your liking and the one which attracts you the most.

Go home with a great package.

There is a broad scope if you pursue master’s in public health from the universities in  UK. As per the research, employees in the UK working in the  public health sector are the third highest-paid workers in the entire world. They go home with an annual package of 30,000 GBP (INR 30, 01,652 approximately).

Length of the course

Every one of us is in a hurry to get jobs after mph in the UK and work in a reputed firm. Studying master’s in the UK in public health enables you to complete the course in 1 year, unlike other countries where it takes a minimum of 2 years to complete the master’s program.

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Top universities for master’s in public health in the UK

As we discussed earlier, the universities in the UK stand among the top 10 universities for completing Master’s in public health UK. Also, the diverse and extensive list of Master’s in public health courses in the UK enables you to choose your own. Following are the courses offered for doing Master’s in public health in the UK:

  • Principles of public health
  • Introduction to statistical methods.
  • Introduction to epidemiology
  • Principles of social research
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Education
  • Health Economics
  • Mental Health
  • Occupational Health Safety

Initially, there are compulsory courses that will help the students choose one of their likings, and later, they can go for   their preferred specialization. As per the  QS World University Ranking of 2022, these are some of the top universities providing master’s in public health UK:

Name of the university

QS Ranking 2022
University of Cambridge#3
Imperial college of London#7
University college London#8
University of Edinburgh#16
University of Manchester#27
King’s College London#35
University of Glasgow#73
Queen Mary University of London#117
Newcastle University#134

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Cost of Studying master’s in public health in the UK

The overall cost to study abroad generally depends on the 3 main criteria: pre-arrival, studying cost, and living cost.

The pre-arrival cost is the expenses of the documents required for traveling and the registration. These include:


Cost (in GBP)Cost (in INR)
Student Visa97 to 3489,700- 34,800
Registration Fee162- 18016,200- 18,000
Airlines294-91829,400- 91,800

 Now, talking about the tuition fees for master’s in public health UK, different universities have different programs fees.

Name of the University

Cost (in GBP)Cost (in INR)
University of Cambridge2815528.19 lakhs
University college London2496924.99 lakhs
Imperial college of London3430834.35 lakhs
University of Edinburgh2197322.04 lakhs
University of Manchester3661536.66 lakhs
King’s college London2553825.57 lakhs
University of Glasgow2168321.71 lakhs
Queen Mary university of London1912619.15 lakhs
Newcastle University2197322 lakhs

Miscellaneous expenses include the cost of living, food, stationery, clothing, transportation, and other academic materials. Some universities meet  these expenses  by charging for them in the fees . However, not every university provides that. Hence, these expenses may vary from one another.

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Admission Requirements

These are a few eligibility criteria that you need to consider if you are planning for a master’s in public health in the UK. 

  1. The student must hold a bachelor’s degree with an average score of 60% to 70% in dental or medical from a recognized institute.
  2. Must have satisfactory work experience.
  3. Proof that the applicant is aware of basic math and computer skills.
  4. Must be proficient in English and hold a minimum of the required TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The minimum score required for these tests varies from one college to another.
  5. Documents that show the previous course details and supporting grades are mandatory.
  6. Photocopies of all the previous mark sheets.
  7. English proficiency test certificates.
  8. The recommendation/offer letters.
  9. Resume/CV
  10. Documents relating to the specific course
  11. Photocopy of the passport page
  12. A statement indicating the purpose of the visit.
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Job prospects after master’s in public health in the UK

After the pandemic, the world is in great need of workers in the public healthcare system. Hence, there is a wide range of Public Health jobs in the UK and other opportunities for the candidates to excel in the public health care industry. The choice to choose your preferred field is vast. You can choose to be:

  • Public health nurse
  • Public health specialist
  • Community health workers

The healthcare sector always falls short of a good medical staff and thus there is an immense scope if one pursues masters in public health in the UK. 

Some of the top recruiters offering jobs after mph in the UK are:

Name of the Company

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)Average annual salary (in INR)
Greenwich Council22,00022,02,354
London Borough of Islington36,00036,03,853
National Health Service35,00035,03,746

Master’s in public health salary UK: The average salary offered to students with a master’s in public health in the UK is 30,000 GBP per annum (approximately).

Visa Process

Like every other country, even a Visa for the UK needs a Standard operating procedure that says that you are eligible to travel to the UK for your further studies. There is a process to obtain a student Visa as well.

  1. Firstly you need to decide the field you want to study in and get an acceptance letter from the university you are applying for.
  2. Understand the kind of Visa you are applying for. It means that there are broadly 2 kinds of Visa under a student visa. 
  • A short-term student visa is for students applying for a short-term course in the UK or conducting research.
  • Tier 4 Student Visa- This is the long-term Visa applied for courses that will last for a year or more than a month. 
  1. Later, you can apply for the UK Visa in 2 ways,i.e. 
  • Through the UK embassy in your home country.
  • Through the official website of the UK government. 
  1. The biometric residence permit is mandatory after taking the fingerprints and photographing at a visa application center.
  2. Later, you need to schedule an appointment at the Visa application center.

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Scholarships offered

Master’s in public health in the UK for international students can be extremely expensive. Hence, to fund their education in a foreign country, a few scholarships are available to aid their education in the UK. Following is a list of the scholarship programs offered by different universities:

Name of the University

Scholarship offered
University of CambridgeGates Cambridge Scholarship
University College LondonUniversity College London alumni Scholarship
Imperial College of LondonSocial Impact Scholarship
King’s College LondonKing’s International Scholarship
University of EdinburghThe Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship
University of EdinburghChevening Scholarship
University of ManchesterBritish Chevening Scholarship
University of GlasgowUniversity of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship
Newcastle UniversityVice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship
Queen Mary University of LondonChevening Awards/Scholarship

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a master’s in public health in the UK?

After pursuing a master’s in public health in the UK, you can work as a public health nurse, public health specialist, and community health worker. After gaining a handful of experience, you can work on Junior Manager, Manager, Senior Manager, and Assistant.

How many years is a master’s in public health in the UK?

The duration of the course for master’s in public health can start from 10 months and can go up to 2 years. However, the part-time course takes 3 years to 4 years.




Is public health in demand in the UK?

Public health workers are in demand worldwide because of the pandemic that hit the entire world. Being specific to the UK, looking at the salaries offered, you will understand that the UK is in very need of public health workers.

Which university is best for MPH in the UK?

According to Masters in public health UK Universities ranking, the universities such as University of Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College of London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, and King’s College London are the best to pursue MPH colleges in the UK.




How can I study public health in the UK?

To study public health in the UK, it is mandatory for a student to have a bachelor’s degree in a reputed institute with a minimum of 60% to 70% score. Moreover, there is an English proficiency test mandatory for most of the country’s migrants.

How do I apply for MPH in the UK?

After completing the Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for MPH from your preferred university through their official university website. The documents you will require are Documents that prove your qualification, mark sheets of previous exams, photographs, English proficiency.

How do I become a public health nurse in the UK?

You can reach out to the companies that offer the position of a public health nurse after you have completed your master’s in public health. Moreover, being a master’s degree holder, you are more likely to be selected for this position.

How long is a master’s degree in public health?

A Master’s degree in public health is a program that can last for a period ranging from 10 months to 2 years.




Do people with a master’s in public health from the UK get a job in the US?

Yes, if you are a graduate from a reputed institution in the UK, you are most likely to get a job in the US as many employers look for candidates with a master’s degree.

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