MS in UK cost: Key requirements, best courses & top universities

MS in UK cost

Thinking about MS in the UK cost? Masters’ courses in the country are usually one or two-year full-time degrees and three-year part-time degrees. They are course or research-based or even a combination of the two. Universities in the UK offer varied specializations and courses to choose from. The approximate MS fees in the UK can be anywhere between 15,000 GBP (great British pound) to 35,000 GBP. This makes the cost of MS in the UK for Indian students to be roughly around INR 15-30 lakh. There are numerous scholarship options for international students which may waive off up to 100% of tuition fees for selected applicants.

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MS in the UK cost- Key requirements and master’s program types

While looking at MS in the UK cost, you should also keep an eye on the additional requirements that have to be met. These include the following:

1. International students should have proficiency in English.

2. GMAT/GRE scores are needed for getting admission into some MS courses from the UK.

3. Three or four-year bachelor’s degrees in related fields with at least 60%-75% marks are required. 

Some popular courses/degrees available as MS (Master of Science) in the UK include M.Sc., M. Phil or Master’s in Philosophy, MBA or Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Law, and many others. Maximum applications are obtained for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and management-based courses. More than 35% of international students make up the overall student population for MS in the country. Coursework of 160 credits will be needed for completing the program.

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Types of master’s programs

1. Taught masters in the UK

Four degrees in the UK are offered in the form of master’s taught programs. These include M.Sc, MA, MEng and MBA. The assessments for courses may be done via examinations, dissertations, or specific projects.

2. Research masters in the UK

MPhil, MRes and specific M.Sc. degrees in the UK are majorly research-based courses. Academic supervisors are sometimes allocated for students who are pursuing these courses. They are like PhDs although they are less academically stringent and cover a smaller time.

MS fees in the UK- Why study in the UK?

Along with considering MS fees in the UK, it is important to consider why it is worth studying in the United Kingdom (UK). The UK is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad after the US. As per reports, 8.6% of the total international students select the UK as their preferred study abroad destination after the USA where 19.4% choose it as their preferred destination. Some reasons for studying in the UK include the following:

1. Leading global universities

Some of the leading global universities for MS programs are in the United Kingdom including Oxford University and University of Cambridge. QS News and THE rankings have featured numerous UK institutions in their rankings.

2. Livability

The QS News Ranking of 2019 for the Best Student Cities featured 14 cities from the UK in the list of top 120 cities from across the globe. Seven cities found a place in the top 50 list with London coming in at number one.

3. Program tenure

Masters in the USA, Canada and most other countries require anywhere between 1.5-2 years for completion. In the UK however, the duration is 1 year in many cases. Some programs like MRes and MEng need 2-4 years for completion.

4. Grants and scholarships

Studying abroad is an expensive affair and many students can benefit from several scholarships and grants available for pursuing MS in the UK. Awards offered may cover up to 100% of tuition fees and living expenditure, thereby lowering the cost of MS in UK for Indian students. These scholarships/grants are offered by private organizations, institutions, and the government alike.

5. Futuristic approach

MS graduates in the UK may earn up to a handsome 35,000 GBP annually. This is 29% more than what graduates of bachelor’s degrees earn in other countries. With experience of 5-10 years, the salary will go up by roughly 40%. Some leading MS recruiters include global corporations like JP Morgan Chase & Co, Amazon, NHS, and many others.

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University-wise cost of studying MS in UK for Indian students

The university-wise cost of studying MS in UK for Indian students is given below in a brief table. This will help aspirants work out the average cost of doing MS in the UK along with the popular courses offered at numerous universities. They will also get an idea of the position occupied by these leading institutions in accepted global rankings.

On that note, here’s taking a closer look at the list:

2020 THE Rankings

University/Institution Popular Courses Average Annual Fees (GBP)
1 University of Oxford MS – Law and Finance; Public Policy; MBA; Taxation 24,500
3 University of Cambridge Masters in Corporate Law; MPhil in Economics; Master of Finance 29,290
10 Imperial College London MS – Strategic Marketing; Global Innovation Design; Business Analytics 33,154
15 University College London MS – Banking & Digital Finance; Clinical Neuroscience; Management 18,107
27 London School of Economics and Political Science MS – Global Media & Communications; Economics; Human Resource & Organizations 22,705
30 University of Edinburgh MS – International Marketing; International Human Resource Management; Accounting & Finance 26,825
36 King’s College London MS – Computer Science; Finance Analysis; International Marketing 21,238
55 University of Manchester MS – Commercial Project Management; Pollution & Environmental Control; Data and Knowledge Management 24,112
77 University of Warwick MS Engineering Business Management; Master’s in journalism; MS Data Analytics 23,614
87 University of Bristol MS – Accounting & Finance; Data Science; Economics 16,739

Choosing innovative study programs from upGrad Abroad will help students save considerably on tuition and living costs. They can flexibly pursue their courses in the UK while saving money and getting all necessary support with admissions, visa applications, coaching and more. 

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