Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships

TheĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence ScholarshipsĀ is a series of first-year scholarships for candidates with exceptional academic performance. They are merit-based scholarships for students enrolling at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom.

These scholarships are of two types:

  • The Academic Excellence Scholarship is for all candidates showcasing academic excellence
  • The Academic Excellence Scholarship for International students is meant for other students; British candidates are not eligible

Both these scholarships are subject to availability and can be awarded to multiple students if the university possesses sufficient funds for the year.


The scholarship recognizes academic excellence and aims to eliminate financial barriers for promising candidates. As such, theĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarshipā€™s eligibilityĀ varies according to the nature of the scholarship.

For theĀ Academic Excellence Scholarship:

  • Candidates applying to the university must secure an AAA or DDD or above BTEC level or equivalent in their high school.

For the Academic Excellence Scholarship forĀ International students:

  • Students must possess a grade equivalent to ABB or A-level in their previous institution.


TheĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence ScholarshipsĀ differ in monetary value since it costs international students more to study at the university.Ā 

The Academic Excellence Scholarship provides a value of GBP 1,000, paid during the first year of the undergraduate or postgraduate degree. On the other hand, the Academic Excellence Scholarship for International students provides a GBP 2,500 tuition fee reduction for the same duration.Ā 

In addition, it allows students the flexibility of saving money for other purposes, like living costs, return tickets, and personal expenses. Students can focus on academics with the added benefit of not requiring an education loan or indulging in a part-time job.

Documents Required

The scholarships do not require any particular documents as such. Candidates do not need to fill out an application form either. They will be selected for the scholarship based on the strength of their application.

The only standard documents required are the ones submitted during the admission process, like Personal Statement, CV, high school mark sheet, and transcripts.

How to Apply?

How to apply for theĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships?Ā There is no unique application process for theĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships for Indian students.Ā Candidates are assessed based on their application to the university. If the admissions committee finds a student suitable for the scholarship, they contact them personally to notify them.Ā 

The scholarships are awarded in nine installments ā€“ right from October to June. Candidates are provided with a prepaid card where the installments will be deposited within the stipulated time.

Important Dates

Since most courses begin in January and September, the scholarshipā€™s results are released before then. The admissions committee considers a candidateā€™s eligibility based on their general application.Ā 


A selection committee considers a studentā€™s overall academic achievements for the scholarship. Although it assesses the entire application, educational credentials and excellence are prioritized.

Based on a studentā€™s results, they will confirm the scholarship status.


Can you use the Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships in other universities?

A) TheĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence ScholarshipsĀ are valid only for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. Once a candidate decides to leave the university, the scholarship is terminated.

Who is not eligible for the Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships?

A) TheĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence ScholarshipsĀ is aimed at students who proved their mettle with academic excellence. However, candidates stand to be ineligible for the scholarship if they:

  • Apply for a distance learning or part-time course at the university
  • Have redeemed another scholarship; except a sports or music scholarship
  • Apply for a postgraduate diploma

Is the Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships for the entirety of undergraduate courses?

A) TheĀ Bournemouth Academic Excellence ScholarshipsĀ are catered explicitly for providing financial aid for the first year.

Can Indian Students avail the Bournemouth Academic Excellence Scholarships?

A) TheĀ BournemouthĀ Academic Excellence ScholarshipsĀ cater to students worldwide, including India. As long as a candidate fulfills the requirements of the scholarship, they are eligible to receive it.Ā 

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