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Generation Google Scholarship – Eligibility & Benefits

Updated on 09 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Generation Google Scholarship from tech giant Google helps aspiring students build careers in technology by supporting their finances. The program is open to any student who meets the minimum qualifications but is primarily targeted towards women. 

If you are awarded the scholarship,  Generation Google Scholarship will cover the expenses for your books, equipment, and tuition. This post discusses the eligibility criteria application process and other essential details about this scholarship from Google.  



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About Generation Google Scholarship

The main aim of providing Generation Google Scholarship to students is to help aspiring students pursuing computer science degrees excel in technology that is required to build a rewarding career in technology. 

It is suitable for graduate and undergraduate students interested in Computer Science and planning to continue their higher studies in the USA or Canada. The primary types of Generation Google Scholarship include the following – 

1. Generation Google Scholarship (Asia Pacific)

This Generation Google Scholarship was established for women who want to study computer science degrees and be leaders in the field. Selected students will receive $1,000 USD for the 2022-2023 school year.

2. The Generation Google Scholarship (North America)

This is suitable for applicants belonging to diverse ethnic groups, including American Indian, Native Hawaiian, African American, and Pacific Islander. The Generation Google Scholarship was established to help aspiring students pursuing computer science degrees. Students who will be selected will receive $10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or $5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada) for the 2022-2023 school year.

3. The Generation Google Scholarship (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)

Applicants must be keen on studying computer science and residing in Europe, the Middle East, and the African region. Selected students will be offered a 7,000 EUR award (or local equivalent) for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Generation Google Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria 

The Generation Google Scholarship accepts students based on their academic qualifications and commitment to inclusion, innovation, and diversity. 

The eligibility criteria for currently enrolled university students are – 

1. Applicants must be enrolled in a bachelor, master, or PhD program at university for 2022-2023. 

2. Applicants must be accepted as full-time university students in the USA or Canada in the 2022-2023 academic year.

3. Students must be pursuing a computer engineering or computer science degree or a subject related to the technical fields.

4. You must demonstrate records of academic achievements and passion for computer science.

5. You must exemplify leadership skills and aim to enhance the representation of various ethnic groups in computer science.

The eligibility criteria for high school senior students are –

1. You must be currently enrolled as a High School Senior student 

2. You must intend to pursue computer science or a similar technical degree 

3. Applicants must plan to get accepted as a full-time student in the USA or Canada in the 2022-2023 academic year 

4. Exhibit a strong academic record, leadership, and a passion for studying computer science 

5. Belong to an underrepresented group such as African American, Pacific Islander, or female in the CS domain 

6. You have to be available for attending Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute in the next academic year

In case you feel you aren’t eligible for the scholarship, you can check out the Google Careers site to find other alternative opportunities in your region.

Benefits of Generation Google Scholarship

The primary benefit of Generation Google Scholarship is the academic and financial support Google provides to students. You can belong to any part of the world and still gain the financial assistance to study computer science for a related degree. This scholarship will cover your tuition and educational expenses. 

The selected applicants will receive USD10,000 (INR 7,46,424.50) for students studying in the USA. Students pursuing their education in Canada will receive 5,000 CAD (INR 2,92,570.94).

Google states that the scholarship amount has to be spent on your books, academic supplies, associated equipment, and fees. 

Documents Required

After understanding the eligibility criteria, you must prepare important documents to continue the application. For this scholarship, you will require the following documents – 

1. A PDF of your CV or resume 

2. PDF including the answers to essay questions 

3. Academic transcripts from the institutions you are currently at or were associated with 

4. Two letters of recommendation from a professor supervisor instructor (applicable for University students) 

The required documents for currently enrolled high school students will be the same, except they won’t need letters of recommendation. You must also keep relevant mark sheets, report cards, student ID proofs, and associated documents in handy.  

How to Apply for the Generation Google Scholarship?

To apply for Generation Google Scholarship, you have to visit the official website of the Generation Google Scholarship, according to your region (the Asia Pacific or North America). You will then have to complete an online application where you have to do the following – 

1. Fill in information like your contact details and preferred universities. 

2. Upload your CV or resume, which will highlight the significant technical projects and your community engagement endeavors. 

3. Upload academic transcripts and recommendation letters.

4. Responses to the essay questions.

High school students don’t have to submit letters of recommendation in this case. In addition, the shortlisted candidates will have to participate in a 15-minute “meet and greet” session. 

After 5 to 7 days of the application deadline, you will receive a Google Online Challenge, which you have to clear. The online challenge is an important metric, and it is vital for the success of your application.   

Essay Questions 

The essay questions will vary according to the region you are applying for the scholarship. You need to write them in English and within a word limit of 300 to 400 words. 

The questions usually cover the following topics – 

1. Your aspirations, goals, and factors that motivate you to pursue a career in computer science. 

2. Any challenges you have faced being a woman in the tech industry or the solutions you want to propose.

3. Examples to exhibit your leadership skills and how you had made an impact.

4. How will this scholarship help you achieve your career objectives?

5. Descriptions of the impact this scholarship will have on your academic career and future.

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Important Dates for the Generation Google Scholarship 

The application deadline for the following year is during December of the preceding year. For example, for the current academic year, the final submission deadline for the scholarship was December 10, 2021. And the submission date for Google online challenge was 14th to 15th January 2022. 

Selection Criteria: Generation Google Scholarship 

Your selection will depend upon your essay responses, academic qualifications, application materials, and overall academic profile. In addition, you also have to complete all the application steps correctly to be shortlisted for the scholarship. 

The selection committee will also consider the applicant’s commitment to their preferred subject, vision, and innovative capabilities.

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