how to reschedule gre exam date

Reschedule GRE Date: How to Reschedule GRE Exam

Updated on 21 September, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Wondering how to reschedule GRE exam date due to a sudden situation? Do not fret; there is an easy procedure that you can follow. Steps to reschedule the test also depend on the testing location-- whether home or the testing center. 

To reschedule a test appointment without losing the testing fee that you have paid, you should reschedule within a maximum of four days before the test date. This is 10 days if someone is testing in a Mainland China test center. For instance, suppose you have your IELTS examination scheduled for Friday at a testing center. In this case, the rescheduling deadline without forfeiting your test fee is Monday. There is a fee payable for rescheduling the test as well. 

How to Reschedule GRE Exam Dates- Steps to follow

Here are the steps you should follow to reschedule your GRE General exam date. 

● Login to your official ETS account. 

● Choose the testing date you want to reschedule under the Upcoming Tests tab. 

● Then choose Reschedule Appointment on the right-hand-side panel. 

● You can readily reschedule the date or even change the location of your GRE Subject Test or GRE General Test. 

● However, it is not possible to change a GRE Subject Test to the General Test and vice versa. 

● If you wish to reschedule your GRE test at home, you have to choose the appointment. 

● Select the two-month window when you wish to appear for the GRE test. 

● Confirm the time zone where you are living or choose a new one. 

● Then select the available date of testing from the given calendar. 

● After that, choose the available time before clicking on Register for this Test

● Choose the appointment if you are rescheduling your examination for a testing center. Enter in your desired location for testing. Select the two-month duration when you wish to appear for the examination before clicking Continue. You may choose any date from the calendar that displays the seats available. 

● Choose your location and then choose Show Test Times for the same. 

● When you find the right timing for you, click on Register

● A pop-up window will come up afterward that confirms whether you wish to reschedule the examination or not. 

● Once you are clear about the information being accurate, click on Yes

● Carefully review the date of registration, location, and time. Review the shopping basket before going to checkout. 

● Once you have verified your payment, you will get a confirmation email with the information about your rescheduled test. If you choose the option for testing at home, the confirmation email will also contain the test link for launching your test on a suitable day of testing. Make sure to keep this email with you securely. 

This is all you need to do to reschedule the GRE examination date. Remember the four-day window for rescheduling your test to avoid forfeiting the test fee. You must pay a fee for rescheduling the examination as mentioned. Also, remember that you cannot reschedule appointments beyond a year from the original appointment date. You should be ready with your appointment confirmation number and the full name you used to make your appointment previously. 

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GRE Subject Test Rescheduling Steps: 

● The same four-day rule applies for not forfeiting your test fee

● You have to pay a fee for rescheduling. 

● Rescheduling is allowed only for the same year of testing. 

● You cannot exchange your testing location, fees, and registration between GRE General and Subject tests. 

● You can reschedule through your ETS account online or reach out to GRE Services via fax, phone, or email. 

● If you are sending a request via email or fax, include your address, name, date of birth, test date, registration number, suitable test center, and the new test date. You should also include your rescheduling charge accordingly. 

● Requests via mail should be received four days before (not including the test day itself or the requested day) the scheduled testing date. 

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