SOP for MBA in the UK: Format and Sample

Updated on 05 May, 2023

Earning an MBA degree from universities in the United Kingdom (UK) can help aspirants enhance their career prospects, receive increased compensation, and job promotions. However, given the repute of these universities and growth opportunities post an MBA program, there is cut-throat competition to enter the top-ranked UK universities and B-schools. This is where SOP for MBA in the UK comes into picture.

In the UK, a Statement of Purpose (SOP) holds great value. But what is an SOP and what does it include, you may ask? So, for the unversed, an SOP is a formal document that contains a personal statement of an individual wherein details like why an MBA, why the UK, reasons behind choosing a particular university, interests, goals, aspirations, work experience, internships, and academic records are mentioned.  It is a unique document that each student drafts and universities filter the applicants based on this, along with other criteria. To put it simply, an SOP helps international students convince the selection committee of their suitability for an MBA degree.

The importance of SOP

1. There are so many impressive resumes, test scores, and high GPAs that it becomes challenging for the admission panel to decide on which candidates to shortlist. The SOP makes the selection process relatively easier, as the document vouches for the candidate’s potential and intent. It represents a student’s aspirations, goals, career planning, and thought process.

2. The SOP is the only channel of communication between the admission panel and the student. It is through this written document that the committee gets to know a candidate on a personal level.

3. SOP is the only document that sets candidates apart from each other. There will be various candidates with the same IELTS or academic scores.

4. It is a pathway that can increase the chances of admission. A student, even with low grades, can get admission if the SOP is engaging and promising. Make sure that the document is well-structured, and the format caters to the highest standards, or else it will get rejected straightaway.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) with respect to countries
SOP for AustraliaSOP for GermanySOP for Canada

SOP format for MBA in the UK

An ideal SOP should answer all questions that the counselors of universities would be interested in knowing about a candidate. The SOP should be written in paragraphs, with less use of bullets. The document will be two pages long, with a word count of 800 to 1000. Do not use colored fonts or pictures in the document, and the font size should be 12.

Students must include the following in their SOPs:

1. Why did you choose the UK?

Students need to address the reason behind choosing the UK for studying MBA. It needs to be clear why the UK over all other overseas education destinations was chosen. For this, students need to be aware of the universities, job opportunities, salary packages, companies, research opportunities, and admission process in the UK.

2. Why an MBA?

This section should focus on why you want to pursue an MBA. Students need to talk about the opportunities after an MBA degree.  

3. Why that particular college?

Here, students need to specify the reasons behind choosing a particular university or college. You can mention things like the rank, faculty, research opportunities, promising placement, facilities, and good educational facilities available at a college.

4. Academic record

The students need to mention all about their past qualifications and achievements here.

5. Talk about prospects:

Students need to mention their career plans after the completion of their MBA degree. The SOP should finish off on a positive note.

Course wise Statement of Purpose (SOP)
SOP for PhdSOP for Undergraduate
SOP for Business Analytics SOP for MS in electrical engineering
SOP for Data ScienceSOP for MS in computer science

SOP sample for MBA in the UK

Here is a sample SOP for an MBA in the UK. This sample will help students draft an engaging SOP:

SOP Sample for MBA in UK

I am Rohit Singh, a BBA graduate, and I am designing a statement of purpose to get admission to ________for an MBA degree. My father is a software engineer, and my mother is a teacher at a local college. The scope of management is huge in the United Kingdom, and I have realized that I should get an MBA degree from one of the reputed universities in the UK.

Academic background

I studied at Delhi Public School and secured 90% marks in the Commerce stream. After that, I completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from a college under Delhi University with 90% marks. After completing my BBA degree, I enrolled in a 3-month internship with Nestle India. It was a paid internship, and I gained a lot of experience and corporate exposure.

Professional background

My internship with Nestle India was a good experience. During my internship, I solved various management case studies and projects. While working, I realized I needed to gain more knowledge to gain a competitive edge in the sector.  

Why the United Kingdom

An MBA degree will open various opportunities in a variety of sectors for me. I chose to study in the UK at ______________university, to gain a career-oriented MBA degree and access excellent job opportunities. I consider the above document to be true to the best of my knowledge, and I look forward to a positive response.



An exceptionally well-written SOP for MBA in the UK will help MBA aspirants in securing admission to their dream courses and colleges. Therefore, students aiming to get admission to UK universities need to draft an engaging SOP. You can also consult with the academic counselors of upGrad Abroad to draft a powerful SOP for an MBA in the UK.

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