MBA Jobs in Germany – Opportunities & Average Salary

job opportunities in germany after mba

MBA programs in Germany can offer a bag full of opportunities for skilled professionals. Not only does it hold potential, but it also helps you gain specialized skills for specific jobs. Indeed, there are multiple job opportunities after MBA in Germany that you can look into. If you are planning for apply for an MBA in this country, this article will help you list down all the job opportunities in Germany after MBA for your benefit. 

Job Opportunities After MBA in Germany from Top Universities 

A two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) course from top universities in Germany will skyrocket your professional career. With this course, students can learn about concepts that will help them develop skills in certain specializations. Depending on the university you have chosen, the specializations you pursue will be different. For example, you could study finance, marketing, or human resources. The country offers ample job opportunities after MBA in Germany to international students. Not only are the programs comprehensive and practical, but also affordable. Due to this, the country witnesses influx of a huge number of international students every year. 

Here’s a list of all the top universities offering the highest MBA graduate employability: 

  • Technical University of Munich 
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 
  • The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) 
  • WHU: Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management 
  • Cologne Business School 

Note: Each of these universities will have variable tuition fees, ranging from USD 26,300 (INR 19 Lacs) to USD 42,500 (INR 31 Lacs). Similarly, the after-graduation salaries will vary between EUR 76,000 (INR 64 Lacs) and EUR 309,000 (INR 2.6 Crore) yearly. 

Top Paying Universities in Germany 

University Name  MBA Specialization Average Annual Salary 
Mannheim Business School  Finance and accounting EUR 104,000 (INR 87 Lacs)
Hamburg University  Business law  EUR 130,000 (INR 1 Crore)
Berlin School of Economics  Economics  EUR 64,000 (INR 54 Lacs) 
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg  Digital Business Management  EUR 335,000 (INR 2 Crore)
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management  Marketing  EUR 90,000 (76 Lacs)

Top Paying Companies in Germany

After completing MBA, skilled professionals looking for job opportunities in this country are offered jobs by various recruiters. Here is a list of all the best-paying companies in the country that offer job opportunities in Germany after MBA

Job Roles Top Recruiters 
Finance Manager  BMW
Project Manager  Bayer 
Business Manager  Amazon 
MIS Executive  Porsche 
Operations Manager  Merck 
Human Resource Executive  Mercedes 
Consultant  Seimens 

You can apply for MBA courses in Germany for specializations like: 

  • Finance 
  • Management 
  • Operations 
  • Human resource 

MBA Specialization-Wise Job Roles and Average Salary

As mentioned earlier, the MBA programs in Germany offer opportunities for all, irrespective of their nationality. As a student, you can choose from various specialization options. 

Depending on the role you choose, and your caliber, the average salary will also vary. 

MBA in Finance 

Average Salary: EUR 89,000+ (75 Lacs+) 

The country has become the hub for top universities where students can pursue MBA in finance. Some German universities offering MBA in finance are the leading institutions globally. This course offers tremendous importance and has a high average salary. 

Job Roles:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Associate Director
  • Chief Financial Officer

MBA in Marketing 

Average Salary: EUR 65,600+ (INR 54 Lacs) 

Graduation in marketing in this country is famous instead of MBA in marketing. Even then, you will find various top colleges like HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management for the same. The annual salary might not be high, but it will be enough to lead a good life. 

Job Roles

  • Marketing Officer 
  • Marketing Strategist 
  • Marketing Executive 
  • Digital Marketing Manager 

MBA in Human Resources 

Average Salary: EUR 48,000+ (INR 40 Lacs) 

The human resource profession is in great demand in this country. So, with some international experience, you could crack jobs with great companies after completing your MBA. Indeed, this is one of the best job opportunities in Germany after MBA

 Job Roles

  • Chief People Officer 
  • Human Resource Manager 
  • Executive Recruiter 
  • Employee Relations Manager 

MBA in Management 

Average Salary: EUR 67,000+ (INR 56 Lacs)

MBA in management offers you the best scholarships in this country, and it also presents you with the best jobs. Three German schools offering this course have been in the top 100 MBA rank from Financial Times. The tuition will be affordable, and you will get a high-quality education. 

Job Roles

  • Assistant Manager 
  • Business Development Manager 
  • Project Manager 
  • Branch Manager 

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Options to Stay Back After Completing MBA in Germany 

Germany houses unique cities, ample job opportunities, and possibilities for every student. It is the largest economy in Europe, with a low unemployment rate of 5.8%. While Berlin is the highest paying city, you could find great opportunities in Dresden or Frankfurt. If you want to stay back in Germany, you will need a residency permit or citizenship. You cannot work there without such licenses. Hence, before deciding on staying there after graduation, you need to do proper research

To find the best job opportunities after MBA in Germany, you need to validate your stay by the authorities. 

The only way to stay back in the country after MBA is through these options:

1. Temporary Residence Permit/Limited Residence Permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) 

You can only stay in the country for a limited period after presenting the concerned authorities with valid documents. The purpose of availability of this permit should only be a constraint to these opportunities: 

  • Taking up employment
  • Looking for job 
  • Jobseeker’s visa 
  • Self-employment 
  • PhD studies 
  • Vocational training 
  • Marriage 

2. Permanent Residence Permit 

As a foreign national, you can apply for this permit and settle down in the country. You can only apply for this permit if you are: 

  • A qualified professional for two years or more 
  • German language knowledge 
  • No statutory pension insurance fund 
  • Proof of living space 

3. German Citizenship 

You would have to satisfy many legal regulations to become a German citizen. Even though you could gain EU nationality, the process is lengthy and will cost you a lot. 

These are the stay-back options when looking for job opportunities in Germany after MBA. This way, it will be legal to start earning while staying in this beautiful country. 

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The career opportunities in Germany after MBA are in abundance. You have to develop the eligibility criteria based on your specialization and apply for permits. 

Once you have an MBA degree, your chances to get employed skyrocket. It enhances your worth and gives you the ability to apply and get the best job opportunities after MBA in Germany. Depending on your career choice, you could either become a finance manager or a business manager. The top companies in the country include Amazon, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and more. To be a part of their workforce, all you have to do is focus on your studies and gain practical knowledge. 


Q1. Are there any job opportunities in Germany after MBA?

A. You will get numerous opportunities to start a career depending on your pursued specialization. You could either become a finance manager with BMW or a business manager with Amazon.

Q2. Why should you study MBA in Germany?

A. You could study MBA in this country due to the affordable tuition fees, the world-class faculty, and innovative curriculum. At the same time, there are multiple job opportunities after MBA in Germany that you could consider.

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